If you're looking for pancakes at Nagoya Station, you'll find popular shops in the Dai Nagoya Building



[Tully's Coffee] "Pure maple and butter pancake"

If you're looking for pancakes at Nagoya Station, don't forget Dai Nagoya Building.“Pancakes” are one of the most popular cafe sweets.Of course, the Dai-Nagoya Building also has a variety of “special” fluffy pancakes (hotcakes) that add the uniqueness of each shop.We will introduce 5 kinds of carefully selected pancakes.

You think you know, but you really don't? ! What is the difference between "pancake" and "hotcake"?

The name "pancake" suddenly gained citizenship due to the big boom a few years ago.So what's different from the familiar "hot cake"?can you explain?Actually, "pancake" and "hotcake" refer to exactly the same dish.In English, "pancake (bread cake)” refers to cakes in general that are baked in a frying pan or pan. The name "hotcake" is said to have originated from the pancakes that were served as "hat cakes" in Tokyo's department store cafeterias during the Meiji period. Japanese English.Materials and manufacturing methods are almost the same.However, "hot cake" is not understood in English-speaking countries.Nowadays, there are many shops that dare to call the old-fashioned rustic pancakes "hot cakes".

[annon tea house] Ultimate hot cake (1,320 yen)

B1F |annon tea house

A hot cake that looks like something out of a picture book. [annon tea house] Among the eat-in desserts, the signboard menu is this "ultimate hot cake".Using a special copper plate and mold, approximately20The pancakes are slowly baked for a minute and have an ideal fluffy feeling.If you put plenty of special earl gray tea sauce on it, you will feel nostalgic, but [annon tea house】 You can enjoy a “only here” hotcake with a unique tea essence.Have an elegant tea time with moi tea free tea.

*For dessert menu orders,1A drink order is required.

The “ultimate hotcake” is characterized by its retro appearance, like the hotcake that everyone imagines (1,320Circle).

1225For a limited time only until Sunday (Sunday), "Strawberry and Berry Hotcake" with homemade strawberry ice cream, seasonal berries, and strawberry tea sauce on "Ultimate Hotcake" (1,650Yen) is also on the menu.

[YURT] Pistachio cream and chocolate pancake (1,300 yen)


DORM] from the pancakes that are gaining popularity due to their overwhelming presence, we will introduce the new “pistachio cream and chocolate pancakes”.French content60It is a rich finish that is irresistible for “chocolate lovers” using homemade chocolate sauce using high cacao chocolate of XNUMX% or more and faintly green pistachio cream.Similarly, the new "Premium Chocolate Smoothie" (880yen) and "hot chocolate" (780Yen) for a luxurious chocolate experience.

"Pistachio cream and chocolate pancake" (1,300Circle).Chocolate x pistachio is a trendy combination.

1225For a limited time until Sunday (Sunday), the arrangement of "Pistachio cream and chocolate pancake" will be a special Christmas specification.

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[CHARLIE'S] Butter rich soufflé pancake (980 yen)


Grocery with items carefully selected by buyers from Japan and overseas [CHARLIE'S】, popular menus such as pudding and cream soda reminiscent of an old-fashioned coffee shop.The pancakes, which have been renewed to match those popular menus, are inspired by hot cakes at coffee shops, but use Echire butter, which is famous as a high-class butter.The dough is finished as a “soufflé” pancake with a chewy texture.The appearance is simple, but the taste is rich. [CHARLIE'S] to the new standard.

"Butter rich soufflé pancake" (980Circle).It is simple and orthodox, with only butter and maple syrup.

[Tully's Coffee] Pure maple and butter pancake (705 yen)

5F | Tully's Coffee

The surface is crispy and fragrant, and the inside is moist and fluffy. [Tully's Coffee]'s pancakes are characterized by their "simplicity" with only maple syrup and butter.The aroma of the original blend maple syrup and butter gently assists the taste of the pancakes.It goes well with a wide variety of espresso and coffee menus.It is a perfect menu for breakfast and brunch, as well as a cafe time dessert.

"Pure maple and butter pancakes" (705Circle).Because it is simple, the flavorful maple syrup stands out.

<Extra Edition> [World Beer Museum] Hot Skillet Belgian Waffle (780 yen)

3F | World Beer Museum

From [World Beer Museum], which has food menus loved by beer powerhouses around the world such as Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom, we introduce classic Belgian sweets.It faithfully reproduces the buttery aroma and crisp texture of pearl sugar, which are the most distinctive features of authentic Belgian waffles, and is served in a hot skillet.The topping ice cream melts moderately, and the sweets that you can enjoy "hot and cold" are completed.The combination of sweet and sour berry sauce is also perfect as a flavor accent.

Classic Belgian sweets are arranged into a “dessert” like a [World Beer Museum]. "Hot skillet Belgian waffles" (780Circle).

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