Have a break time with Nagoya's representative crepe [RHU BARBE] that can be used like a fashionable cafe



It is no exaggeration to say that it is a restaurant that spreads traditional food culture such as authentic French galettes and crepes in Nagoya [RHU BARBE].The galette and crepe specialty stores that French people are familiar with as everyday food are called "crepes" in France.This time, pay attention to the [RHU BARBE] crepe.A crepe that can be used like a fashionable cafe and also gives you a feeling of luxury, so you can have a break time between shopping.

A little luxury with a knife and fork.A classic "dish-filled" crepe in France

For Japanese people, crepes should have the image of one-handed sweets that are rolled up with cream and toppings wrapped around the dough.However, the crepe just like in France [RHUBARBE] Crepe, all menus are plate-filled.Please use a knife and fork.Whereas Japanese crepes enjoy variations and combinations of toppings, French crepes are "dough is the main character".Enjoy the chewy texture and flavor of the dough to your heart's content.

Bake it quickly and neatly, and fold it into a fan shape to make a "dish".Layer the toppings on top of the dough in order.There is a moment when you feel French when serving and using the sauce.

Apple and salt caramel "Brittany" or banana and chocolate "banana chocolate"

RHUBARBE] Among the crepes, the most popular ones are "Brittany" and "Banana Chocolat".Topped with apple caramel compote, salted caramel ice cream, and salted caramel sauce, "Brittany" has the acidity of apples, the sweetness of caramel, and the moderately salty taste.3Marriage of one taste."Banana chocolate" topped with banana caramelize and vanilla ice cream, almonds, and chocolate sauce, the bittersweetness of caramelized bananas accentuates the sweetness of other toppings.Both are Japanese dessert crepes that are familiar to Japanese people.If you want to choose a drink to enjoy together, choose the authentic French apple happoshu "Cider". [RHUBARBE] Also has a "non-alcoholic cider", so you can feel French more easily.

Combine apple crepes and apple carbonated drinks to make an apple coupling. "Brittany" (1,400Yen), "Non-alcoholic cider" (800Circle).

The crepe that is loved by a wide range of generations, from children to adults, is "banana chocolate" (1,200Circle).

The contents of the crepe menu "Rhubarb purse wrapping" that represents [RHU BARBE] are open to the public!

One of the most striking items on the dessert menu is the rhubarb purse wrap. [RHUBARBE] It is a cute item that looks like the original.Its contents are cream cheese, cream, homemade rhubarb and framboise jam, and framboise sorbet.4Layered structure.It is a combination that makes you think "It's decided to be delicious!" Just by listening to the contents.After dexterously wrapping it in a drawstring purse, tie it with a bright red ribbon to complete it.Unlike other crepes, you can't see the contents (toppings).The image of bistro and galette is strong [RHUBARBE] However, it is also attractive as a crepe where you can spend a fashionable cafe time.Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays14:00~17:00During that time, it is open as cafe time, so you can add it to your Nagoya Station cafe list.RHUBARBE] Don't forget to enter.

After unraveling the ribbon, the temptation of sweet and sour Franboise from inside. "Rhubarb purse wrap" (1,400Circle).

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