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Dai Nagoya Building has started an online store!We have started an online store specializing in sweets and souvenirs, carefully selected within the Dai Nagoya Building.As the first step, we have picked up items that are perfect for Valentine's gifts.Not only chocolate-based sweets, which are your favorite, but also cookies, Japanese sweets, candies, etc., please give us a nice "different" item according to the taste of the person you give it to.Now, only when you use it for the first time, you will receive a "1 yen OFF coupon" that can be used at each Dai Nagoya Building store!

[OHAGI3] "Miracle" almond chocolate that is particular about everything from material selection to manufacturing process


Safe and secure additive-free Ohagi is a signboard product [OHAGI3] A special gift is a clean and elegant almond chocolate that is not cloudy.elevation600mIn addition to the completely organically grown "Tenku Matcha / Hojicha" grown in California, we use organic almonds and organic couverture chocolate from California, USA, and thoroughly pursue the selection of materials.It's as simple as it gets, and that's why it's an almond chocolate that deserves to be called a profound “miracle”.

OHAGI3] Tenku Matcha / Hojicha Almond Chocolate Set (2,400Yen), +200 Yen with gift wrapping

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[Cumm Tart] A special gift box with 3 new chocolate tarts is now available!

B1F | Cum Tart

A gift box exclusively for Valentine's Day of [Kum Tart], which develops elegant and slightly sweet, adult-flavored sweets tarts.Classic3In addition to the points, "Caramel Banana", a caramel sauce sour with passion fruit puree, "Mascarpone Chocolat", which is a combination of tea and milk chocolate ganache, and creme damand, which is a mixture of rich classic chocolate and coffee. "Cafe ganache" poured with coffee ganache and a new work prepared for this3The point is box-in.As the name suggests, it's just "chocolate"6The dots are jammed.

[Cumutart] Chocolate gift box3,352 yen (tax-included)

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[Saijoen Matcha Cafe] "Matcha Gateau Chocolate" with a calculated balance that enhances the "Matcha-ness"

B1F | Saijoen Matcha Cafe

The brand [Saijoen] developed by the long-established tea shop "Aiya" in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture. "Matcha Gateau Chocolat", which is a standard item of sweets unique to "Ochaya", has a firm "feeling of matcha" finish, where the balance between white chocolate and matcha is the decisive factor for the taste.Gato chocolate with a nice texture, but the matcha that fills your mouth is flavorful and delicious. You can fully enjoy the charm of "Aiya" high-quality matcha with the standard chocolate sweets.

[Saijoen Matcha Cafe] Matcha Gateau Chocolate (2,600Circle)

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[Pubble] A candy gift that makes the recipient feel naturally happy.

B1F | Pub blur

From Barcelona, ​​Spain, of skilled craftsmen"magic"A popular sweets brand with playful art candy born from [PAPABUBBLE].For those who are looking for a catchy gift that will encourage conversation with the recipient, "Gift"GIFT"recommend.Representing the brand3A standard yet special assortment gift that allows you to enjoy items (Kintaro candy, pubblets, lollipops) all at once.

[Pubble] GiftGIFT(1,700Circle)

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[Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten] A gift of "beauty and fun" of fruit Daifuku, which is more fruity than fruit.

B1F | Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten

The igniter of the fruit Daifuku boom [Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten].Fruit Daifuku is made by hand-wrapping seasonal fruits sent directly from the market with a low-sweetness white bean paste that makes the best use of the taste of the ingredients and an elegant fertilizer using high-quality habutae mochi."The golden ratio of white bean paste and fertilizer that enhances the original taste of fruit"You can enjoy.It is already familiar that a special "mochi cutting thread" that cuts out a beautiful cross section is included in the set.You can also enjoy the fun of finding your own beautiful cross section.

[Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Benzaiten] Benzaiten Fruit Daifuku 6Assorted seeds (3,800Yen) * The photo is for illustrative purposes only.

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Now, you will receive a "1,000 yen OFF coupon" without exception!

This time, only when using the Dai Nagoya Building online store for the first time, you can use it at each Dai Nagoya Building store.1,000YenOFFWe will give you a "coupon" without exception.

* You will be given an electronic coupon.

* Membership registration (free of charge) is required on the site dedicated to Dai Nagoya Coupons.

* We will contact you by email after shipping the purchased product or after receiving it at the store.

* 1,000 yenOFFCoupons can be purchased at the store3,000It is a coupon that can be used when using more than yen (tax included)

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