A lot of beauty points that make women happy! Check out the 3 most popular menus of NEW SHOP "Korean Rice / Sake House Daidai"!



"Korean rice and liquor daidai" has a menu based on the traditional idea of ​​"Yaksik Dougen" that helps you maintain your health by eating healthy ingredients on a daily basis, including "Sundubu".Introducing popular menus along with each beauty point.

"Samgyeopsal", which is a crispy grilled thick-sliced ​​three-piece meat that is eaten with plenty of vegetables

Dinner-only "Samgyeopsal" (1,925Circle).2~3It is recommended to share and eat with people.

"Samgyeopsal" is a specialty dish of the Gyeongju region where you eat three pieces of pork wrapped in leaves with side dishes and condiments. At "Korean Rice / Sake House Daidai", it is baked crispy on an iron plate and served with spicy chopped green onions and kimchi.The seasoning is sesame salt sauce or sweet and spicy miso sauce "Samjan" made by mixing miso and gochujang.It is a dish with a good balance of meat and vegetables.

"Sundubu" with plenty of ingredients to choose from pork, chicken, clams and mushrooms

"Mushroom sundubu" containing shimeji mushrooms, green onions, fried tofu, clams, squid, Chinese cabbage, and tofu (935circle).Toppogi(+110Yen) and ramen (+165You can also top it with a circle).

The spiciness is normal spiciness1Sweat from spicy3Until spicy, the main ingredients are pork, chicken, clams, mushrooms4From the type, the soup is "Sundubu", which is a signboard menu where you can choose miso or salt.It is a menu where you can take soy isoflavone and collagen that help women's beauty and capsaicin that enhances metabolism at once, and you can customize it to your liking including toppings, so women's approval ratingNo.1!!In addition, it can be set day and night, and free refills of white rice or XNUMX-grain rice and namul2"Sundubu set" with types (1,100If you make it (yen), you can enjoy the deliciousness of twice at once, which you can eat like bowser by putting rice in the pot after half eating.

"Ishiyaki Bibimbap" with nutritional balance ◎ where you can eat plenty of vegetables with various namul

"Stone-grilled bibimbap" containing meat miso, sprouts namul, spinach namul, radish namul, kimchi, and eggs990Circle). 

"Ishiyaki Bibimbap" is a classic Korean dish that is eaten by mixing rice and vegetables in a hot stone pot.In addition to the orthodox "Ishiyaki Bibimbap", "Ishiyaki Cheese Bibimbap" has a mellow taste and aroma.1,100"Ishiyaki Mentaiko Bibimbap" (yen) and "Ishiyaki Mentaiko Bibimbap" with a bubble wrap texture and spicy flavor1,100Yen) is a lineup.It contains plenty of vegetable namul that considers color, texture, and nutritional balance, so it is recommended for people who lack vegetables.

In addition, there are also snack menus such as "Korean chicken" with low fat and high protein, "Kimchi" and "Namul" that can be expected to regulate the intestines and boost immunity, and "Choregi salad" with plenty of vegetables. Perfect for "little drinks" or when you want to have a modest meal.For those who want to solve the shortage of vegetables, metabolism with chili peppersUPIf you want to, check it out!

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  • A lot of beauty points that make women happy! Check out the 3 most popular menus of NEW SHOP "Korean Rice / Sake House Daidai"!