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Check out the hot events of Dai Nagoya Building!
We will deliver the latest information such as the event to be held this month and the New Open Limited Shop!Please use it as a reference when you go out.


Creative Chinese Hua Star

The authentic Chinese restaurant that originated in Yokohama opens for the first time in Tokai.

“Creative Chinese Huasei”, which Chinese craftsmen carefully convey the authentic taste, is loved by many people because of its rich menu and authentic taste at a reasonable price.

We have a wide lineup of menus that are familiar in Japan, such as Yokohama's famous "Summer noodles", "Chinese grilled rice", and "Gyoza".

There are also plenty of take-out side dishes.


[Place] 1st basement floor Dai Nagoya Marche

[OPEN day] June 6 (Monday)


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