Visit to Dai Nagoya Sweets [Summer Parfait].Check out the summer outfit, the visual director of the sweets world!



The prestigious first installment of the new project "Dai Nagoya Sweets Exploration" that introduces the sweets that can be enjoyed at Dai Nagoya Building by product.We will feature "parfait", which is not an exaggeration to say that it is the king of the sweets world, which naturally raises the tension in both taste and appearance.A sweet temptation unique to parfait, where ice cream, fruit, cream, sauce, etc. are layered and woven in a glass or cup.The taste changes each time you put a spoon, and the fun of eating is also attractive.

The parfait of a tea shop has an elegant finish.The tea scents gently in the glass

B1F |annon tea house

Disseminate the charm of Sri Lanka's finest tea "Mlesna Tea" [annon tea house] The parfait prepared by] is, of course, a specialty that incorporates black tea.The elegant "White Peach Earl Gray Ice Parfait" served in a cocktail glass is made from royal milk tea, strawberries and vanilla.3A luxurious assortment of various types of homemade ice cream.I added a taste accent with tea sauce to put it together [annon tea house] It is a typical menu.again,9Month30"Marron Dolce", which appears only in the summer until Sunday (Friday), is a bittersweet caramel marron granita ice cream topped with homemade vanilla ice cream and pure cream.As you continue to eat, it will have a rich taste like royal milk tea.Both require a one-drink order.After a cold parfait, hot tea is "more tea free".Immerse yourself in the world of Mlesna tea.

White peach Earl Gray ice parfait (with baked goods)1,210Yen * One drink order system (drink fee is not included)

Maron Dolce 1,100Yen * One drink order system (drink fee is not included)

The colorful and cool appearance of the "jelly" that appeals to summer parfaits

B1F | La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie

Using seasonal fruits carefully selected by pastry chefs, we produce beautiful sweets such as tart and cup dessert, which are our signature products [La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie]."Raw Jelly Pafe with white peaches", which is a slightly pink jelly topped with juicy white peaches and sweet and sour berries, has a fresh summer-like appearance and is likely to be liked by a wide range of generations.Even if you don't like sweets, the combination of fruit and jelly will give you a refreshing aftertaste.It is the perfect volume for a dessert after a meal.

Raw Jurepafe of white peach 840Yen

Don't despise it as a barbecue parfait."The Fruit Parfait" featuring seasonal fruits

3F | Meat and Daizen

The parfait of the high-class yakiniku restaurant [Meat and Daizen] specializing in Japanese black beef is a fruit parfait of the leading class that does not fit in the frame of dessert after meals.We use seasonal fruits that are ready to eat, and the main character is fruits.A parfait is prepared as a menu to enjoy the goodness of the ingredients as it is. "Omakase Parfait" can be tailored to your own parfait by selecting and combining the fruits you like from the fruits that arrived that day (1,800Yen ~).plus400A rich Hokkaido premium soft topping is also possible.Also, the name "Seasonal Momo Parfait", which appears only in the peach season, is an appetizing visual with peaches lavishly presented.It is "The Fruit Parfait" because it is [Meat and Daizen] that is particular about fruits.

"Omakase Parfait" (1,800Yen ~).The photo is an example of a combination of watermelon and melon (2,800Circle).The fruits you can choose will change depending on the arrival of the day.

"Seasonal peach parfait" (1,800Circle).You can also order only the parfait without eating grilled meat or steak.Parfait prices are subject to change depending on purchasing conditions.

Custom-made by combining cold drinks with toppings and feeling like a "layered" parfait

5F | Tully's Coffee

Introducing a custom drink of [Tully's Coffee] as a parfait extra edition. At [Tully's Coffee], whipped cream and ice cream (whipped cream and ice cream) are added to drinks for a plus fee.T'sYou can make an original drink by topping it with ice cream) like a parfait.For example, strawberry cheese tart ice cream is added to the "espresso shake" where the deep richness of espresso extracted by the barista spreads throughout the mouth.Original drink "Chocolate" with a refreshing taste while keeping the richness of chocolate®Is topped with Uji green tea ice cream.All for cold drinks5Just put a variety of ice cream on it and your drink will turn into a sweet.In addition, some people are enjoying further personality customs by boldly topping food menus such as cookies and donuts.

"Chocolate®"(Tall675Yen/Left photo), "Espresso Shake" (tall 650Yen/Photo right).Whipped cream(+66Yen), ice cream (+165When topping (yen), "chocolate star"®"(906Yen), "Espresso Shake" (881Circle)

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