How to enjoy “Mulesna Tea” at [annon tea house] that heals busy business people 365 days a year



[annon tea house], a tea specialty store where you can fully enjoy the charm of "Mulesna tea" with over 100 flavors, will appear for the first time in Nagoya.What is the difference from the flavored teas of other companies?What is the point of brewing tea? We asked Mr. Saigan, a “master of tea”, how to enjoy “Mresna tea”.

"Mlesna tea" that matches Japanese tastes with our unique blending technology

1983Born in Sri Lanka, the home of black tea in the year, "Mlesna Tea" is a fragrant black tea with a unique sweetness that has less astringency, bitterness and caffeine by sticking to sprouts (tips).100A tea brand with an attractive lineup of flavors that exceeds the variety, but in fact, Japan is the only country with such a wide variety of flavored teas.The reason is the world55"Mlesna Tea", which has been developed in various countries and is rather straightforward and enjoyed with a taste for Westerners, is David who spread "Mlesna Tea" in Japan..KHis unique blending technique and sense have established a taste for Asians.Black tea, which produces a healing effect by mixing aromatic scents, is exactly what Japanese people like.By matching the tastes of Japanese people in this way, the tea that has gained explosive popularity is "Mlesna Tea".

Selling tea leaves by weight (100g 1,512Yen ~) and Cube Box (from Yen)8Enclosed778Yen ~)2Deployed in two types.

Infinite ways to enjoy!Quickly and freely.Flavored tea that is close to life

The world of black tea will not be sharp if you start sticking to it, such as changing the steaming time depending on the temperature of the tea set and hot water, and the tea leaves.However, "Mlesna Tea" is a black tea that anyone can easily use daily because there are no clear rules for brewing.All tea leaves are particular about the sprouts and young leaves of high-altitude farms, so the tea leaves are soft and the extraction time is short.2Prepare one cup, put the tea leaves directly in one cup, and pour hot water to instantly color it without steaming.Use a tea strainer to transfer to the other cup and you're done.You can start tea time in no time.

You can also choose the amount of tea leaves.In general1cup5g, Hot water350 mlAs a guide, adjusting the amount of tea leaves according to your mood is one of the theories to enjoy black tea when you want to drink thickly or lightly.

"It is also recommended to pour hot water into the cup before adding the tea leaves to rinse and warm the cup. After discarding the hot water, wipe the cup to remove excess water and then add the tea leaves to make it more delicious (West). Wish) ".

As soon as you pour hot water, it turns black tea!When transferring to the other cup using a tea strainer, you can enjoy the gentle scent of black tea by dripping from a high place.

Of course, you can also use the general brewing method of putting tea leaves in a teapot and extracting them.OK.

"By pouring hot water from a high place, air is included and the taste becomes soft (Mr. Nishigan)."

This is the new super caramel tea "best caramel tea" this spring (8Enclosed778Circle).

The recommendation of "best caramel tea" is "tea with milk" which is made by heating with milk.The scent is sweet, but the taste is not sweet and light, so it is perfect when you want to get up or refresh after work.It's delicious to add more richness with sugar and fresh cream during the relaxing time (Mr. Nishigane). "

Feel free to enjoy the aromatic scent that is perfect for a change of pace in the office

The reason why you can easily enjoy "Mlesna tea" is that you can enjoy the tea bag with water.Put the tea bag in a plastic bottle with water and put it in the refrigerator overnight and it will be completed the next morning!Also, when draining water at room temperature1It will be ready in about an hour, so if you put a tea bag in a bottle of mineral water that you bought on your way to work, you can easily drink it at lunch time.Keeping various types of cube boxes on your desk is a guarantee that you will be able to change your mood during breaks.

The photo is a white peach Earl Gray "Collaboration of white peach and breeze" that blends the scent of white peach and bergamot (8Enclosed778Circle).

Also pay attention to the gorgeous flavored tea limited to Dai Nagoya Building!

"Mlesna Tea", which develops a variety of flavored teas, has released a new flavored tea exclusively at the Dai Nagoya Building store.A refreshing scented tea with a fruity paradise that mixes oranges, strawberries, mangoes, etc., and an original caramel tea full of energy.2Two flavored teas.Both have cube boxes and tea leaves sold by weight, and have a special taste that can only be obtained at the Dai Nagoya Building.Not only tea lovers and "Mlesna tea" fans, but also those who are looking for fashionable Nagoya souvenirs are a must-see.

Flavored tea limited to the Dai Nagoya Building store (150g-2,100Circle). ※The photograph is an image.

"Mlesna tea" is deliciously brewed with no formal feelings, mood, environment, and free way of enjoying yourself.As an item to heal busy business people, there is no doubt that it will be useful not only for relaxing at home but also for taking a break at work!Also,4Month28Sunday (Wednesday) ~5Month5On Sundays (Wednesday / holidays)8During the day, Mlesna tea will be served to all visitors, so if you haven't experienced "Mlesna tea", you should check it out.

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