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On the way home from work when you want to rest your mind, for a relaxing time on your holidays.We have collected recommended sweets and drinks when you suddenly want something sweet.Attention is also paid to each point, such as the commitment that the shop's individuality shines and the delicious secrets.

"YURT" "Strawberry and Sakura Cream Souffle Pancake" where the sweetness of whipped cream and the acidity of fruit melt together

3Month31"Strawberry and Sakura Cream Souffle Pancake" (Wednesday)968Circle).6This is a limited menu until the end of the month.

The popular "fluffy souffle pancakes"DORMThe new cake is "Strawberry and Sakura Cream Souffle Pancake".The salted saltiness of the cherry blossoms, which is the key topping, enhances the sweetness of the pale pink whipped cream mixed with the cherry blossom extract, and the acidity of the strawberries creates an exquisite balance.Fruit granola and raspberry crumbles are scattered along with the raspberry sauce, accentuating both the look and texture.


The air-filled dough has a light texture and a chewy texture.It goes well with fruit sauces and ice cream.

"DORMThe biggest feature of the souffle pancake is that the dough with plenty of meringue is steamed and fluffy.Bake into a round shape ・ After baking one side in a cercle, pour water on a hot iron plate, cover it with a lid, steam it, and bake the back side.By spending time and effort, we have created a unique texture that is moist and fluffy and feels firm when chewed.

The dough for souffle pancakes is made by mixing rice flour into a strong base and about the same amount of meringue.15Make it by baking it on an iron plate while checking the degree of baking diligently.

In addition to the "Strawberry and Sakura Cream Souffle Pancake" introduced this time, there is also a standard menu such as chocolate and banana, matcha tiramisu, strawberry and berry.DORMSouffle pancakes.There is also a response to eating, so it is recommended to share it with your friends after lunch or dinner.

"Crispy & moist, hot & cool coexist"CHARLIE'S"Dutch Baby"

Eat choux pastry-like dough with fruit sauce and ice cream4Seed Berry Dutch Baby "(1,000Circle).

Cafe grocery store with freshly baked bread, sandwiches, and discerning items delivered from home and abroadCHARLIE'SThe recommended dessert is Dutch baby pancakes baked with skillet."Trifle" that reproduces the British dessert made by combining cream and fruits, and "Trifle" that uses seasonal fruits4We are developing several types such as "Dutch Baby of Seed Berry".

Apply plenty of butter to the preheated skillet, pour the dough into it, and put it in the oven.15Minutes.A sponge that has been carefully cooked and topped with vanilla ice cream and fruit sauce, it is a sweet that you can enjoy both hot and cool.

A fruit sauce made by slowly heating strawberries, blueberries and granulated sugar.

The freshly baked dough is crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside.You can enjoy hot and cool with ice cream.

"Dutch Baby" was previously offered for a limited time, but you can order it anytime from this spring.OKTo.A simple "Dutch oven original" that you can eat only with butter, lemon and powdered sugar (780There is also a yen), so please enjoy it according to your mood.

A triple gelato with a fluffy texture! "SOLO PIZZA Napoletana"Spring gelato"3Seed assortment "

"Spring gelato" with white chocolate cookies on raw strawberry, milk chocolate, cheesecake gelato3Seed assortment "(539Circle).

"Seasonal flavors appear every season"SOLO PIZZA Napoletana"Takumi gelato".This spring-only gelato is made from fresh strawberries, milk chocolate, and cheesecake with a refreshing spring taste.3type.You can enjoy each single, but you can feel a little extravagant by making them triple.

"Takumi Gelato" is a genuinely prepared taste that was completed by a chef who encountered genuine gelato while studying Neapolitan pizza at the University of Carpigiani Gelato in Bologna, Italy, and is richer and more luxurious than general Italian gelato. The feature is that you can feel like it.By using milk that has been pasteurized at the same moment as Italian milk and the rich egg yolk of Nagoya Cochin, it is said that it has a unique gelato base with a rich and firm taste.

Serve the kneaded gelato with air to give it a fluffy texture.

