If you want to dine quietly at Meieki, reserve a private room and have a leisurely dinner



Meals in private rooms that are popular with families with small children and couples who want to spend a relaxing time.Dai Nagoya Building also has a restaurant with private rooms where you can spend a relaxing time, so please use it according to your purpose.

"Kurobuta Shabu-Shabu Ginza Rabuta" overlooks Meieki-dori3Prepare two private rooms

With big windows6Private room for the name.Other4A private room for the name2The room and4Semi-private room for name3Table ready.

"Kurobuta Shabu-shabu Ginza Rabuta" is a popular shabu-shabu that is eaten with bonito-based soba soup to bring out the flavor of carefully selected Kirishima black pork.The main building of the store is private rooms, semi-private rooms, and sofa box seats, and you can spend your meal time with a relatively private feeling at any of the seats.We are proud of our homemade ponzu sauce, homemade sesame sauce, and hot sesame sauce.3In addition to shabu-shabu, which you can enjoy with different types of sauce, you can also find snacks and gems unique to pig specialty stores.Courses that can be handled even on the day90There are many plans that match the number of people and purpose, such as a split all-you-can-drink plan, so feel free to contact us.

"Kurobuta Shabu-Shabu" (2,200Yen * Order2An example of recommended dishes next to public ~).From the front, "Cream cheese pickled in Saikyo" (715Yen), "Rabuta Jaconegio Omelette" (858Yen), "Love Potato Salad" (528Yen), "Carefully selected tomatoes from the production area" (638Yen), "Mimi Garponzu" (528Circle).

The private room of "Washoku Saketei Kanda Sakuma" has tatami mats where you can take off your shoes and relax.

Located on the window side overlooking Meieki-dori6Private room for the name.In all6Private room for name4room,10Private room for name2room.

"Washoku Saketei Kanda Sakuma" offers fresh seafood from Aichi as sashimi and single dishes.From all over the country80It is popular as a restaurant where you can enjoy seasonal sake, such as a lineup of various brands and a cup of "behavioral sake" at the beginning of the meal.There are all Japanese-style private rooms such as shoji screens and banma that remind you of an inn.6room.All of them are tatami mats and sit on chairs, so it is safe to eat with people who are not good at sitting upright or with older people.The course has night-only kaiseki5,500Circle,7,700Circle,9,900yen's3Kind, kaiseki with tempura and sashimi in the daytime2Types are available.

2Reservation up to XNUMX day in advance,4Evening kaiseki "Kacho Fugetsu Course" that can be ordered by name (7,700An example of a yen).Appetizers, appetizers, sashimi, pottery, lids, etc.9Items will come out in order.

If you want to dine in a chic private room with a luxurious atmosphere, go to "Meat and Daizen"

6A state of a private room for a name.In a calm space based on earth tones, there are others4A private room for the name is prepared.

At "Meat and Daizen" where you can taste branded beef from all over the country that brings out the flavor by wet aging2Two private rooms are available.The private room with chandeliers is a calm space, and the bench-style sofa seats allow you to sit spaciously, so you can relax.The menu recommended by the manager, which is perfect for tasting in such a private room, varies depending on the arrival of the day.5Total of various brand beef thick slices300gAssorted "thick steak platter".According to the manager, "Sirloin150gIt's not heavier than eating, so it's easy to eat, and it's recommended to combine it with wine. "It is a luxurious course that you can enjoy not only marbled meat but also tender lean meat in a well-balanced manner, changing the taste with steak sauce, wasabi, and salt.

"Thick sliced ​​steak prime" (16,500circle).From the front, the photos are Nosaki beef, Iwate beef, Kobe beef, Kagoshima black beef, and Miyazaki beef.You can enjoy the combination of once-in-a-lifetime meetings with your favorite roasting.

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