We visited [Salt Water by David Myers], who is popular for fresh pasta made by an Italian chef.



Written by Yoshiko Date

The interior of the store has a stylish West Coast atmosphere, with a family with a girls-only gathering and children during the day, and a nice lighting that is perfect for a date at night.

In the spacious store, there are table seats, terrace seats, and counter seats, so it seems that you can bother for various purposes.

First of all, toast with white wine.The atmosphere is great! !!

The liquor and soft drink menus were also substantial.

Meal is beef Bresaola 1078Crispy grilled yen, cheese and potatoes 968Yen, spaghetti with tomato sauce of gazami crab 1298I received a yen.

Wait for pasta while enjoying the atmosphere of Bresaola, appetizers, wine and the shop.

The long-awaited pasta!

The gazami crab was buried in the pasta, so when I put it on top, it contained so much!This can be expected ~

The chewy texture of homemade fresh pasta and the tomato sauce with plenty of blue crab flavor go well together! !!delicious~!It was a satisfying dish with a strong gazami crab flavor.

In addition to the gazami crab pasta I received this time, there are sea urchin pasta and black truffle pasta, and I am very much looking forward to which pasta I should have next time because I use different types of pasta for each. 

Please come visit us for a girls-only gathering, lunch with your mom friends, or a date.

It seems that you can use the terrace seats with confidence even at this time.

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Date Yoshiko(Yoshiko Date)

Registered dietitian, model.Representative of Aichi Prefecture, the world's largest beauty pageant "Miss Grand Japan 2020".My hobby is going back and forth between Nagoya and Tokyo, visiting cafes and eating delicious food.

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  • We visited [Salt Water by David Myers], who is popular for fresh pasta made by an Italian chef.