The freshly baked bread of Nagoya's cafe [YURT] is a hot topic!Lunch is all-you-can-eat, and you can enjoy assorted dishes at night.



The bread buffet that Nagoya's cafe [YURT] has started in the fall of 2021 will have several types of freshly baked croissants.In addition, at the night café, you can enjoy the same menu as during the day, and we offer an assortment of recommended breads.We will introduce the bread and popular menu of [YURT].

Lunch with a bread buffet and a drink bar on the inevitable menu

DORM] The lunch menu includes plates with pasta and fried chicken as the main dish.7Prepare types.Every menu has a bread buffet and a drink bar as a set, and many people end up eating too much.!? You can spend a relaxing time alone or have a good time talking with friends while enjoying a fashionable meal.Also, lunch17You can order until time, so even on days when you're late for lunchOKThat is also a nice point.

"Bacon and fried eggplant tomato sauce pasta" with plenty of vegetables1,380Circle).

"Provided with plenty of salad"DORMFried sesame soy sauce sauce "(1,480Circle).

"Shrimp and mushroom basil cream sauce pasta" with plenty of raw mushrooms and shimeji mushrooms1,540Circle).

At the bread buffet and drink bar, about10Kind of bread and about5You can enjoy various drinks.

The interior of the store is based on the theme of a tent hut standing on the beach on the west coast of the United States.You can feel the warmth and comfortable looseness of the wood.

For lunch, it is recommended to check the baking time of the bread before coming to the store!

About lined up in a bread buffet10All kinds of bread are creative. From delicatessen breads such as "Pumpkin Curry", "Sausage Honey Mustard", and "Mentaiko Potato Salad Sandwich"11 : 3013 : 30The lineup includes "croissants" that are baked in the air.Even if you miss the baking time, you can reheat it and eat it because the toaster is prepared.

* Bread lineup and baking time are subject to change.

"Manul bread" originated in Korea, which is a combination of sweet cheese cream and dough soaked with garlic oil.

"Croissant", which looks cute like a pointed hat, has a crispy, moist and addictive taste.

"Egg sandwich" and "mentaiko potato sandwich" sandwiched between fluffy white bread.

Perfect score for eating! "Pumpkin Curry" and "Sausage Honey Mustard".

"Osatsu salt butter" and "Matcha chestnut anpan" are characterized by their refreshing sweetness.

"Honey lemon" has a refreshing flavor that goes well with dishes such as pasta.

approx 100A popular store that fills up as soon as it opens, despite its large seats.DORM].We also accept reservations online for lunch and dinner, so check here as well.

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  • The freshly baked bread of Nagoya's cafe [YURT] is a hot topic!Lunch is all-you-can-eat, and you can enjoy assorted dishes at night.