For "delicious food" that you want to eat in early summer in Nagoya, we recommend refreshing sweets with lots of fruits.



Dai Nagoya Building is the place where delicious food gathers at Nagoya Station!The appearance is gorgeous this season, and the taste is full of sweets mainly made of refreshing fruits!Here are some recommended sweets that will keep you cool during the sweaty season.

[La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie] "Raw Jurepafe with colorful fruits"

Colorful fruits such as strawberries, kiwis, oranges, pineapples, and grapefruits are blended into a refreshing lemon jelly.A refreshingly edible mini-pafe with jelly and juicy fresh fruits entwined with each other.

425Sun (Monday) ~7Month31Scheduled to be sold only on Sunday. "Raw Jurepafe of colorful fruits" (690Circle).

Using the strawberry "Mino Musume" that limited the producers [annon tea house] Ice cream

A new dessert with the same strawberry on an ice cream made from the large strawberry "Mino Musume" made by Mr. Ohno in Ibigawa Town, Gifu Prefecture. Fresh strawberries topped with "to enjoy the parfait feeling" are recommended to be eaten with ice cream.It is a sweet that condenses the deliciousness of the discerning fruit that you can see the face of the producer.

420Sunday (Wednesday) ~5Month25"Large strawberry ice cream" limited to Sunday (Monday) (770Yen * For takeout750Circle).

Not just branded cows![Meat and Daizen] fruit parfait that is particular about fruits

"Omakase Parfait" of [Meat and Daizen] where you can choose the seasonal fruits that arrived that day and make them into parfaits.1,800Combine from yen according to budget, plus400You can top with rich Hokkaido premium software in a circle.

"Omakase Parfait" with "Komatsu Watermelon" from Kochi Prefecture and "Crown Melon" from Shizuoka Prefecture2,800Circle).

From [Tully's Coffee], refreshing lemon sweets and strawberry drinks are available.

[Tully's Coffee] is popular for its sweets and drinks that appear every season.4In the moon, lemon cream with a crisp and refreshing sour peel, "lemon cream honey souffle cake" with the best match of sweetness of honey, and chichiyas "additive-free honey yogurt" containing bifizu bacteria that reach the intestines alive. The used frozen is newly released.

"Lemon cream honey souffle cake" with lemon cream layered on a fluffy souffle cake (748Circle).

427"Strawberry Yogurt Sworkle®" released on Wednesday (Wednesday) (605circle).You can enjoy the sweet and sour strawberry flavor and the moderate richness and sourness of yogurt.

3Enjoy all kinds of flavors at once! [Seijo Ishii] Domestic fruit juice100% Assorted bite-sized jelly used

Domestic oranges, peaches and apple juice100[Seijo Ishii] original product made with%.You can enjoy the taste of the material itself without using artificial colors or fragrances.A bite-sized jelly with a refreshing juice feel.

"Seijo Ishii domestic fruit juice100%jelly3Seed assortment "(330g 853Circle).

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  • For "delicious food" that you want to eat in early summer in Nagoya, we recommend refreshing sweets with lots of fruits.