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  • [MOLNODA] Interview with Mr. Yamamoto, the representative. What made you decide to create a gourmet bowl that says "bias is love"?

[MOLNODA] Interview with Mr. Yamamoto, the representative. What made you decide to create a gourmet bowl that says "bias is love"?

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[MOLNODA] joined the Dai Nagoya Marche on the 2021st basement floor on Sunday, October 10, 10.We talked about the reason why we made it a "slightly unusual store" because many people are confused by the original ordering system, and the mechanism we took to attract attention.

I want to customize universal vegetables and meat to create a place where I can express my own bias.

Since the family business is a liquor store, Mr. Yamamoto has been developing his business mainly at night restaurants such as sake bars. "I want to do the daytime business next time," all said.30It was created by repeating research with a well-known project team.MOLNODA】is. "From now on, we will be in an era of customizing beauty, health, and medical care. We should be able to choose food that suits us better. I wanted to create a place where I could express my bias." (Mr. Yamamoto) ..

Mr. Masamori Yamamoto, Representative of Mornoda

MOLNODA] Representative Masamori Yamamoto.

Mornoda gourmet bowl

MOLNODA] Popular menu.Foreground / Spinach and romaine lettuce base topped with chicken thighs, chicken breast, boiled eggs, avocado, etc.No_24"(1,400Yen), back / spinach base with beef thigh100g, Topped with boiled eggs, avocado and rice "No_41"(1,500Circle).

Eventually, we are considering overseas expansion, so the selected ingredients are "vegetables" and "meat" that are universal and universal. "I can't eat proper meat at a typical salad bar, and there aren't many restaurants that focus on vegetables, so I wanted to eliminate that. Furthermore, when it comes to custom salads, it's a" conscious system. " There is also a prejudice. We aimed to eliminate such an idea and aim for a restaurant that can express each lifestyle in a bowl "(Mr. Yamamoto).

Meat topping

Meat toppings with beef peach, beef harami, chicken peach, and chicken breast.In order to provide good ingredients with proper cooking methods, only the staff who received training at the slaughterhouse where the purchased meat was dismantled were in charge of the kitchen and provided staff guidance.

Attract attention by providing a unique culture and scene.The image of the Dai Nagoya Building store is an artistic apparel store.

Not only the product value, but also the desire to choose food as if choosing cosmetics and clothes based on the design and concept, so the store is not like a restaurant.MOLNODA] Features.The counter with its vivid gradation and the catchy color take-out box are all designed in a futuristic yet nostalgic design.

Mornoda counter

The counter is by an acrylic designer who also handles displays for French fashion brands.The gradation from red to green is a color inspired by vegetables.

Gourmand bowls and dressings are bright pink, green and yellow3Provided in a special color box.Consideration that you can hide the dirty container by putting it in a box and carrying it after you finish eating.

"Not only looking at the evaluation on the net, but actually visiting the store [MOLNODA], So I would like to create a surprising mechanism and a culture where people gather for that purpose.It's difficult to understand when ordering a touch panel, and there are many complaints (laughs), but everyone is confused about what they encounter for the first time.But I wanted you to be surprised, so I dared to do this kind of operation "(Mr. Yamamoto).

How to order Mornoda

Instructions on how to order on the counter.With vegetarian bowls, trainer bowls, hoodies bowls, worker bowls4It is often said that it is difficult to understand the system that can be divided into two categories and can select toppings.

Mornoda's order cash register

If you don't know how to order, the staff will give a polite lecture at the Dai Nagoya Building store.At that time, instead of looking over the counter, we are serving customers from the same perspective as in an apparel store.

Mornoda refrigerator

Mr. Yamamoto is particular about everything from store design to every corner of the furniture placed in the kitchen.The refrigerator is an original finished product with customized shelves and handles.

Masamori Yamamoto of Mornoda

Mr. Yamamoto says he wants to enliven the people of Nagoya with food during the corona era. "If you come to Nagoya, it's good to eat Nagoya, but it's good for your body using good materials.MOLNODA] I want you to think that you want to eat.In fact, it is often used by athletes, and Shinkansen passengers also stop by, so I hope it will become a new Nagoya specialty. "(Mr. Yamamoto).

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