[2021 Edition] Christmas sweets and drinks to enjoy at Dai Nagoya Building



Christmas-like sweets and drinks will be available for a limited time.Because it is the Dai Nagoya Building, which is directly connected to Nagoya Station, you can easily enjoy the Christmas mood by stopping by on your way home from work as well as on holidays.Please accompany the refreshment.

"Strawberry and berry souffle pancakes" (970Circle)


The popular menu "Strawberry Souffle Pancake" is offered for a limited time with Christmas specifications.White chocolate with the image of powder snow and cute strawberries as if wearing a white cotton hat are topped and the photo looks great.After a meal, be sure to have a cafe time.

Yurt pancakes

period:11Month10Sunday (Wednesday) ~12Month25(Sat)

The article on souffle pancakesplease use this form.

"Nishio Matcha Christmas Latte" (640 yen each)

B1F | Saijoen Matcha Cafe

A gorgeous drink with layers of ruby ​​chocolate, matcha latte, and white chocolate espuma from the bottom.Topped with homemade mixed nuts matcha chocolate and framboise brize as an accent to the texture.

Saijoen drink

period:11Month10Sunday (Wednesday) ~12Month25(Sat)

"minus20Stone parfait made with a stone pot at ℃ "(1,480Circle)

3F | World Beer Museum

minus20We put a lot of sweets such as vanilla ice cream, strawberry ice cream, chocolate ice cream, cheesecake, and mixed berries in a stone pot made in Germany frozen at ℃.You can crush it to the desired hardness, mix it, and enjoy it while eating.

World Beer Museum Parfait

period:11Month10Sunday (Wednesday) ~12Month25(Sat)

"Nuts Nut Royal Milk Tea-Salt Caramel Sole-" (Eat-in750Yen, take out650Circle)

B1F | annon tea house

Homemade ice cream winter-only flavors "cashew nuts" and "royal milk tea" made from materials that are gentle on the body without using stabilizers or emulsifiersWEnjoy at1plate.Please entwin with chocolate cookies and salted caramel sauce.It goes great with black tea.

Annon Tea House Ice Cream

period:11Month10Sunday (Wednesday) -January 2022, 1 (Sunday)

Oh my chai more tea free (1,650Circle)

B1F | annon tea house

"Oh my chai" is a caramel chai milk tea that warms and rejuvenates the body with plenty of spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom. "Mlesna Tea" tea free is included as a set, and you can spend your tea time slowly.

For a detailed article on Mlesna Teaplease use this form.

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