• History of Dai Nagoya Building

History of Dai Nagoya Building

Contributing to the development of Nagoya's industrial economy,
"Meijo in the east, Dai Nagoya Building in the west"
Create a landmark that will be called.
With the feelings put into the former Dai Nagoya Building
Various designs and names have also been taken over.


Aiming to revive Nagoya from the Isewan Typhoon, construction of a new construction of the former Dai Nagoya Building started.
Plans for earthquake-resistant and non-combustible skyscrapers that are resistant to disasters.

1960 photo

1960 photo
Former Dai Nagoya Building
Scenery under construction


1962 37 10 19 日
Completion of the first phase of construction of the former Dai Nagoya Building.

1962 photo


The former Dai Nagoya Building was completed on May 1965, 40.
Named "Dai Nagoya Building" after the city of Nagoya, which continues to move.

1965 photo

1965 photo
Dinard at the time of completion

1965 photo
It was crowded at that time
Rooftop beer garden
(We do not plan after rebuilding.)

1965 photo
Former Dai Nagoya Building
1st floor entrance


The former Dai Nagoya Building, which supported the growth of Nagoya for about half a century,
Closed while being missed by many people.For rebuilding work.

2012 photo

2012 photo
New Dai Nagoya Building
Scenery under construction


Reborn Dai Nagoya Building.
Completed on October 2015, 10
March 2016, 3 Grand Opening

2016 photo

From the former Dai Nagoya Building
Thoughts to take over

[Old] Dinard

[Old] Dinard

[New] Dinard

[New] Dinard
[New] Dinard

The shopping promenade "Dinard" has been very busy.It was taken over from the former Dai Nagoya Building and renewed.It has been reborn as a spacious space by expanding the aisle width so that customers can pass comfortably.Since it is directly connected to Nagoya Station underground, it enhances the smooth movement and convenience of visitors.

[Old] Mosaic mural / handrail

[Old] Mosaic mural / handrail

[New] Mosaic muralGourd handrailGourd tantesuri

[New] Mosaic mural, gourd handrail
[New] Mosaic mural, gourd handrail

A mosaic wall entitled "Sea" by Rokuro Yabashi.It is stored as it was in the old elevator hall and is installed facing the XNUMXst floor car door.The marble wall of the entrance hall of the old building is reused for the waiting space in the parking lot on the XNUMXnd basement floor.Designed as a hospitality space by reproducing the on-site sharpening terrazzo on the floor.In addition, the gourd handrail that was on the bridge is reused as a collision prevention fence.

[Old] Building name sign

[Old] Building name sign

[New] Building name sign

[New] Building name sign
[New] Building name sign

The historic old building "Dai Nagoya Building" has been familiar to the locals.Inheriting the name, the new sign adopted the character font of the old Dai Nagoya Building as it is.In addition, the nameplate installed in the entrance hall on the XNUMXst floor of the old building has been reused and installed in the office entrance on the XNUMXst floor and the parking lot waiting space on the XNUMXnd basement floor so that visitors can feel nostalgic.

Building overview

28-12-XNUMX Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi
Site area
Development method
Urban regeneration special district
Specified floor area ratio
Design and supervision
Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Co., Ltd.
Shimizu Corporation
June 2015, 10
The main purpose
Offices, stores, district cooling facilities, parking lots, bicycle parking lots, etc.
Structural form
S structure / SRC structure
34 floors above ground, 1 floor of tower, 4 floors below ground
高 さ
Approximately 174.7m
Total floor area
Approximately 148,000 m44,770 (approximately XNUMX tsubo)