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Dai Nagoya Building specializes in sweets.We researched the best-selling cakes of each store in the Dai Nagoya Building.Announcing the 1st to 3rd best-selling products for each store!As an extra edition, I also checked the sweets ranking of the shops I care about.In addition, we will also deliver Christmas cake information for 2022, which is still in time.After all, everyone loves cake.

[Kyumu Tart / No. 1] Orange & Pistachio (520 yen)

With the theme of “a memorable Japanese tart,” [Queum Tart] offers slightly sweet tarts for adults.Among many items1The most popular one is “Orange & Pistachio”.Green creme damand mixed with pistachio paste appears from under the orange (confit) slices that are about the same size as the tart.It is now like an icon of [Kyumu Tart].

[Kyumu Tart / 2nd Place] Milk Tea Mousse (520 yen)

followed by the2The place is "milk tea mousse".A thin layer of white chocolate coats the milk tea mousse inside the tart.The inside of the tart fabric is also coated with white chocolate, so the crispy texture of the fabric is maintained.Earl Gray tea leaves sprinkled on the surface give it a stylish finish.

[Kyumu Tart / 3rd place] Strawberry and chocolate mousse (580 yen)

Finally No.3The place is "Miso and chocolate mousse".A rich chocolate mousse with a fruity, sweet and sour raspberry sauce.Here, the inside of the tart dough is coated with chocolate.You can enjoy the gradation of the texture of the mousse and dough.A dish where you can once again realize the good compatibility of chocolate and berry acidity.

[Kyumu Tart] 2022 Christmas cake information

"Black berries, chocolate and pistachio" is a combination of chocolate and pistachio mousse with blueberries and blackberries. Kyumu Tart] It is a Christmas cake full of creativity.All including "rum raisin" which sandwiches ganache with rum-soaked raisins in a butter-scented sable3Currently accepting reservations for types.

Blackberry, chocolate and pistachio [4issue/About diameter12cm] (4,600Circle)

Red berries, black tea, and vanilla [4issue/About diameter12cm] (4,800Circle)

<Reservation acceptance period>2022Years11Month19Sunday (Saturday) ~ * Reception ends as soon as the limited number of reservations is reached

<Over-the-counter pick-up period>2022Years12Month23Sunday (Friday) ~12Month25Sun (Sun)

<Reservation method> [Kyumu Tart Dai Nagoya Building Store] Reception at store or by phone

<Products for sale> Black berries, chocolate and pistachio [4issue/About diameter12cm] (4,600circle), red berries, black tea and vanilla [4issue/About diameter12cm] (4,800yen), rum raisins [4issue/About diameter12cm] (4,800yen) * Only "Lamb Raisin" can be delivered frozen

[Apple Pie Kotaro / 1st place] Apple pie with custard cream (1 yen per piece)

Apple pie specialty store [Apple Pie Kotaro] from Kamakura1The place is still the signboard product "Custard cream apple pie".The combination of sweet and soft boiled apples and plenty of custard cream is a dish loved by adults and children of all ages. It is no exaggeration to say that when you go to [Apple Pie Kotaro], you should start with this.

[Apple Pie Kotaro/2nd Place] Classic Apple Pie (1 yen per piece)

First2The place is "classic apple pie".As the name suggests, it is an apple pie with a traditional rustic look and taste."The simple is the best" finish, with domestic apples boiled down with cinnamon, fresh cream, and butter, wrapped in homemade pie crust and baked.The pleasantly fragrant cinnamon makes you feel like a nostalgic apple pie.

[Apple Pie Kotaro / 3rd Place] Basque Cheese Apple Pie (1 yen per piece)

First3The first place is the “creative apple pie” unique to a specialty store.The name "Basque Cheese Apple Pie" is made by combining rich cheese dough using brown sugar and boiled down apples to create a basque cheesecake-like fragrant surface.The bitterness of Basque, the sweetness and sourness of cheese, and the sourness of apples are layered.

[Apple Pie Kotaro] 2022 Christmas cake information

[Apple Pie Kotaro] also has Christmas limited products.Rich almond cream covered with plenty of ripe strawberries, a luxurious "ripe strawberryXmasApple pie", the sweetness of white chocolate complements the acidity of strawberries.2022Strawberry pie should make your mood even more exciting this Christmas.

<Reservation acceptance period>2022Years12Month1Sunday (Thursday) ~12Month10(Sat)

<Over-the-counter receipt/over-the-counter sales period>2022Years12Month1Sunday (Thursday) ~12Month25Sun (Sun)

<Reservation method> [Apple Pie Kotaro Dai Nagoya Building] Reception at the store

<Products for sale> Ripe strawberriesXmasApple pie (piece 658Circle, hall5,264Circle)

[La Maison ensoleil table patisserie / No. 1] Plenty of seasonal fruit tart (890 yen)

No. XNUMX of [La Maison Ensoleil Table Patisserie], which specializes in fresh fruit tarts using carefully selected fruits1The place is "seasonal plenty of fruit tart".11Until the end of the month, the “Seasonal Plenty of Fruit Tarts ~ Shine Muscat ~” featuring fragrant Shine Muscat will be displayed in the showcase.12What will appear on the moon?I'm already looking forward to it.

*Prices vary depending on the season.