"Spring gelato3You can eat "seed"5Until the end of the month.After that, high-quality gelato that makes the best use of the taste of the ingredients will appear every season, so be sure to check it out at the turn of the season.

Knock out with a cute look. "RHUBARBE"Crepe rhubarb purse wrap"

"Crepe rhubarb purse wrap"(1,320Yen)Is a dessert that is very popular with women because it looks like a waste to eat and has a taste that has been calculated.

"French and crepe dishes, etc., centered on Galette, a French regional dishRHUBARBEIs an unpretentious style bistro that can be used for a wide range of purposes, from casual lunches between women to anniversary dinners.

The crepe rhubarb purse wrap, which has a cute appearance and is especially popular with women, is a dessert made by wrapping Franboise sorbet, cream, and rhubarb jam in a chewy crepe dough.If you gently insert a knife in the center of the purse, it will melt from the inside and you can enjoy the change in taste with each bite.

From the stage of pouring the dough, cook carefully and carefully.Even when putting ingredients on it, he seems to be conscious of the harmony of texture and taste at the moment of eating.

The crepe dough contains a large amount of water to give it a firm finish.By baking at a higher temperature than normal crepes for a longer period of time, the dough is elastic so that sorbet and jam do not stain the outside.After baking the dough, place cream cheese, cream, framboise sorbet, and rhubarb jam in this order in the center.By mellowing the acidity of Franboise and rhubarb with cream cheese and fresh cream, it creates a sense of unity as a dish.

A special jam using rhubarb, which is also the name of the store.1Soak in sugar to remove water and simmer over low heat so as not to damage the fibers of rhubarb.

"Crepe rhubarb drawstring wrap" that not only looks good, but also makes you feel particular about each ingredient inside.The chef's skillful dessert will make you feel better.

Drinks and food that make you feel the Japanese spirit. "Tully's Coffee" "Strawberry 🍓 An Latte" "Rice Rice An Swork" "Strawberry Whipped An Coppe"

The new spring product is a Japanese-style drink and food made with strawberries and red bean paste.Furthermore, the menu is finished with an awareness of the morning culture, which is typical of Nagoya.

"Rice and rice sauce workle" on the left of the photo(Tall size590Yen)Is a milky frozen drink that is a mixture of bean paste and sticky rice.You can feel the crushing feeling of rice and the elegant sweetness of red bean paste, as if you were eating Japanese sweets."Strawberry 🍓 An Latte" in the center of the photo(Tall size590Yen)Is a latte with plenty of Hokkaido milk added to a rich espresso brewed one by one.Strawberry whipped cream and strawberry flakes add a touch of sweet and sourness."Strawberry whipped bean paste" on the right of the photo, where the bean paste and whipped cream attached to the nostalgic koppe-pan are reminiscent of the morning in Nagoya.(350Yen)Is also a friendly dish that is likely to be liked by a wide range of generations.

Sandwich the bean paste in koppe-pan and heat it a little with a toaster.It has a light texture that is easy to eat for breakfast.Complete with bean paste and strawberry whipped cream alternately.

In fact, the food menu using koppe-pan is the first appearance of "Tully's Coffee"!Of course you can order separatelyOKHowever, be sure to order it with your favorite drink.You can enjoy "Tully's Coffee" style Nagoya morning with a combination of coffee, bread and red bean paste.Of course, it is recommended not only in the morning but also for lunch time and afternoon refresh time when you want to finish lightly.

The secret of the texture of "Rice and Rice Answorkle" is the softly cooked glutinous rice.It is mixed so that the graininess of the rice remains.

"Strawberry 🍓 An latte" is also topped with red bean paste.It will sink down, so mix well with a straw.

"Rice and rice bean paste" that makes Japanese sweets look like a drink, "Strawberry 🍓 bean paste" that expresses the springiness with strawberries, and "Strawberry 🍓 bean paste" that does not use coffee are available.5Month9Limited menu until Sunday (Sun).It's perfect for a break time to relax your busy daily life.

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