You can buy it at Nagoya Station!Recommended souvenir gift for MEN

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Dai Nagoya Building has souvenirs that are useful both in the business scene and on the day of the hare.Here are some souvenirs that are perfect for giving to men.
* Store information and product prices are subject to change without notice.
* Boxes, bags, etc. may be required for the listed amount.

"Cumm tart" tart (1Individual475Yen ~)

A lineup of handmade tarts finished in an elegant and slightly sweet adult taste.We have a variety of tarts such as baked tarts where you can enjoy the flavors of fruits, nuts and ingredients, and rare tarts in which mousse is poured into crispy baked dough.

Other souvenirs: cookies, etc.

Restaurant / Cafe / Food B1F
Cum tart

"Papubbure" classic bubblets SET (2,180 yen)

Thank you mix,SSLollipop, Bubblets9A classic assortment (right) with a set of pieces.For a compact gift, the Babels on the left2Pieces2"Fruit set" in a bag (1,530Yen) is also recommended.

Other souvenirs: marshmallows, chocolates, etc.

Restaurant / Cafe / Food B1F

"Metzgerei Inoue" ham and sausage gift (3,000(Equivalent to yen)

The photo shows the non-smoked white sausage "Weissburst", the "mozzarellaburst" kneaded with cheese and herbs, and the "cartilage bacon" made from rare parts of pork.You can combine your favorite ham and sausage.The box fee is330Circle.

Other souvenirs: ham, meatloaf, etc.

There is Noshi

Restaurant / Cafe / Food B1F
Metzgerei Inoue

Matcha Baumkuchen from "Saijoen Matcha Cafe"1,404Circle)

By kneading plenty of high-quality matcha into the moist baked dough and hanging it with fondant (sugar coating) on ​​the outside, it is an elegant Baumkuchen that values ​​the original taste of matcha that you can feel the bitterness, flavor and sweetness firmly.

Other souvenirs: cat tongue, rusks, etc.

Restaurant / Cafe / Food B1F
Saijoen Matcha Cafe

"Kazokuno Crout" gift box6Assorted pieces (assorted pieces3,759Circle)

A set that combines "Hokuhoku potato", "freshly picked tomato", "freshly picked corn", "kokuuma cheese", "delicious curry", and "honey toast" from an abundant lineup.You can choose the type and number that suits you best.

Other souvenirs:9Assorted pieces,12Assorted pieces, etc.

There is Noshi

Restaurant / Cafe / Food B1F
Good thing bread and kazoku croutons

Wine from "Wine Shop Enoteca" (2,860Yen ~)

For gifts, we recommend wine that is refreshing and easy to drink.From the left, "Montes Sparkling Angel Brut" (2,860Yen), "Clarendre Blanc" (3,300Yen), "Clarendre Rouge Saint-Emilion" (5,500circle).Gift box275Yen ~.

There is Noshi

Restaurant / Cafe / Food B1F
Wine shop Enoteca

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