[La Maison ensoleil table patisserie / 2nd place] Strawberry tart (890 yen)

Strawberries are a constant favorite in the tart world.No.2“Strawberry tart” ranked in.An orthodox tart with layers of strawberries, whipped cream, plain sponge, homemade strawberry jam, and custard tart.That is why it has gained support from a wide range of generations.2It may be a must-buy tart as it ranks.

[La Maison ensoleil table patisserie / 3rd place] Strawberry and raw chocolate tart (930 yen)

Finally No.3The place is "strawberry and raw chocolate tart".This is also a strawberry product.It's the raw chocolate that will be the opponent.A brownie tart topped with rich ganache cream and topped with melt-in-your-mouth raw chocolate and strawberries.The crunchy texture of caramel nuts is also an accent.Strawberries and chocolate are a perfect match.

[La Maison ensoleil table patisserie] 2022 Christmas cake information

From luxurious whole tarts with strawberries as the main character, to cute cakes arranged like [La Maison ensoleil table patisserie] of "Buche de Noel", Dai Nagoya Building store has everything.4You can reserve a kind of Christmas cake.Over-the-counter receipt12Month23Sunday (Friday) ~12Month25day (day)3days.Make reservations fast.

Tart Phrase [Diameter approx.16cm] (6,480Circle)

Tart chocolate [diameter approx.16cm] (5,800Circle)

<Reservation acceptance period> ~2022Years12Month18until the day

<Over-the-counter pick-up period>2022Years12Month23Sunday (Friday) ~12Month25Sun (Sun)

<How to make a reservation> [La Maison Ensoleil Table Patisserie Dai Nagoya Building] Store orDedicated online storeReception at

<Products for Sale> Tart Phrase [Diameter approx.16cm] (6,480circle), tart chocolate [diameter approx.16cm] (5,800yen), bouche de chocolate blanc [12×8cm] (4,300yen), Bush de chocolate berry [12×8cm] (4,300yen)12Month24Sun (Sat)・25Sun (Sun) only.

<Extra edition> [Papabubble / 1st place] Fruit mix (560 yen)

As an extra, check out the best-selling ranking of the Spanish art candy specialty store [Papabuble].No.1Art Candy's representative product "Fruit Mix" ranked in at the top. It is a perfect product to enjoy the world view of [Papabubure].Colorful, pop, and unique design, check out the charm of art candy first with "Fruit Mix".

<Extra edition> [Papabubble / 2nd place] Bubblets 15 pieces (1,740 yen)

followed by the2Gummy "Bubblez" that looks like a jewel.It has gained a lot of fans as a unique gummy that satisfies both gummy lovers and jelly lovers, with a fruity and sticky texture like real fruit.all15"Bubbles" where you can enjoy various flavors15"Individual" is a product that is also recommended as a gift because of its gorgeous appearance.

<Extra edition> [Papabubble / 3rd place] Milk Rocky Road (Hall 790 yen, Mini 410 yen)

The “Rocky Road” sweets, which are chocolate mixed with marshmallows and nuts,3Appeared in rank. "Rocky Road" from [Papabubble] has a crunchy crepe dough "Fiantine" mixed in the chocolate part, so it has a crispy texture.The chewy marshmallows and the crunchy pecans make for a fun-to-eat “rich” combination of textures.

<Extra edition> [Papabubble] 2022 Christmas popular products No. 1 to No. 3

[Papabubure] is also characterized by many limited products that match the season and event.Here, we will also introduce the ranking of limited products that are gaining popularity during the Christmas season.No.1The place is "Strawberry Shortcake Rocky Road".The bab is put here and there in the image of the sourness of strawberries, so it's very popular because you can eat it without getting tired of it.No.2Champagne yoghurt-flavored gummy chocolates that are Christmas-like, No.3“Ornament”, which is a cube filled with art candy, ranked in the top.

From left to right in the photo1Ranked "Strawberry Shortcake Rocky Road" (Hall 880circle, mini 460yen), No.2Ranked "Gummy Chocolate Champagne Yogurt" (340yen), No.3"Ornament" (1,680Circle)

<Extra Edition> [CHARLIE'S/1st place] Custard pudding (580 yen) *Eat-in only

A grocery store with rare and rare items carefully selected by buyers from Japan and around the world.CHARLIE'S] I was also interested in the popular eat-in sweets ranking at the cafe, so I checked it.No.1“Custard pudding” ranked in on the recent retro pudding boom.The nostalgic “solid pudding” has gained citizenship among the younger generation.

<Extra Edition> [CHARLIE'S/2nd Place] Dutch Baby [Chocolate Berry] (1,380 yen) *Eat-in only

First2The first place is the pancake "Dutch Baby" that is baked using a skillet.about15The dough, which has been carefully cooked in the oven for a minute, feels like a shoe leather.As soon as it is baked, it is topped with couverture chocolate ice cream and homemade berry sauce to create a hot and cool hot and cold collaboration sweet.Fully enjoy the deliciousness of the crispy outside and moist inside.

<Extra Edition> [CHARLIE'S/3rd place] Macadamia nut pancake (980 yen) *Eat-in only

CHARLIE'S] Speaking of pancakes, "Macadamia nut pancakes".It is a proud product using a secret recipe that was finally obtained after going to a popular store in Hawaii.In addition to the pancakes that are slowly baked on a copper plate, the macadamia nut sauce is also made to order.The secret to its deliciousness is the “fresh feeling” that is not prepared ahead of time.

▶“The Dai Nagoya Building also has special pancakes” article Click here for more information.

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