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Written by Toshiyuki Otake

First of all, the goodness of the material is simplified with the Omakase set

"If you like delicious yakitori, click here!"By the time such a reputation was heard, Real was always full.Founded10It's been about a year, but the evaluation among the bar lovers in Nagoya is already solid.

I've been to Fujigaoka and Hoshigaoka stores several times, but Dai Nagoya Building's "Real"greatIs my first visit.Commercial facility1As it is the first store, the signboard is flashy and fashionable compared to the previous stores!However, the live feeling and lively atmosphere of grilling skewers in front of the counter is the same as the sister stores I have visited so far.

There are several sets of yakitori, leave it to us4Seed x2Our=8I ordered a Raoul set of books (many of the names reflect the hobbies of owners who like overseas soccer. The store name is from Real Madrid. Other menus are Zidane set, Ronaldo set, etc.).The part is a choice from the recommendation of the day, but it is safe because it will check in advance if there is something you are not good at.When I was pinching a cold tofu (Nagakute / Tomita Tofu store Nagoya Torofu Tofu. This is also chewy and delicious!) With craft beer, it was freshly baked over the counter saying "Hatsu, please!" ..The heart, which leaves a little rare feeling, is elastic and juicy!After that, gizzards, sesame seeds, and yuzu pepper will come out at just the right time.

The skewer menu that took a lot of effort expands your choice of sake

After the set where you can simply enjoy the characteristics of the ingredients, we added a skewer menu with a little extra work.Petit tomato genovese with lotus root and a refreshing texture, pork miso sauce with fragrant miso sauce, and refreshing basil.Since the taste is diverse, the range of sake to be combined is widened,2The cup is rosé wine,3The cup is a highball rev heat of sherry that you want to spread when you open a store in Spain in the future.One of the great attractions of this restaurant is that you can enjoy matching yakitori and sake.


I think yakitori is a dish that doesn't make a difference between restaurants because it's simple, but at Real, you can clearly feel a different taste.In addition to the goodness of the material, it is probably because the balance of the trinity is exquisite, with the moderate amount of charcoal being added and the roasting not overcooked, the sauce not overcooked. It makes me think "I want to eat Real Yakitori!" Instead of "Let's go to a yakitori restaurant".

The fluffy rice balls, the adult vanilla ice cream sprinkled with aged sherry, and the desserts and desserts make you feel the effort and ingenuity.It's important that you don't lose satisfaction until the end.

It was a weekday visit, but the inside of the store1From the beginning to the end, there was no interruption in the number of customers, from people to couples to small groups, and it was surrounded by the bustle of a bar.As far as I am glad that the emerging powers that gained popularity in the suburbs show their unchanging charm even at Nagoya Station in the city center and are recognized by many people.Because it's a famous station, it's easy for anyone to invite anyone, and this time with anyone ...As soon as you leave the store, your expectations for the next visit will grow, and this is a proof of a good bar!

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Toshiyuki Otake(Otake Toshiyuki)

A freelance writer living in Nagoya.Disseminate Nagoya information to magazines, newspapers, the Web, etc. He has written many books on food and culture in Nagoya, such as "Nagoya Sakaba" and "Nagoya Jiman". "Toshiyuki Otake's Dera Nagoya Tsushin" is being distributed to Yahoo! News.

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