You can buy it at Nagoya Station!Recommended souvenir gift for WOMEN

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Dai Nagoya Building has souvenirs that are useful both in the business scene and on the day of the hare.Here are some souvenirs that are perfect for giving to women.
* Store information and product prices are subject to change without notice.
* Boxes, bags, etc. may be required for the listed amount.

"annon tea houseTwente Indivi series (5,184Circle)

A special assortment of "Mlesna tea" that has a unique sweetness with less astringency, bitterness, and caffeine by sticking to sprouts.Enjoy daily40Individually wrapped tea bags of various flavored teas are included in the set.

Other souvenirs:12Type, box6Pieces etc.

There is Noshi

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annon tea house

"OHAGI3Warabimochi making kit (1,408Circle)

A special kit containing genuine bracken starch that is blended so that the taste of the store can be easily reproduced.Organic matcha, roasted green tea, soybean flour3With one flavor.You can make it while having fun.There are many other colorful rice cakes in the lineup.

Other souvenirs: Ohagi, etc.

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"Appurupai Kotaro" custard cream apple pie (1piece588Circle, hall4,074Circle)

A classic product in which the crispy dough made from kneaded pie wraps the sweet apples that have been simmered moist and the mellow custard cream.Apples are popular with men and women of all ages because they are boiled down with sugar without using alcohol, raisins or cinnamon.

Restaurant / Cafe / Food B1F
Appurupai Kotaro

La Maison Assortment of "La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie"M(3,000Circle)

A popular baked confectionery assortment of "La Maison" that combines "Moist Madeleine Cocoon" where the soaked syrup spreads slowly and "Mille-feuille chocolate" which is a crispy pie coated with smooth chocolate.

Other souvenirs: cookies, baked chocolate, etc.

There is Noshi

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La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie

"CHARLIE'SCanelé (1Individual280Circle)

Faithfully reproduce the recipe of a certain patisserie that closed while being regretted.The surface is bittersweet and crunchy like a traditional canelé, and the inside is a sweet custard dough that is moist and moist.It also features floating crushed peanuts when baking.

Other souvenirs: coffee, jam, etc.

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"Tsubameya" Golden Warabimochi (10Cut999Circle)

Warabimochi made from a dough containing pure brown sugar that is soft and has a moderate elasticity.Kinako, which is made from Hokkaido soybean "Toyomasari" with a low sweetness, gives you the original sweetness and aroma of soybeans and enhances the subtle finish of pure brown sugar.

Other souvenirs: sable, yokan, dorayaki, etc.

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Fruit Daifuku of "Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten"480Yen ~)

Daifuku, which carefully wraps seasonal fruits one by one, can also be given the pleasure of finding a beautiful cross section by using a special "mochi cutting thread".The paulownia box for gifts is1Pieces·4Pieces·6XNUMX types for individual are available (600Yen ~).

There is Noshi

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Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten

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