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  • If you want to create a stylish room, consult with "BoConcept", which is good at space coordination.

If you want to create a stylish room, consult with "BoConcept", which is good at space coordination.

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Originating in Scandinavia and Denmark, "BoConcept" is an interior shop that specializes in space coordination that suits your lifestyle.We will introduce a system that is safe even for beginners to choose furniture and the coordination recommended by the staff.

Urban "metropolitan" with a slightly modern atmosphere

"BoConceptThe styles that "" is good at are roughly divided.2NS.The modern "Metropolitan" and the cute Scandinavian atmosphere "Scandinavian".While using the same type of furniture, we will create a completely different atmosphere by changing the matching lights, tables, sofas and chairs.

The first "Metropolitan" to introduce is18~20An example of coordination that suits the living room of tatami mats.

Hampton> Corner sofa (H88.5×W298×D298cm1,690,100circle,<Venezia>Side table(H52× Diameter45cm74,900circle,<It rings>chair(H110×W95×D99cm591,600circle,<Philadelphia>coffee table(H36×W70×L115cm201,200Yen * Others are reference products

By using a corner sofa, the left and right sides are asymmetrical, so a design chair is placed in the empty space, and the height is raised with a lamp to adjust the overall balance.The colors are gray and black to give it a modern look, while the upholstery is shaded when exposed to light to create a space that is not too heavy.

The upholstery used for the sofa is gray "Naples(Naples) ". The corduroy material has irregularities on the weave, so the point is that the expression changes depending on how the light hits it.

Scandinavian style that values ​​the cute and natural beauty of Scandinavia

continue2The second item I would like to introduce is the "Scandinavian", which is based on beige and white and has a soft impression with irregularities and curves.

Cenova>sofa(H88.5×W207×D156cm605,900circle,<Sevilla>coffee table(H37× Diameter80cm113,500circle,<Charlotte>chair(H74×W83×D78cm257,200circle,<Tide> Lag (W170×H240cm199,900Yen * Others are reference products

This is also asymmetrical living room coordination, even in a slightly compact spaceOK..This is an example of coordination that can be completed by adding a viewpoint, such as photographs and paintings to be displayed on the wall.The upholstery of the sofa is a soft "sandwich"Velvet(Sand velvet) ”. Combined with the cushioning that firmly wraps the body, it creates a relaxing mood.

"BoConceptFor sofas and chairs, a pattern order system is used to select the color and material of the upholstery.100You can combine your favorite fabrics from more than one type.

Create the room you want by bringing the ideal and reality closer to each other with our unique simulation system.

For those who are considering new construction or room remodeling1The most worrisome thing is, "Even if you think it's okay to see it in the store, why don't you put it in the actual space ...". "BoConceptIn ", we have introduced a system that allows you to set the floor plan and dimensions of the room where the furniture is placed, the color of the floor and walls, and simulate how it will look when placed in the actual room.It is a reassuring system that can visualize whether it suits the size and atmosphere of the room and whether the live activity line can be secured properly.

A system that allows you to check the image of furniture placed in your room using your own program software. You can eliminate the tingling hugs such as "It was too big! It was different from the image!".

Not only those who have an ideal style, but also those who want to consult about how to choose, "BoConceptThere are various coordination corners in the store, so you should be able to clarify the room you want to make by actually touching it, sitting down, hitting the upholstery, and so on.In addition to large furniture, there are also accessories such as flower bases, mirrors, cushions, and decorations, so feel free to contact us if you want to change your image by changing the points a little.

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