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At the turn of the season, when you are motivated to enjoy fashion, you want to pursue your own style.Here are some recommended items for those who want to spend their time on and off fashionably, such as their own outfits and trendy items.

Custom shirts with 62 collar types and 14 cuff designs to choose from

GINZA Global Style COMFORT> Custom shirt 6,050Yen ~ (5In the case of bulk buying1Price per piece)

"GINZA Global Style COMFORTThe custom-made shirts are made by choosing from a variety of shirt fabrics and designs, and have a beautiful silhouette unique to the order and a comfortable fit that fits your body.In addition to standard colors such as white and blue, there are a wide range of color variations such as brown, pink, green, black, and beige, so you can make your favorite shirt.

A simple T-shirt with a moderately loose silhouette

DENHAM>Tshirt 13,200Yen

The scissors graphic on the front shines in the pocket.Tshirt.At the neck of the back,DENHAM the JEANMAKERThe one-point logo of "" is included, and the back style is also decided coolly. It is comfortable to wear because it uses thick fabric and has a moderately loose silhouette.1You can wear it lightly with one piece.

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A button-down shirt that has been loved for many years is one that allows you to immerse yourself in a classical style

INDIVIDUALIZED SHIRTS> Shirt "classic fit" each27,500Yen

A talented factory that boasts the top share in the field of custom-made shirts in the United States <INDIVIDUALIZED SHIRTS(Individualized shirt)> Button-down shirt pullover "CLASSIC FIT(Classic fit)"..Since the fabric is linen, it is resistant to getting wet, and it is also durable and stain-resistant, and it feels smooth and soft, making it perfect for spring and summer.1It is a piece.

* 2F "E SALON" will close on June 2021, 6 (Sun)

Short-sleeved pullover shirt with a unique texture that has been salt-condensed and softened

CONFECT>shirt 20,900Yen

A pullover shirt made of supple and light material that allows you to get rid of your skin even when you sweat.We use a high-density material made from a mixture of cotton and linen with less fluff, and salt-shrink processing is applied to give the fabric density and firmness while taking advantage of the delicate appearance of the fabric.Although it is designed like a polo shirt, you can wear it with a refreshing feeling unique to shirt fabrics.1It is a piece.

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nest Robe / CONFECT

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