A spice menu that pleases the body of immunity that you want to eat at the turn of the season



At the turn of the season, when you tend to get sick, a diet that boosts immunity is the best!Warm your body from the inside with chili peppers and ginger, and increase your appetite with fragrant spices.Introducing spicy dishes that permeate your tired body.

"Gapao Rice" of "Spice Lip" that involves fresh pepper and special sauce

Staff recommendation "Gapao Rice"(1,210Yen)..An appetizing dish with a spicy scent that drifts in the steam.

"Spice Lip" is a bistro-style way to enjoy Thai and Asian cuisine that uses plenty of local spices.In the signboard menu "Gapao Rice",5There is plenty of minced chicken fried with spices and a special sauce that is a blend of various sauces.If you mix and eat fried egg with half-lived yolk and jasmine rice, you can feel the refreshing spiciness of the complex spices coming out of your nose.

A special sauce that is the decisive factor for the taste.Thai soy sauce, shoe dam, oyster sauce that enhances the flavor of seafood, etc.5A unique combination of different sauces.

Put onions, peppers, paprika and minced chicken in a well-heated pan and fry over high heat.Add special sauce, chili pepper, and dried holy basil.The point is to mix quickly and evenly to accentuate the aroma of the spices.Also, if you want to match it with "Gapao Rice", the fried chicken "Guy Toad" (which has a refreshing flavor)660Yen)Is recommended.Chef Katsuo Omiya, who is known as a heavyweight of Western food, took a young man to eat around Thailand and pursued it.

Chili peppers are purchased raw and crushed at the store.By keeping the freshness, it can be used for cooking without spoiling the aroma and flavor.The spiciness is0~3For up to4You can choose from the stages.

"Gapao Rice" that you can enjoy for lunch, dinner, or takeout(Take out1,100Yen)..Immerse yourself in the feeling of traveling to the local area while feeling the taste of the special spices and special sauces.

* 3F "Spice Lip" has closed

Speaking of spicy food that Nagoya is proud of!You know "Misen" "Taiwan ramen"

Signboard menu "Taiwan ramen" (700Circle).The special minced meat with the spiciness and umami of chili and garlic is addictive.

Needless to say, Nagoya's famous "Taiwan ramen".Of course, the decisive factor for the taste is the spicy special minced meat that is placed on top of the noodles.It is made by heating oil in a large wok, entwining a large amount of coarsely chopped pepper and garlic when frying minced meat, and stir-frying.Put the boiled bean sprouts and noodles in a ramen bowl, put raw garlic and special minced meat on it, and pour chicken glass soup, and it's done.The flavor of chili and garlic that has penetrated into the special minced meat melts into the soup, making it a spicy soup with a strong flavor.

A special minced meat made only from minced meat, chili and garlic.By pouring the soup, the appetizing aroma spreads.

The noodles are crisp, medium-thick straight noodles.The soup and chili peppers are tightly entwined.

"Taiwan bowl" with the same minced meat as "Taiwan ramen" (770Circle).

If you want to taste the spiciness of the special minced meat directly, check out the "Taiwan bowl" with the same special minced meat as the "Taiwan ramen".This is a dish of white rice topped with a large amount of green onions and special minced meat, mixed with eggs and eaten. It is also recommended to set it with "Taiwan ramen" and enjoy the difference in taste.

You can only eat it now! "Roman XNUMX-chome" "Chicken minced peperoncino cumin style"

"Peperoncino cumin style of minced chicken" with an ethnic feeling like curry (1,200Circle).5Month21This is a dinner-only menu until Sunday (Friday).

"Rome XNUMX-chome" is popular for its chef's original and dynamic Italian cuisine.This spring, "Chicken minced peperoncino cumin style" will be available only for dinner.The spices used are the chili pepper "Peperoncino Intero", which is called bird's eye and has a sharp and small size, and whole cumin, which has an Indian-style scent that goes well with meat dishes.As the name suggests, Peperoncino Intero is an indispensable spice for Italian cuisine, and even a small amount can express a strong spiciness and aroma.This time, we will make an oil base by frying with plenty of olive oil, garlic and whole cumin.

