[2022 edition] Christmas at Dai Nagoya Building. Surrounded by “Tokimeki” items and sweets



Fashion goods that incorporate gorgeous colors and patterns, and cakes and candies that look cute.A large collection of “heart-throbbing” items and sweets from the Dai Nagoya Building that will enhance your Christmas mood.Just wear it, eat it, and have a heart-warming time for you.We also have items that are candidates for Christmas gifts.

Nishio Matcha Christmas Latte Espresso (each630Circle)

B1F | Saijoen Matcha Cafe

Christmas version of "Matcha latte espresso" using matcha tea and charcoal roasted espresso.The green of matcha, the white of white chocolate, and the red of ruby ​​chocolate and raspberries make it a visually pleasing drink.The chocolate and espresso flavors are strong, so even those who don't like the bitterness of matcha can enjoy it.

<Period> ~12Month25until the day

Xmas limited!red and white gem set (2,900Circle)

B1F | Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten

An assortment of strawberry daifuku made with rare white strawberries and bright red ripe strawberries.Its special beauty is like a jewel.It is also a fun set to eat and compare white strawberries with a refreshing sweetness and red strawberries with a rich flavor.Enjoy the beauty of the cross section using the special "mochi cutting thread".

<Period>12Month10Sunday (Sat) -12Month25Sun (Sun)

コ レ ク シ ョ ン243 /Louis Roederer [750ml] (8,800Circle)

B1F | Wine Shop Enoteca

From 20193World's Most Admired Champagne Brand for Years in a Row20221A self-confidence product of the prestigious Maison "Louis Roederer" that continues to reign in the ranks.Fresh, complex and dry, Champagne is the perfect accompaniment to a special evening.

<Period> ~12Month31Until Sunday (Saturday)

Christmas raw chocolate (580yen), Christmas white berries (580Circle)

B1F | Cum Tart

Cacao67“Christmas Raw Chocolate” where you can enjoy a luxurious taste of XNUMX% fruity raw chocolate, and “Christmas White Berry” with sour raspberry jelly hidden in white chocolate mousse.for Christmas only2A variety of tarts will appear.

<Period>11Month19Sunday (Sat) -12Month25Date (Sun) Schedule

Luminous Christmas Lollipop (each1,280Circle)

B1F | Pub blur

The ever-popular glowing lollipop has been powered up.In addition to the standard snowman and Santa, a new Christmas tree will appear this year.Cute and unique friends will liven up your Christmas party.

<Period> ~12Month25Until Sunday (Sunday) ※ It will end as soon as it runs out

Tart phrase [diameter16cm] (6,480Circle)

B1F | La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie

A Christmas tart made with plenty of bright red domestic strawberries.Sweet and juicy strawberries are covered with sweet and sour raspberries and fragrant vanilla cream.Rich berry cream and chocolate crunch are good accents.

<Period>12Month23Sunday (Friday) ~12Month25Sun (Sun)

Family Crouton Cube “Matcha Chocolate” Flavor (832Circle)

B1F | Good thing Bread / Family croutons

Rich matcha from Nishio, Aichi Prefecture, is mixed with mellow white chocolate to create a smooth, flavorful matcha chocolate that melts in your mouth.The crispy croutons are wrapped in rich matcha chocolate, and the taste is so delicious that you won't be able to stop eating it.It is a perfect dish for a tea break.

<Period> ~12Month25Until Sunday (Sunday) ※ It will end as soon as it runs out

Shamay sparkling juice [white grape, red grape, apple each750 ml](each746Circle)

B1F | Seijo Ishii

Discerning sparkling juice directly imported by Seijo Ishii.Fruit juice without sugar100%, you can enjoy the natural and refreshing sweetness of the fruit.If you pour it into your favorite glass, the popping bubbles will lift your spirits.

Strawberry and berry hot cake (1,650Circle)

B1F |annon tea house

annon tea house] For the hot cake of the signboard product, seasonally limited"Strawberry and berry hotcake” is now available. A special fluffy hotcake is served with homemade strawberry ice cream, seasonal berries, and strawberry tea sauce. Spend a sweet and sour tea time with strawberries and berries. Let's see.

<Period>11Month25Sunday (Friday) ~12Month25Sun (Sun)

Round Yoichoko Bread [2Individual] (340Circle)

B1F | Good thing Bread / Family croutons

A lot of organic bitter chocolate is kneaded into the chewy bread dough.When you take a bite, the bitter sweetness of chocolate spreads throughout your mouth.Affordable size and easy to eat, perfect for snacks and breakfast.

<Period> ~12Month25Until Sunday (Friday)

Powder Snow Moon [Honey Cheese Ohagi] (240Yen), Mitsuki [An butter ohagi] (220Circle)

B1F |Ohagi3

The ohagi “Konasetsugetsu”, which looks like soft powdery snow has fallen, has a blissful taste with the saltiness of the cheese and the sweetness of the honey that melts in your mouth.On the other hand, lightly toasted glutinous rice and mellow butterOhagi3“Mitsuki” wrapped in special red bean paste is a Ohagi that is reminiscent of Nagoya’s specialty “Ogura Toast”.

<Period>12Month1Sunday (Thursday) ~12Month25Sun (Sun)

WONDER SHIELD limited time package (4,180Circle)

ThreeF|Beauty Tune Shiseido

A special treatment that maintains the beauty of returning to the salon.Color fading, gloss reduction, stiffness, dryness, spread, etc.7Protects hair from external stress.3On the day1Please come to the special care of the times.I will love my hair more than yesterday1It is a book.

<Period> ~12Month25until the day

*Limited quantity sales

Heart Up Air-FlexMetal series [BT 5866] (9,900Circle)

B1F | Heart Up Vision Square

Eyewear with a trendy frame design and color that can be used like an accessory.In addition, the front is made of "engineering plastic" with excellent heat resistance, and the temples are made of "β-titanium", which is gentle on the skin and has corrosion resistance.Because it is also super lightweight, it is an item that combines practicality and modeling beauty.

*Limited quantity sales

MEN〉Star Dot Crew Socks[25~27cm](each2,530Circle)【MEN


A pop design with star patterns arranged in dots.One of the points is the big star woven into the bottom of the sock that you can see when you take off your shoes.Socks that will brighten your mood just by wearing them are perfect for yourself or as a gift for someone you care about.

cashmere100% muffler (each13,200Circle)

B1F | Maker's Shirt Kamakura

fine cashmere100% woven <ASCOTcompany> muffler.The moist and sticky texture keeps the heat from escaping around the neck.A standard design that brings out the elegant luster of the fabric and can be incorporated into a wide range of styles from casual to business.1It is a book.

*Limited quantity sold in red

tabio〉Dog Raw Crew Socks (each1,540Circle)

B1F |tabio

With the meaning of "cutie"MON AMOUR” is embroidered on the socks.The fabric is made with plenty of wool and acrylic, so it will keep you warm all the way to your toes.Men's sizes are also available, so we recommend wearing them in pairs.

*Limited quantity sales

<Casio> G-SHOCK [GM-2100G-1A9JF] (30,800 yen)

2F | JR Nagoya Takashimaya Watch Maison

"G-SHOCKA black & gold model appears in the metal covered series of ".Strong black and high-quality gold create your own brilliance.The contrast of black and gold creates the brilliance of metal.


*Some brands are not eligible for coupons.

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