[2021 Edition] 5 Selected Christmas Dinners at Dai Nagoya Building



I want to enjoy a little luxurious Christmas dinner on Christmas night.Introducing a gorgeous Christmas dinner that you can enjoy at Dai Nagoya Building.Why don't you spend a special night with your boyfriend / girlfriend and family?

TRATTORIA FRATELLI GALLURA] "Christmas dinner course "(13,500Circle)

We offer unusual ingredients such as lobster, truffles, and burrata cheese in a Christmas-like arrangement.Appetizer3Goods, pasta, entrees, all of Dolce6Product.2You can also eat at lunch if you make a reservation up to the day before.

Gallura Christmas dinner

period:12Month22Sunday (Wednesday) ~12Month26Sunday (Sun) * Only on December 12nd (Wednesday) and December 22th (Sunday)2Reservation required at least one day in advance (2Person ~) * Service charge not included

"Christmas dinner" at [Rome XNUMX-chome] (5,000Circle)

Salmon, smoked scallops and avocado tartare, special lasagna, Italian wine king "Barolo"8Wagyu beef stewed for a long time, all of the traditional Italian confectionery Panettone & gelato4Goods.Bread and grissini are also included, so adding prosciutto is also recommended.

period:12Month18Sunday (Sat) -12Month26Sun (Sun) * Reservation required at least 2 days in advance (2People ~) * Dinner only

[Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bicho] "X'moreSpecial set "(6,500Circle)

Special menu with bone crackers, vegetable salad, annoyance, hitsumabushi, dessert, champagne or soft drinks.The usual dinner is only kaiseki cuisine, but only during Christmas, you can easily enjoy the set without reservation.

Bicho's Christmas dinner

period:12Month1Sunday (Wednesday) ~12Month25Sunday (Sat) * Dinner only

"Meat and Daizen" "Daizen Christmas Dinner" (13,200Circle)

We offer the popular Chateaubriand course every year at a little value.Appetizer, salad, lobster soup, Chateaubriand steak 150g, White rice or garlic rice, Christmas special parfait, all coffee7This is a special menu of goods.

period:12Month1Sunday (Wednesday) ~12Month25Sunday (Sat) * Dinner only

RHUBARBE] "Christmas Special Course" (8,500 yen)

In addition to the classic popularity such as the proud galette and the slowly simmered "beef in red wine", this is a luxurious course with a toast drink that includes a dish that can only be tasted in this course.Beef simmered in red wine(2,860Yen) can be ordered separately.

Rhubarb Christmas dinner

period:12Month17Sunday (Friday) ~12Month26Sun (Sun) * Reservation required by the day before (2People ~) * Dinner only

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