Hot and chilly.After all, I always want to eat cheese!



Hot and mellow cheese, aging flavored cheese, rich and mellow mouthfeel cheese ...Must-see for cheese lovers!We have collected a menu where you can feel the charm of various cheeses.Enjoy cheese gourmet with various flavors for meals and desserts!

"Pate de Campagne of roasted cheese" of "Asakusa Kitchen Omiya" where the arrangement unique to a Western restaurant shines

Enjoy the combination of meat and cheese "Grilled cheese pate de campagne" (770Circle).

In Tokyo Asakusa30Asakusa Kitchen Omiya, a well-known Western restaurant that has been around for over a year, proposes a pate de campagne with moist pork and chicken liver wrapped in bacon, topped with plenty of cheese, and slowly roasted in an oven. Cheese pate de campagne ".The rich taste of the thick cheese entwined with the rustic pate is attractive.The cheese used is shredded cheese, which is attractive for its good growth.It is recommended to combine alcohol with a deep taste such as wine and craft beer.

The cheese menu is extensive for both food and dessert!A cafe that is unbearable for cheese loversDORM'

2Supper limited "You can order by name"DORMWindUFOcheeseBBQchicken"(1,760Circle).

AmericanBBQPopular dishes include dishes that make use of ingredients such as style and deli, and dishes that incorporate the essence of each country.DORM(Yurt) is actually a treasure trove of cheese menus.Crispy fried "DORM"Karaage" is eaten with colorful vegetables such as carrots, red cabbage, and paprika in an iron pan with homemade gochujang sauce, and entwined with cheese warmed around.DORMWindUFOcheeseBBQ"Chicken" allows you to directly taste the taste of cheese andSocial MediaThe shine is perfect.The cheese is a mixture of red cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, and gouda cheese, each with a slightly different flavor, and the sweet gochujang sauce matches the salty cheese, and the chopsticks go on. ..In addition, "Cheese carbonara finished with a large cheese bowl" (1,320Yen) and "Camembert cheese fondue" (1,430Yen), "Torori Raclette Cheese Meat Spaghetti" (1,760There are plenty of cheese-pushing menus such as "Tiramisu" with plenty of Marcarpone, so cheese lovers should check it out.

5Tiramisu with a lineup of types.Clockwise from the front right, "Blueberry Tiramisu" (640Yen), "Banana Tiramisu" (590Yen), "Plain Tiramisu" (510Yen), "Strawberry Tiramisu" (640Yen), "Matcha Tiramisu" (590Circle).It features a light mouthfeel with a layer of fluffy sponge and mascarpone.

Both red and white wines go well! "Assorted recommended cheeses" from "Wine Shop Enoteca"

5"Recommended cheese platter" with various types of cheese and dried figs (770Circle).

"Wine Shop Enoteca" has carefully selected wines from all over the world.In addition to selling a large number of wines, the bar counter in the store offers recommended wines that you can easily drink and fine wines by "Koravan" serve that you can pour without removing the cork to prevent oxidation.In addition, mixed olives, prosciutto, salami, etc. are prepared as snacks that match it.Among them, the "Recommended Cheese Assortment" is red and white because you can enjoy different types of cheese such as Parmigiano Reggiano, Camembert, Manchego, Taleggio, Gorgonzola Picante, blue mold, white mold, and wash with strong fragrance. It is a recommended snack that allows you to choose wine without being trapped.Also enrich Spanish wine and food8Also pay attention to the "Spanish Fair" on the moon.

The "Hot Camambale Italian Cheese Grill" at the "World Beer Museum" is hot and unbearable!

"Hot Camembert Italian Cheese Grill" (970Circle).

The "World Beer Museum" offers beer from around the world and traditional dishes centered on German beer. "Hot Camambale Italian Cheese Grill" is a dish that you can enjoy the texture of Toro Toro by entwining Camambale with tomato sauce heated on an iron plate.It is delicious to eat as it is, but "baguette" (420Yen) and "German traditional pretzels" (530It is also recommended to order (yen) separately and dip it to eat.Needless to say, there are foods that go well with sake. "Buffalo mozzarella cheese and tomato caprese" (1,080Yen) and "Today's Recommended Cheese Assortment" (1,410Circle),"4Seed Cheese Cuatro Formaggio "(1,410There are many must-see menus for cheese lovers such as Yen).

"The gorgeous presentation will make your heart dance"Salt Water by David MyersItalian Salad Caprese

"Caprese of buffalo mozzarella and tricolor petit tomato" (1,188Circle).

Enjoy sake with Italian food, mainly handmade pastaSalt Water by David Myers(Salt Water by David Myers) ". "Caprese of buffalo mozzarella and tricolor petit tomato" is made from Italian buffalo mozzarella cheese, which has a rich milk taste and sweetness, and is eaten with homemade genovese sauce accented with Parmigiano Reggiano and pine nuts. plate.For mozzarella cheese, the trolley and cheese melt when you insert a knife, so please entwin the petit tomato and sauce.It's a cool and cold salad, so try it with sparkling wine on a hot summer day.

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