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  • Valentine's chocolate sweets that you can choose at Nagoya Station, have fun giving them, and are happy to receive them.

Valentine's chocolate sweets that you can choose at Nagoya Station, have fun giving them, and are happy to receive them.

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Dai Nagoya Marchais on the 1st basement floor of the Dai Nagoya Building, where you can find chocolates and other sweets that are perfect for Valentine's gifts.Not only your favorite, but you can also give it to your friends, family, colleagues, and other people who are indebted to you on a daily basis.

Pay attention to the new work made for Valentine's Day! [Cumutart] gift box

The popular [Cumu Tart] is a round and cute tart that is carefully made one by one.Two types of gift boxes are available for Valentine's Day this year.The first is a new tart made for Valentine's Day.3Dots (caramel banana, mascarpone chocolate, cafe ganache) and classic chocolate tart3A gorgeous gift box full of chocolate feeling, packed with dots.

122Sunday (Sat) -2Month14Limited sale until Sunday (Friday) "Chocolate Gift Box" (6Pieces included3,252Circle). * Bag fee is not included100Yen

Clockwise from the front right, "nut chocolate", "wooden strawberry and chocolate mousse", chocolate mousse with a profound feeling, caramel sauce sour with passion fruit puree, and thick banana caramel sauce are combined. "Caramel banana", "Cafe ganash" with coffee ganash poured into creme damand mixed with coffee, "Mascarpone chocolate" with tea and milk chocolate ganash based on rich classic chocolate, "Griot cherry and chocolate" It's a chocolate-filled set.

We have a special box for Valentine's Day.

The second is a combination of "Caramel Banana" (left) and "Mascarpone Chocolat" (right) that can be found in the "Chocolate Gift Box".2Gift box with individual pieces."Caramel banana", which has a moderate saltiness of mousse and sourness of caramel, and "Mascarpone chocolate", which is a cream containing mascarpone with reduced sweetness and sweet and sour with blackberries, are both tart that can be eaten refreshingly.You can enjoy the luxurious taste of fruit hidden in chocolate.

122Sunday (Sat) -2Month14Limited sale "Valentine Tart Gift Box" until Sunday (Friday) (2Pieces included1,138Circle). * Bag fee is 8 separately0Yen

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[Pubble] Lollipop candy that imitates chocolate bar "Lollipop"

Candy Chocolate Gummy Shop [Pububure] from Barcelona, ​​Spain sells cute and pop candy mixes and lollipop candy every season.The recommended Valentine's season is the lollipop candy "Chocolate Lollipop," which imitates colorful chocolate bars.

111"Lollipop" (each), which went on sale on Sunday (Tuesday)800Circle).From the left, the flavors of raspberry cocoa, orange cocoa, banana cocoa, strawberry cocoa, and mint cocoa.

Not only does it look cute, but it also has a cocoa-based flavor, so you can enjoy more chocolate than you think.There are also heart-shaped and cute lip-shaped candies, so be sure to check them out at the store.

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Recommended for those who are not good at sweets! [Family croutons] chocolate series

Every year11The chocolate croutons, which are made by wrapping fragrant crispy croutons in smooth chocolate, are sold as soon as the month runs out.If you don't like sweets, we recommend "Salt Chocolate", which has a slightly salty taste and "Matcha Chocolate", which has a bittersweet taste.

Left / "Salt chocolate", Right / "Matcha chocolate" (each834Circle).

For those who like sweets, "salt caramel chocolate" (salt caramel chocolate) that tastes moderate sweetness and milky feeling834Yen) is recommended.

In addition, 2With individual3In the case of individual pieces, we also have a package for Valentine's Day, so it seems good to give it as a set according to the taste of the other party.

With 3 pieces2Gift package with individual pieces.

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The gorgeous package is also attractive! [La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie] baked confectionery 

At the popular [La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie], which uses seasonal fruits carefully selected by pastry chefs, a wide variety of baked sweets for gifts are available.Especially recommended for Valentine's Day are "Mille-feuille chocolate", where you can enjoy the texture of crispy pie along with the taste of fruits and tea, and "Heart-baked chocolate", which is packed with chocolate.

Left / "Mille-feuille chocolate" (4Pieces included880Yen), right / "Heart-baked chocolate" (2Pieces included950Circle).A cute package is also a feature of [La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie].

"Mille-feuille chocolate".From the left, strawberry cream and strawberry chocolate "strawberry", lemon cream and white chocolate "lemon", orange cream and bitter chocolate "orange", tea cream and milk chocolate "tea".

"Heart-baked chocolate" with melted ganache in a refreshing baked chocolate.Left: "Strawberry" coated with sweet and sour strawberry-flavored chocolate, Right: "Caramel chocolate" with bittersweet caramel flavor.

All products are individually wrapped and "Mille-feuille chocolate" is4Pieces,6Pieces,12Pieces,24Included, "Heart Baked Chocolat" is a single item,2Pieces,4Since it comes in individual pieces, it can be used as a gift for a large number of people, such as at work or in groups, as well as for individuals.

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For matcha sweets with a lot of deep-rooted fans, "Matcha Terrine Chocolat" from [Saijoen Matcha Cafe]

[Saijoen Matcha Cafe] has sweets made with the special matcha from the long-established tea shop "Aiya" in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture.Sweets that incorporate chocolate include "Matcha Chocolate Crunch" and "Matcha Langdosha", and if you want to give it to Valentine's Day, we recommend the luxurious taste "Matcha Terrine Chocolat".

"Matcha terrine chocolate" (1,188Circle).

1145gEnter, about2cmWhen cut to the width7As much as a piece.Cut to the desired thickness.

A terrine with a condensed rich aroma and flavor of matcha, a dish that matches the elegant sweetness of matcha and white chocolate.It has a smooth texture, and you can enjoy the texture like an ice cake if you eat it cold, and if you leave it at room temperature for a while and then eat it, the smoothness will improve, so you can enjoy the difference in texture.

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