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Did you know that there are many cafes in Nagoya Building that are particular about sweets and drinks?Here are 5 cafes where you can heal yourself with a special mariage, such as a girls-only gathering at Nagoya Station, a break during shopping, and a refreshing time after work.

"Ultimate hot cake" x Mlesna tea "hot straight tea"

B1F |annon tea house

Tea salon where you can enjoy high quality Ceylon tea "Mlesna tea" from Sri Lanka [annon tea house(Annon Tea House)].In the eat-in space, you can enjoy the plump and moist "ultimate pancakes" that are slowly cooked on a copper plate and baked.With plenty of Earl Gray tea sauce, the gentle sweetness spreads in your mouth.Enjoy while entwining seasonal ice cream, fruits, and fresh cream.

Annon Tea House's ultimate pancake

"Ultimate hot cake" (1,320Circle).Using a special copper plate and mold, about20Bake slowly over minutes.

"Hot straight tea" is recommended as a drink to match.According to the season and weather3~5With a menu that includes "more tea free" where you can drink various types of hot tea, you can fully enjoy the charm of Mlesna tea, which offers a variety of flavors.For those who like cold tea, "Ice Tea" with more tea free (1,320Yen).Both go well with pancakes.

Hot straight tea

"Hot straight tea" (1,320Circle).about100Mlesna tea to choose from various flavor teas is extracted in a special Aladdin pot.

Inside the Annon Tea House

The tea salon is reserved due to the limited space of 14 seats (1Times100(Division system) is also possible.

At the store, a "cube box" with the same tea leaves as the Mlesna tea offered in the store as a tea bag (777We also sell products such as yen).The point is that you can drink and bring back your favorite taste.

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Crepe "Brittany" x "Non-alcoholic cider"


Crepe bistro where you can experience the authentic French food culture [RHUBARBE(Rhubarb)].The chef's recommended crepe is "Bretagne", which is a sticky dough topped with apple caramel compote, French salted caramel ice cream, and fresh cream, and salted butter caramel sauce.Brittany, France, is famous for its salt butter caramel and apples made from the salt produced in the area.This crepe can be said to be a dish packed with that food culture.

Rhubarb crepe

Crepe "Brittany" (Brittany) topped with Brittany's specialties1,320Circle).It is a fun dish with different textures such as smooth salted caramel ice cream and caramelized fragrant walnuts.

The crepe is best paired with cider made from apples from Brittany.French people often use dry cider for buckwheat galettes and sweet cider for crepes. [RHUBARBE] Then, there are not only alcoholic ciders but also non-alcoholic ciders, which also go well with crepes.

Rhubarb non-alcoholic cider

"Non-alcoholic cider" (800Circle).The Normandy fruit is made from red apples and has a beautiful ruby ​​color like rosé.It features a sweet and sour and refreshing aftertaste.

Immerse yourself in the feeling of traveling in France [RHUBARBE].weekday17From time to time, a simple crepe "crepe sukure" with vanilla ice cream and sugar cane sugar, and coffeeor"Desert set" with tea as a set (1,100Yen) is also available, so it is recommended to use the cafe at night after meals.

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"Macadamia nut pancakes" x Maruyama coffee "blended coffee"


1Even people can easily enter and drop in easily [CHARLIE'S(Charlies)].You can buy and eat bread and sweets sold at the grocery store, but the macadamia nut pancake, which makes the dough and sauce after the order is placed, is a fresh dish that can only be eaten here.Slowly baked on a copper plate2A pancake with plenty of macadamia nut sauce, it has a simple appearance but an impact.The sweetness is modest, but it is recommended to combine it with a bittersweet coffee.

Charlies macadamia nut pancakes

"Macadamia nut pancakes" with a special sauce, where the oil content of macadamia nuts produces a thick paste.900Circle).

CHARLIE'S] Coffee is made from beans ordered from "Maruyama Coffee" in Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture, which handles specialty coffee.You can enjoy the original taste of coffee beans by extracting with a French press that allows you to fully taste the oil of coffee.

Maruyama Coffee Blend Coffee

"Blend coffee" extracted by French press to bring out the deliciousness of specialty coffee (500Circle).

In addition to blended coffee, we have a lineup of single origin, cappuccino, milk coffee, etc.Desserts include the "Dutch Oven Original" (780 yen), which is baked using skillet, and the traditional "Custard Pudding" (Custard Pudding).580There is a yen).14 : 00~17 : 00With your favorite dessert and drink order100There is also a service that offers a yen discount, so be sure to check it out.

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"Strawberry and berry souffle pancakes" x "Beauty vinegar x tea"


The fluffy souffle pancakes made by steaming rice flour-based dough with plenty of meringue are popular.DORM(Yurt)].Popular all year round and even more recommended this season is the "strawberry and berry souffle pancakes," which look like it's snowing.If you combine this winter's new drink "Beauty vinegar x tea", you can spend a sweet and sour time full of strawberries and berries.

Strawberry and berry souffle pancakes

"Strawberry and berry souffle pancakes" that are moist and fluffy, chewy and chewy.970Circle).

"Mizu x Black Tea" is a hot tea arrangement of the Korean vinegar "Micho", which was popular in the summer.It is a hot tea with a gorgeous taste that floats strawberries and berries by adding a little vinegar to the original blended tea specially ordered from Kobe's tea specialty store "Uhu".

Beautiful vinegar x black tea

"Beauty vinegar x black tea" that combines strawberry vinegar and original blended tea so that you can enjoy the harmony of acidity and sweetness680Circle).plenty2There is a cup so you can spend your tea time slowly.

We are particular about coffee, such as a blend based on Brazil and Colombia of "Evian Coffee Shop" which has been popular in Kobe for a long time.DORM].All seats are spacious sofa seats, so why not spend a relaxing time with a variety of sweets and special drinks.

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"Berry Charlotte Pancake" x "Irish Latte"

5F | Tully's Coffee

[Tully's Coffee] is open from 7:30 in the morning.Needless to say, you can enjoy authentic espresso using coffee beans carefully selected from all over the world.This season, we recommend the "Irish Latte", which has a mellow taste with the richness of espresso and the aroma of charred caramel.

Tully's Irish Latte

"Irish latte" (short) with the motif of "Irish coffee" and a fluffy flavor of Western liquor 495Yen, Thor 550Yen, Grande 605Circle). * We do not use alcohol.

And, in fact, there are also authentic sweets that are as good as patisserie [Tully's Coffee]."Berry Charlotte Pancake" is a pancake unique to the holiday season, which is a combination of sweet and sour fruity berry sauce and smooth anglaise (custard sauce).In addition, the rich "chocolate terrine" that changes to a smooth texture as you eat from the outside toward the center goes well with rich coffee.

Tully's pancakes

"Berry Charlotte Pancake" with plenty of sauce and cream on top of the pancakes847Circle).

Tully's chocolate terrine

"Chocolate terrine" (1Individual 418Yen) is the perfect size when you want to eat something a little sweet.

Right next to [Tully's Coffee], there is a "Sky Garden" where you can enjoy seasonal decorations, so you can spend time watching the greenery from inside the store, or take out and spend time in the warm sun, which is perfect for a change of pace. ..Both of the sweets introduced this time are takeoutOKSo, make a choice according to the mood of the day.

Dai Nagoya Building Sky Garden

Sky Garden is surrounded by a laid-back atmosphere that you can't think of as the center of Nagoya Station.

5F Sky Garden brings in food purchased in Dai Nagoya BuildingOK.B1FIt is also recommended to spend the food and sweets of Dai Nagoya Marche with the drink of [Tully's Coffee].

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