[Starbucks] Recommended by the store manager!5 drink customs you want to imitate right now



Mr. Hikiji, the store manager of [Starbucks Dai-Nagoya Building] and Mr. Kurosaki, the assistant store manager, introduce customization of beverages. The special tastes that the two of them have tried and arrived at are all things that you want to imitate when you are tired or when you are relaxing.

"Espresso Affogato Frappuccino®'+Whipped cream

"Espresso Affogato Frappuccino®(Tall size627Whipped cream (yen)55Yen) is added.

"Espresso Affogato Frappuccino" made by adding syrup and milk smoothie to freshly extracted espresso so that you can enjoy the taste like affogato.®".By adding whipped cream, the creaminess is emphasized and it is a customization that makes it look like a rich dessert. "Espresso Affogato Frappuccino®The espresso used for "is normal3/4Extracted with the amount of liquid, it features a strong scent and an adult taste with a gentle bitterness.Originally it was a seasonal menu, but it is a beverage that has joined the standard menu because of its popularity.

This is the customization taught by Assistant Store Manager Kurosaki. "You can feel the bitterness and sweetness, so it is recommended when you are tired."

"Chai tea latte" milk change+Espresso shot+Cinnamon powder

"Chai tea latte" (tall size)484Yen) milk to soy milk (yen)55Change to yen) and then espresso shot (yen)55Yen) and cinnamon powder (free) are added.

"Chai tea latte" is an exquisite balance of milk and original syrup that spices up the taste of black tea.Mild spicy chai with soy milk makes it easier to drink, adding espresso shots gives you a powerful richness, and sprinkling with cinnamon powder transforms it into an elegantly accented beverage!In addition to soy milk, you can also choose fragrant almond milk or oat milk with a gentle sweetness, so it seems fun to change the milk and compare.

A cup recommended by store manager Hikichi. "It's an arrangement to enjoy tea latte with a mellow spice and deep richness. Cinnamon powder is free, so please try it in your favorite amount."

"Camomile tea latte"+Whipped cream+Brown sugar

"Camomile tea latte" (tall size)484Whipped cream (yen)55Add (yen) and customize with free brown sugar.

4Among the "tea latte" where you can choose the type of tea leaves, the "chamomile tea latte" is especially popular with women.By adding mellow whipped cream to black tea with soft scents of citrus, chamomile, and lavender, it becomes a gentle mouthfeel and can be drunk like a dessert.It is also a point to increase the richness by adding a little brown sugar.It is also interesting that the warmth of black tea and the coldness of whipped cream mix in your mouth, so it is recommended when you want to enjoy a relaxing tea time or relax.

"This is an arrangement that we would like people who like sweets to try. You can feel the gorgeous scent in the sweetness of milk and the richness of whipped cream."

"Almond milk latte"+Espresso shot+Caramel sauce

"Almond milk latte" (tall size473Espresso shot (yen)55Yen) and caramel sauce (free) are added.

"Almond milk latte" made by pouring Starbucks original almond milk into espresso.By adding espresso to Beverage, where you can enjoy the refreshingly fragrant almond milk and roasted espresso, you can create a latte that emphasizes coffee.There is no sweetness in normal, so it is also a point to add a little sweetness with caramel sauce.For those who want more sweetness, caramel syrup instead of caramel sauce (55You can increase the sweetness by adding a circle).

"The sweetness is modest and you can drink it cleanly, so it's perfect for summer. The caramel sauce is cooled and hardened, so you can enjoy the sweetness accent that sometimes comes in from the straw."

"Cafe Mist" milk change+cocoa powder

"Cafe Mist" (Tall size)418Yen) milk to soy milk (yen)55Change to yen) and top with cocoa powder (free).

"Drip coffee" (tall size) where high-quality arabica coffee beans change daily363"Cafe Mist" is made by pouring steam milk into a circle) and then adding milk foam.By changing the milk to soy milk, it has a gentle and mild taste, and the sprinkled cocoa powder is a customization that accentuates the bitterness.It has almost no sweetness, so it is recommended for adults and those who feel that black coffee is heavy, or in the morning.

"It's a mild combination of soy milk and coffee. The coffee changes every day, so you can enjoy the change in taste every day even with the same customization."

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