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"FACIAL INDEX NEW YORK" is the flagship store of <Kaneko Glasses>, which has authentic and luxurious glasses.By converting the shape of the glasses and the position of the eyes into data with the latest fitting measurement system "i.Terminal", you can make glasses that fit you better.By all means to find a comfortable one that you can love for many years!

Men's styles with elaborate tastes are popular for both royal roads and vintage types

Wellington type that boasts the top / immovable popularity. <Made by Taihachiro> Glasses (EXCLUSIVE- BK41,800Circle, bottom / A combination frame with a classic design that attracts a lot of attention <Kaneko Glasses> Glasses (KV-66 RDDE39,600Yen

Wellington-type glasses with a black-rimmed frame are characterized by the luxurious coloring of celluloid while giving a solid impression.1It is a gem that is handled by all craftsmen from scratch.The royal road style that has been loved by everyone for a long time is for adult men1I want to have a book.On the other hand, the rounded Boston-shaped form creates a gentle atmosphere, and the glasses have thin lines and are very familiar to the face.It is an almighty design that can be used both casually and formally.The combination of plastic and metal materials makes it light and easy to hang.

<Made by Taihachiro> Glasses (EXCLUSIVE- BK) Wearing.

<Kaneko Glasses> Glasses (KV-66 RDDE) Wearing.

This year's trend is for women to have a soft polygonal design.

Top / Clear frame with a strong presence while eliminating the "feeling of wearing". <Kaneko Glasses> Glasses (KC-80 LBR37,400The technique shines in the natural black of the circle, bottom / cloisonne coating. <Kaneko Glasses> Glasses (KM-32 BKGP33,000Yen

At first glance, even a unique polygonal frame is familiar to Japanese faces.The clear frame is a popular color this year, and you can enjoy the beautiful coloring unique to celluloid.The color is close to that of the skin, so you don't have to worry about it floating strangely when you apply it.On the other hand, not only the thin frame creates femininity, but also the black color that makes the best use of the cloisonne painting technique.It gives a natural look to your face.

<Kaneko Glasses> Glasses (KC-80 LBR) Wearing.

<Kaneko Glasses> Glasses (KM-32 BKGP) Wearing.

Experienced and knowledgeable staff advice and "i.TerminalThe one and only glasses made with

"FACIAL INDEX NEW YORKThe feature of "" is the latest system "" as well as the advice of knowledgeable staff.i.TerminalIt is possible to make a lens that is accurately tailored to the individual with the data based on.After pre-fitting, "i.TerminalWe will measure in millimeters while wearing glasses using. "Human faces are asymmetrical, and the distance between the left and right eyes and the height of the ears are different. By measuring and converting them into data, we can create something that is more suitable for the customer," says staff Yamada. Mr.You can make fine adjustments that are not possible with off-the-shelf products, so you can make the perfect pair of glasses for yourself.

In pre-fitting, check the contact condition of the ears, the difference between the left and right, and the part of the pad that hits the nose.We will also conduct careful hearings such as lifestyles and scenes where you use glasses.
Attach a gauge for data measurement to the spectacle frame and measure the distance between the frame and the eyes, the center of the eyes, and the angle of the frame.
"i.TerminalCheck the numbers converted into data on the monitor.By checking where in the lens you are looking, you can improve the performance of the lens.100% You can make glasses to pull out.

After measuring the data, perform a visual acuity test, etc.i.TerminalBased on the data measured in1From week10The original glasses will be completed in about a day! "I can't find glasses that suit me ..." "I want glasses that are easy to see and don't get tired" "I want to emphasize fashion and functionality"FACIAL INDEX NEW YORK"Glasses.Find your own beloved glasses by referring to the recommended designs for men and women.

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