The cafe [YURT] at Nagoya Station has renewed its menu.The new night cafe time has begun



The versatile cafe [YURT] on the 2nd floor of the Dai Nagoya Building has renewed its menu.Dinner time, when the café shows its true value, has also been enhanced and made more flexible.Whether you want to have a good night's dinner, have a cafe time after dinner, or want to have a drink today, you can of course fulfill any of your goals. [YURT] Let the dinner planning begin.

"Cafe rice" that you can choose according to your mood is a set with soup, salad and drink for +550 yen

First of all, on days when you want to have a solid dinner, don't hesitate to choose the "Dinner Set".There are plenty of main dishes to choose from, such as rice plates with meat as the main dish, filling pizza, pasta, and gratin.2You can also come up with an idea to order two different menus and share them.For example, choosing pasta and pizza and splitting them in half is no longer the norm.All of the menus are full of ideas unique to cafes that are “slightly different” from others, such as the combination of ingredients, sauces and dressings.for all main dishes+550You can have soup, salad, and a drink as a set for one yen.Also, as a snack for those who want to drink a little, there is also a single menu of deli, salad, and fried food available [DORM] is one of the reasons why it is a versatile cafe.

From the rice plate "Tandoori chicken and blue cheese sauce rice plate" (1,680Circle).

"Beef ragu and soft-boiled egg penne gratin" (1,680Circle).

From the pasta menu, "Shrimp and Fried Eggplant Tomato Sauce Pasta" (1,480Circle).

"Margherita Americana" from the pizza menu (1,480Circle).

"Avocado and tandoori chicken salad with nut dressing" from the single salad menu (1.360Circle).

For girls-only gatherings and small parties.There is also a "Casual Plan" that includes an all-you-can-drink option.

The good thing about night cafés is that you can “drink” casually.If you want to drink casually and stylishly in a different mood from an izakaya, [DORM] Choose the "Casual Plan".It is a great value plan that collects only popular menus that go well with alcohol, such as pizza, pasta, and fried chicken.Of course, all-you-can-drink is also available as a set.It is a card (trump card) that you want to remember for parties such as girls' parties and birthday parties, as well as for occasions where you can drink with a group of people.

"Casual Plan" (1people 2,200image of a circle).All-you-can-drink non-alcoholic drinks+1,000Yen, all-you-can-drink including alcohol+1,500Circle.Store stay time120(All-you-can-drink is30last order minutes before).

Of course, the purpose of using the cafe is pancakes."Pancake night cafe set" at night

Of course,【DORM] For those who come for pancakes, pancakes are also available at dinner time.At night, I ordered the "Pancake Night Cafe Set" which comes with a drink.In addition to the most popular pancakes "strawberry and brulee cream pancake", there are also "scorched butter and maple pancakes" and "chocolate and vanilla cacao pancakes". Content that makes you want to order and share. [DORMThe pancakes, which are synonymous with ], are still popular and "different".

"Strawberry and brulee cream pancake" (1,280circle).Drink set is the price of pancake+380circle.The overwhelming "fluffy feeling" that you can see as soon as you insert the knife [DORM] It is a feature of pancakes.

"Burnt butter and maple pancakes" (980Circle).

"Chocolate and vanilla cacao pancakes" (1,180Circle).

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