I visited Tonkatsu [Katsuretsu MATUMURA] made by a French chef.



It used to be a French restaurant called [Maison Lupine Murat], but in March 2020 it was reopened as a Tonkatsu specialty store.To taste the pork cutlet that can be made there because it is such a French chef!Get hungry completely and go out! !!

Written by Yoshiko Date

The luxurious appearance is very nice.table6Seats and counters4All seats10Seat.

Click here for the evening menu.

Drinks are also substantial.

I ordered"Yukimuro Aged Pork Fillet Low Temperature Cutlet150g ”3080With a circle"Yukimuro Aged Pork Fillet Low Temperature Cutlet100g ”2640Circle.cutletMATUMURAThis menu is Mr.'s specialty.It is called "Yukimuro Aging" because it is dry-aged in the natural refrigerator "Yukimuro".

Before the main comes out"Parmigiano and breaded galette"..The taste of cheese is strong and the sake goes on, which is unique to a French chef.

It's about time for the meat to come, so please set the rice in the clay pot, miso soup, and pickles.1What a luxury rice cooked in a clay pot for each person.Rice is specialARank Hokkaido "Nanatsuboshi".It is a variety known for its moderate sweetness and deliciousness even when cooled.There is also a special dressing for cabbage.

And then, the long-awaited cutlet appeared ~

This is"Yukimuro Aged Pork Fillet Low Temperature Cutlet150g "

And here is"Yukimuro Aged Pork Fillet Low Temperature Cutlet100g "

Cutlets fried at low temperature for a long time.I am impressed by the beautiful pink cross section.First of all, please do not attach anything.

The batter is crispy and light, and the meat is exquisitely rare.This is the first cutlet with such a soft and gentle texture! !!The umami is tightly confined, and the gravy spreads in your mouth.Then, you can enjoy it while changing the taste with mustard and aged sudachi ponzu, salt of Maldon, and homemade Worcestershire sauce attached to the plate.Personally, I recommend you to fully enjoy the taste of fillet with salt!

Now, 〆 is Ochazuke.There is a small cutlet on the right edge of the plate2There is one, and at the end you can have it with the soup stock! "Lightly"" Thick "Tonkotsu soup stock that you can choose from.The condiments vary depending on the soup stock you choose!I "Lightly"I chose.Put the cutlets on top and sprinkle plenty of soup stock to spice it up.

I was full by now, but this is another one!I want to refill.Lol

The dessert is yogurt sorbet.It refreshes your mouth.Please enjoy the special cutlets made by the French chef.


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