If you have a morning at Nagoya Station, go to Dai Nagoya Building.Today's breakfast before going out



Before going to work, before going out from Nagoya station, have breakfast in a little free time.You can spend an elegant morning time at the Dai Nagoya Building.Why don't you start your day with coffee and bread at the orthodox café, or start your morning at the Dai Nagoya Building?

Add bread or a plate to your favorite drink. "Breakfast" by [CHARLIE'S]


At the café attached to [CHARLIE'S], a groceries store from Japan and overseas, a morning menu is available only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (10:11-20:150).First, choose your favorite drink from over 300 kinds of drinks, including blended coffee from Karuizawa Maruyama Coffee.Bread (+2 yen) or bread & plate (+XNUMX yen) can be set as a set with an additional charge.As for the bread, in addition to the thick sliced ​​toast of white bread from Tokugawa, there are always two types of bread available.It is the perfect content to enjoy the elegant time of a holiday morning.A shop that you want to remember as a little-known morning spot at Nagoya Station.

<Morning time>10:00~11:00(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only)

"Blend coffee" (550Yen) with bread and plate set "Breakfast" (850Circle).

Enjoy an ideal breakfast with a special morning menu available until 10:XNUMX

B1F | Doutor Coffee Shop

Dai Nagoya BuildingB1F, The morning time of [Doutor Coffee Shop] in Dinard is every morning1030up to a minute.Morning set "morning Doutor" for exclusive use of this time3types are available.The classic breakfast ingredient, ham and egg salad sandwiched between toast (450Yen ~), honey mustard sauce is the decisive toast sandwich "Smoked chicken potato" (450yen ~), from Hokkaido3Hot sandwich with melting mixed cheese "Hot ham cheese" (470¥), it is a fulfilling product lineup that makes you want to try everything.All drinks are eligible for the set, from the total amount including tax50Yen discount.

<Morning time>7:00~10:30(LO

Ham, egg salad, tomato, lettuce and plenty of ingredients sandwiched between toasted sandwiches "Ham egg salad" (450Yen ~).convenient morning7Cafes that are open at times are valuable even in the Nagoya station area.

Extensive food menu and coffee.[Tully's Coffee] that can be used from weekday mornings

5F | Tully's Coffee

Dai Nagoya Building5F[Tully's Coffee] is on weekdays7Open from XNUMX:XNUMX.B1F, ま た は1Fby elevator from5Fcan go up to [Tully's Coffee] doesn't have a breakfast-only menu, but it has a full menu of snacks in addition to drinks, so it's convenient for morning use.Among them, we recommend the “Plenty of Egg Sandwich” with the scent of white pepper (385Yen) and fresh tomato "ham cheese & salad sandwich" (385yen) sandwich2kinds.Please enjoy together with "Today's Coffee", which offers "daily" coffee beans carefully selected from all over the world.

<Business hours>7:30~21:00(Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays10:30~)

"Plenty of egg sandwiches" from the front (385Yen), "Ham Cheese & Salad Sandwich" (385yen), "Today's coffee" (short size 345Yen ~).

Even in the morning, [Starbucks] is your strong ally

B1F | Starbucks

[Starbucks] in the Dai-Nagoya Building every morning7time start.From light meals to sweets, the menu is well-stocked with “breakfast candidates”, so stop by before commuting or going out.Among them, the "American waffle" (290Yen) and “Arabiki Sausage Pie” (360circle).Among them, the "American waffle", which uses fermented butter and has a rich aroma and richness, can be customized like [Starbucks].Free toppings such as caramel sauce, chocolate sauce, honey, and brown sugar are available, so find your favorite combination.

<Business hours>7:00~22:00(LO

Clockwise from the right, "American Waffle" (290Yen), "Arabiki sausage pie" (360yen), "drip coffee" (tall size 390Circle).

"American Waffle", "Pastry Whip" (+30Yen) and an example of customization with “caramel sauce” that can be topped for free.

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