Dai Nagoya Building is recommended for morning at Nagoya Station.Enjoy a stylish breakfast with freshly baked bread and sandwiches



If you want to enjoy a morning at Nagoya Station before commuting or on a holiday when you wake up early, Dai Nagoya Building is recommended.With freshly baked bread, voluminous sandwiches, and great-value set menus, you should be able to spend a stylish and fulfilling breakfast time.The morning menu of the Dai Nagoya Building, which is right next to Nagoya Station, is convenient to use even when you have free time before heading out on the train.

Bread and plates can be attached to your favorite drink [CHARLIE'S] "Breakfast"

CHARLIE'S(Charlies)] "Breakfast" is in the morning11Limited menu until time."Maruyama Coffee" blended coffee from Karuizawa and carefully selected tea leaves centered on high-quality Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka.amsu tea(Amshti) ”tea, etc.20Choose your favorite drink from more than one type, plus100Bread in a circle, plus250Bread and plates can be attached in a circle.

"Blend coffee" (500Yen) plus250"Breakfast" with bread and plate in a circle.

As for bread, toast made from "Bucket Rabbit" bread, which is popular for its specialty bread such as "Boule", and Boule, which has a chewy texture, are available on a daily basis.While eating the morning, the breads that arrived from "Bucket Rabbit" and "Pandor Marutake" lined up one after another, and I added some bread.Bread lovers will love it1It is an eaves.

CHARLIE'S]'S article about "Maruyama Coffee" here

[Tully's Coffee] is a hidden spot where you can spend a quiet time while looking at the scenery full of greenery.

1From the floor4Morning before the store up to the floor opens7Open from XNUMX:XNUMX5Floor [Tully's Coffee].There is a sky garden where you can feel the seasons outside the window, and you can spend a relaxing and relaxing time while looking at the scenery full of greenery.

When the weather is nice, it is recommended to take out and spend time in the sky garden. * Sky Garden is open from 11:00.

The recommended menus for the morning are "Plenty of Egg Sandwich", which was renewed with a slightly spicy flavor by adding black pepper last fall, and "Ham Cheese & Salad Sandwich", which has a good nutritional balance. You can also request warming of "Ham Cheese & Salad Sandwich", and the fluffy bread will change to a crispy texture.

"Plenty of egg sandwiches" from the front (363Yen), "Ham Cheese & Salad Sandwich" (363Yen), "Today's Coffee" (Short)365Circle).The coffee of the day is the seasonal "Red Bourbon Lion Head" of the classic "Brazil Fazenda Bow".It has a refreshing fruity taste and is characterized by a bright acidity.

"Today's Coffee", which offers coffee beans carefully selected from all over the world on a daily basis, is a commitment unique to [Tully's Coffee], where you can enjoy new encounters even if you visit every day.2022Years3Month17Until Sunday (Thursday), we are also collaborating with "Tom and Jerry", so be sure to check it out.

The [Starbucks] food, which goes well with coffee, is attractive for its freedom of customization!

Morning7The Starbucks, which has been open since time, has a large lineup of foods that are perfect for breakfast, such as donuts, scones, English muffins, and granola.Among them, "American Waffle" and "Arabiki Sausage Pie" are popular as a companion to daily drip coffee.

Clockwise from the right, "American Waffle" (275Yen), "Arabiki sausage pie" (352Yen), "Drip Coffee" (Tall)363Circle).

"American Waffle", which uses fermented butter and has a rich aroma and richness, has a timeless taste that is baked with a small amount of waffle sugar on one side.The "Arabiki Sausage Pie", which is made by wrapping a well-aged arabiki pork sausage with grain mustard in a pie crust and baking it fragrantly, is a perfect dish with a parmesan cheese topping that creates a more fragrant and deep richness.

"American Waffle" and "Pastry Whip" (30(Yen) and customization with "caramel sauce" that can be topped for free.The sweet tooth is also very satisfying.

"American waffles" and "Arabiki sausage pie" are recommended to be warmed up as they give off a crispy aroma when warmed.In addition to caramel sauce, you can also customize chocolate sauce, honey, and brown sugar for free, so try different flavors and find your favorite combination.

Articles about drink customs recommended by store managers here

Morning10"Morning set" of [Doutor Coffee Shop] that you can eat at a good price until half an hour

地下1Morning at the Dinard on the floor7[Doutor Coffee Shop] is open from time to time.Weekdays and holidays10There is a total of "Breakfast Set" that you can order until half an hour4There are different types, and when you set it with coffee (blended ice cream)398You can eat from the yen.

The most popular "Morning set"A"" Is a menu that includes "ham egg salad" using whole grain bread as a favorite drink.Set with coffee (blended ice cream)420Circle. 

Other than ham egg salad,BSet "Colorful vegetables and avocado chicken" (420Yen ~),CSet "German dog" (398(Yen ~), hot morning "hot ham cheese" (420Yen ~) is a lineup.The content of hot morning changes depending on the season, and "hot ham cheese" is3Limited until the end of the month.Recommended when you want to eat a reasonably voluminous sandwich.

You can eat Nagoya-like morning all day long! Enjoy the "oat drink" together with the [good thing bread] bean paste butter toast

"Good thick-sliced ​​bean paste toast" where you can enjoy Nagoya's famous bean paste toast in thick slices that are perfect for eating.The drinks to be combined are "", which deals with high-quality specialty coffees from all over the world.GOLPIE COFFEE"Drip coffee" and "Mizudashi coffee" (each) by the original blend of "(Golpy coffee)"324Yen) is also recommended, but the best drink now is "No. XNUMX"3"Oat drink" attracts attention as "milk".

cholesterol0"Oat drink" that is easy to drink and has no habit301"Good thick-sliced ​​bean paste toast" (yen) and "good thick-sliced ​​bean paste" (good thick-sliced ​​bean paste) with Calpis butter on "good bean paste" that is carefully cooked from Hokkaido Tokachi red beans.389Circle).

"Oats Drink" is a new menu that started last fall, and you can feel the fragrant flavor of organic oats and the richness and gentle sweetness of grains.Rich in dietary fiber, it is now attracting attention as a vegetable drink to replace milk.It goes well with "Yoikotopan", which is baked without using milk, and you can enjoy food pairing.

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  • Dai Nagoya Building is recommended for morning at Nagoya Station.Enjoy a stylish breakfast with freshly baked bread and sandwiches