Tsurun, Purun, Toron.Puru Puru & smooth sweets that you want to eat in summer



We have a collection of "purple" sweets, such as sweets that look cool and feel good in the summer, and sweets that are soothing with a smooth and smooth texture.There are plenty of sweets that you can enjoy all year round, whether it's cold or warm.

Parfait of "La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie" where jelly of plump is entwined with fresh fruits

4"Fruit Parfait" with various kinds of fruits, honey lemon jelly, yogurt mousse, and diplomat cream680Circle).

"La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie" that purchases better fruits by visiting the production area and communicating directly with the producer.The showcase is lined with fresh and colorful tarts and cakes that are handmade in the kitchen attached to the store.Among the various sweets, "Puru Puru" can be enjoyed at the cake "Gato Jelly", which is a layer of fromage and jelly, and the parfait, which is a combination of seasonal fruits and jelly.4"Fruit Parfait" with various kinds of fruits has a light texture of diplomat cream that combines custard and whipped cream, and you can enjoy juicy fruits with refreshing and refreshing yogurt mousse and plump honey lemon jelly. It is a dish.You may also come across a monthly parfait with seasonal fruits as the main ingredient.

"Chengdu's specialty sesame paste mochi" from "Chen Mapo Tofu" that is so chewy that the mochi stick to each other

On one plate4"Chengdu specialty sesame paste rice cake" (520Circle).

"Chen Mapo Tofu", which is popular as the origin of Mapo Tofu, is the signboard menu "Mapo Tofu" (1,360Yen) and "Authentic Sichuan Tantan Noodles" (990Spicy Sichuan dishes such as (yen) tend to attract attention, but in fact, desserts are also a noteworthy menu with secret fans."Annin tofu" that can be eaten as a set even at lunch (470Yen) and "Mango Pudding" (580You can also enjoy "purupuru" (yen), but this time we will introduce "Chengdu's famous sesame paste mochi", which has a taste that cannot be imagined from its simple appearance.It is a warm Chinese dessert that combines elastic mochi made from glutinous rice and sweetly finished black sesame paste, and is popular locally as a dish to be eaten during the Chinese New Year.A traditional Chinese dessert with a savory and sweet black sesame paste that fills your mouth when you chew a bite.

The nostalgic taste is attractive "CHARLIE'S"Custard pudding"

"Custard pudding" that can be eaten in the cafe space (580Circle).

"It ’s always sold out on weekends.CHARLIE'S"Custard pudding" which is secretly popular in "(Charlie's)".The ingredients are milk, eggs, sugar only, and a very simple one that uses vanilla essence for a little fragrance.And as a result of pursuing nostalgia, it is also a point to finish it with a firm baking.You can enjoy it as a dessert after a meal, or you can taste it as a snack.again,14 : 00~17 : 00If you combine a drink with your favorite dessert, which is limited100You can also enjoy it with the yen-discounted "dessert set".When you want to take a break,CHARLIE'SPlease accompany the pudding with the old-fashioned taste that we are proud of.

Plump and smooth healthy sweets "light" by"Imoen Douhua" from "Taiwan Institute of Fine Arts"

Healthy Taiwanese sweets made from soy milk "Imoen Douhua" (600Circle).

A tapioca drink specialty store that introduces popular street food and sweets in Taiwan and new products every monthBull PuluA lineup of tapioca drinks that have teamed up with "(Burupur)" by"Puru Puru" sweets from "Taiwan Jelly Research Institute" are handmade using gelatin-free, soy milk, tapioca, and gypsum powder, following the traditional Taiwanese manufacturing method.The gentle sweetness of juice made from brown sugar and sanon tou is combined with bean flowers, which have a smoother texture than pudding, and traditional Taiwanese sweets, taro ball, and brown sugar tapioca, which are made from sweet potatoes and taro.Douhua, potato balls, and tapioca all served on a plate are all chewy, so you can enjoy the ultimate in plump sweets.

"Omiya rich pudding" of "Asakusa Kitchen Omiya" has a rich taste and smoothness of eggs ◎

"Omiya rich pudding" (Omiya rich pudding) that is eaten with a slightly sweet caramel sauce and fresh cream715Circle).

"Omiya rich pudding" of "Asakusa Kitchen Omiya" that makes you feel nostalgic with the rich taste of eggs.It has a simple taste that doesn't look strange, but by carefully mixing the ingredients, it is a discerning dish that pursues an extremely mellow texture and a smooth mouthfeel.In addition to being served separately, the chef's recommended plate "Adult Kids Lunch" with hamburger steak and fried shrimp served together (2,530A mini size pudding is also included in the circle).If you want to enjoy it with your meal, be sure to check it out as well.

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