Only one cup at the end of work.Let's have a quick drink and go home



Only one cup at the end of work.On nights when you really want to drink, the current rule is to drink alone.That's why I want to choose and drink a cup that I will never remove.We asked each store in Nagoya DINING the question, "What is the recommended cup for drinking alone?"I will introduce it with the best sake for that cup.

Goshun Ikeda Sake (glass 700 yen, sake bottle 1,200 yen)

The Osaka-born robatayaki izakaya "Namihana Robata Hakaku" chooses sake from the same country."Goshun Ikeda Sake" is a masterpiece of Goshun Sake Brewery that still preserves its taste in Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture, which prospered as a famous brewery during the Edo period.Growing up in close contact with the “food” of Osaka, this one is a liquor that you won't get tired of with little habit, and will be close to a wide range of dishes.Today's sake is homemade "Namero"."Goshun Ikeda Sake" should gently wrap the rich flavor of the fish that spreads in your mouth.

Not only for sake, but also for rice.Condiments and miso enhance the taste of horse mackerel. "Let's lick" (600Circle).

Miyazaki Highball (550 yen)

"Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku" is a collection of gourmet foods that represent Miyazaki Prefecture.Recommended for drinking alone1What appeared as a cup was "Miyazaki Highball," which bears the name "Miyazaki" straight.Fully open potato soul!This using the authentic sweet potato shochu "Ganko Shochu shop"1The cup features an overwhelming smoky reminiscent of whiskey.When it comes to it, it goes without saying that it is a well-known man-made style "thigh meat charcoal-grilled".A "parent chicken" that emphasizes chewyness or a "young chicken" that has a soft meat quality (1,370Yen)?Choose the person you like.

"Mansaku-shiki thigh meat charcoal-grilled <young chicken>" (1,370Circle)."Mansaku-shiki thigh charcoal-grilled <parent chicken>" that is more chewy than young chickens (1,780Yen) is also available.

Full amount of potato shochu "Ichikokusha" fragrant carbonated bottle (500ml 1,320 yen)

From this store, which inherits the tradition of the well-established "Motsunabe Sachi" that represents the Motsunabe restaurant, it is refreshing for the summer.1Select a cup.potato100%, A special bottle of potato shochu "Ikkomon", which has a gorgeous scent like potatoes and a refreshing taste, and is split into carbonic acid to make the scent even more pronounced.500 ml) Delivered to the table.You can enjoy drinking alone more easily at a great price.At this time of year, try the seasonal scent with "Kirishima Kurobuta and Rape blossom spring roll garlic sauce".

"Spring roll of Kirishima black pork and rape blossoms with garlic sauce" (858Yen) sales period2021Years4Month28Sunday (Wednesday) ~5Month11Until Sunday (Tuesday). You can choose either "Ichikokusha" or "Ikkisha Scented White Potato" for the sweet potato shochu in the "Scented Carbonated Bottle".

Kozaemon <Junmai Ginjo> Sparkling (748 yen)

A selection of pure rice sake60"Washoku Saketei Kanda Sakuma", which has more than one type, chose "Kozaemon", which is proud of Nakajima Brewery in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture.Miyama Nishiki's Junmai Ginjo, "Kosaemon" drawn with a cassotte, in the coming season when it gets hot1With sparkling (slightly foamed) that is ideal as a cup.The refreshingness of the throat, the fragrance that is accentuated by the slight foaming ... You should feel the ease of drinking that is different from the usual sake.Immerse yourself in the luxury of fragrance while pinching cream cheese with the flavor of miso.

"Miso-zuke of cream cheese" (748Circle).Enjoy the marriage of rich cheese and miso flavor with the refreshing aroma of sake.

Hazama Sake Brewery Enayama <Junmai Sake> (770 yen)

Sake is an entry from "Kobe Rokkodo Gyunta", which develops its own teppanyaki menu born in Amagasaki, Hyogo Prefecture.Enayama, a pure rice sake produced by Hazama Sake Brewery in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture, is a world-famous wine competition.IWC2016It is one that won the silver medal at.It features a fruity ginjo aroma and a pleasant taste.If you want to match it, select "Ikasujikon" from the iron plate grilled menu.The beef tendon of Wagyu beef is plentiful, and the texture of squid and konjac is also a fun menu.

Limited quantity of "Ikasujikon" (1,078Circle).Among the teppanyaki meat dishes, it is a menu with a high order rate of "teppanyaki".

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