Add whole cumin to the olive oil, chili and garlic sauces, which are the cornerstones of Peperoncino, to create an appetizing flavor.

The scent of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, which is sprinkled at the end, also stimulates the appetite.

In addition to spices, "Chicken minced peperoncino cumin style" contains colorful parsley, petit tomatoes, flavored white wine, arugula, and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.The noodles use spaghetti, which is suitable for the simple taste of oil.Please try the unique taste that you can't imagine from the appearance.

Supper limited menu "Finished in Whole Parmigiano cheese!! "Original cheese risotto" (1,500 yen).

Also, "Finish in whole Parmigiano cheese!! The original cheese risotto is also a limited menu that will end as soon as it runs out.Using giant Parmigiano cheese, it is a fun dish with a live feeling of finishing in front of you.Have a wonderful dinner at "Roma Sanchome", which has a special menu unique to this season!

"Shrimp scented stir-fried" of "Chen Mapo tofu" fried with Sichuan chili pepper "Asaten 辣椒"

Dinner limited menu "stir-fried shrimp scent" (1,680Circle).Please note that chili peppers are for flavoring and cannot be eaten!

With its main store in Sichuan, China, "Chen Mapo Tofu" is loved as a restaurant where you can enjoy traditional Sichuan cuisine."Mapo tofu" is attracting attention as a restaurant that originated from mapo tofu, but the "stir-fried fragrance" series is secretly popular among Sichuan cuisine lovers. "Chouten Rajo" is a dish that uses whole seeds of chili peppers native to Sichuan, China, and consists of beef, chicken, and shrimp.3Expand types.It is a luxurious dish that uses a large amount of chili peppers so that you can think that there are more chili peppers than you can eat.

The amount of chili pepper used in one plate is the amount of a handful of men's big hands!First, lightly sprinkle flour and fry with the fried shrimp.

After transferring the spiciness and aroma of chili peppers to the shrimp, add homemade chili oil to add more richness.By combining chili pepper and chili oil separately, you can bring out the umami.

The ingredients are simple with only shrimp and leaf garlic.Homemade chili oil contains plenty of sesame and garlic.

What should be noted is that although it contains a large amount of chili peppers, it is only "stir-fried with aroma" and is not as spicy as it looks.If you enjoy the fragrant crispy texture of the shrimp surface and the savory taste of the shrimp, the gentle spiciness will follow you later.A dish that uses morning pepper with a refreshing scent and spiciness that is cleaner than hawk's claws will surely make you sick once you eat it! This item is recommended for those who are not good at "Mapo tofu" because it is too spicy.

Enjoy it with your hands! "Cajun Club" of "World Beer Museum"

5Limited menu "Cajun Club" until the end of the month (3,500Circle).

The spring-only menu at the World Beer Museum, where you can enjoy beer from around the world and international cuisine, is the Cajun Club, which mixes Cajun seasoning and paprika powder and bake with snow crab.Cajun is a dish that uses plenty of spicy spices, which is said to have originated in the southern United States. At the "World Beer Museum", flambé with brandy is added at the end to create a deeper taste.

Cajun Seasoning (left), which has a strong garlic and onion scent, and paprika powder (right), which gives an appetizing color.Sprinkle when baking snow crab and use brandy (back) to finish.

Snow crab with plenty of spices.Snow crab has a delicate meat quality and a strong sweetness and umami, so you can enjoy a taste that is comparable to spices.

From the left, Germany's "Frensburger Pilsner", Thailand's "Singha", Czech "Pilsner Urquell", Indonesia's "Balihai", Vietnam's "Barber Bar", Jamaica's "Red Stripe".

A refreshing beer such as pilsner goes well with spicy and umami dishes! Enjoy the world travel feeling with overseas beer unique to the "World Beer Museum".

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