For lunch at Meieki!Single meal at Dai Nagoya Building

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We have collected recommended menus for a quick meal alone for lunch.Various takeouts are also available.

"MOLNODASalad bowl (1,000Yen ~)

A take-out specialty store for custom gourmet bowls made by choosing your favorite ingredients such as vegetables and meat.Dressing is lemon salt etc.6Prepare types.Pre-orders make it easy to receive.

Mornoda gourmet bowl

TAKE OUTYes / Vegetarian bowl, trainer bowl, etc.

Restaurant / Cafe / Food B1F

"Hanaboshi" sanma noodles (825Circle)

It's a soy sauce-based ramen with plenty of vegetables and pork sautéed and boiled with red bean paste.1Cup.Besides, seafood and Gomoku.

Hua Star Sanma Noodles

TAKE OUTYes / Deep-fried chicken with soy sauce, shrimp chili lunch, various side dishes, etc.

Restaurant / Cafe / Food B1F
Creative Chinese Hua Star

"NEW OLD STYLE Meat soba Keisuke's meat tsukemen (900Circle)

Volumey with fragrant ginger grilled on flat noodles1Cup.The soup with a good balance of sweetness, spiciness, and acidity is delicious.

Meat soba Keisuke's meat tsukemen

TAKE OUTYes / Meat soba miso, egg rice, etc.

Restaurant / Cafe / Food B1F
NEW OLD STYLE Meat Soba Keisuke

White pork bone ramen (720 yen) from "Aged pork bone ramen specialty Dai Nagoya Ichibanken"

Fresh pork bones24A rich yet crisp soup cooked with super high heat for hours.The basic "Ichibanken" that has continued to evolve since its founding1It's a cup.

Ichibanken White Pork Bone Ramen

TAKE OUTYes / All items such as ramen and fried chicken lunch can be taken home

"light byMinced pork rice from "Taiwan Minced Pork Research Institute"1,000Circle)

Taiwanese traditional and indispensable rice made by boiling pork ribs in sweet and spicy soup and sprinkling the soup on white rice.3A set with various types of dim sum and soup1,250Circle.

Minced pork rice

TAKE OUTYes / Large chicken dumplings, bean flowers, tapioca tea, etc.

Restaurant / Cafe / Food B1F
Light by Taiwan Tenpin Research Institute

"Misen" Taiwan ramen (700Circle)

The special minced meat with chili and garlic is addictive. "Taiwan bowl" with the same minced meat as "Taiwan ramen" (770Yen) is also popular.All can be taken home.

Misen Taiwan Ramen

TAKE OUTYes / Fried rice, chicken wings, stir-fried green vegetables, etc.

Restaurant / Cafe / Food 3F

"Real greatYakitori restaurant's chicken nanban set meal (1,000Circle)

Arrange the fried chicken of the signboard product in a Nanban style.A set of salad, pickles, miso soup, tororo, and rice.1Free refills for cups only.

Real chicken nanban set meal

TAKE OUTYes / Fried chicken separately, Fried chicken lunch, Grilled chicken bowl lunch, etc.

Restaurant / Cafe / Food 3F
Real grande

"Korean rice and liquor restaurant Daidai's Sundubu (935Circle)

Ordinary spiciness1Sweat from spicy3Until spicy, the main ingredients are pork, chicken, clams, mushrooms4From the type, you can choose miso or salt for the soup.

Daidai Sundubu

TAKE OUTYes / Korean chicken, chijimi, etc.

Restaurant / Cafe / Food 3F
Korean rice and liquor daidai

"Seijo Ishii" Seijo Ishii homemade domestic pork juicy shumai (small)12Pieces(646Circle)

Domestic pork and Awaji onions100% The discerning shumai used.We also have homemade delicacies and desserts that are particular about the manufacturing method and ingredients.

Seijo Ishii's juicy shumai

TAKE OUTOnly / various lunch boxes, various side dishes, etc.

Restaurant / Cafe / Food B1F
Seijo Ishii

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