[2021 edition] The taste of winter gathers!Christmas limited gourmet you want to eat this winter



We have collected Christmas-like ingredients and winter menus.Enjoy the taste of winter that can only be eaten now at Dai Nagoya Building.We have excellent items to warm your body in the cold winter.

[Kurobuta Shabu-Shabu Ginza Rabuta] "Tomato-based Miso Hot Pot" (1人 前2,200Circle)

The black pork, which is eaten by passing it through tomato-based miso soup stock, has a fresh Western-style taste that has never been seen before in "Rabuta".After enjoying thick slices of black pork and vegetables, the correct answer is Korean "sarimen" topped with cheese and green onions.2You can order by name.

Rabuta pot

period:11Month10Sunday (Wednesday) ~12Month25Sunday (Sat) * Dinner only

[RHU BARBE] "Beef boiled in red wine" (2,860Circle)

"RHUBARBEA popular winter menu.Slowly simmered beef is a dish that crumbles when you put it in your mouth and you can eat deliciously even the sauce.You can enjoy it at a great price with the Christmas course (8,500 yen).

Rhubarb boiled in red wine

period:11Month10Sunday (Wednesday) ~12Month25(Sat)

Kiln-roasted chicken with pizza napoletana (1,375 yen) from [SOLO PIZZA Napoletana]1If you order feathers (1,925 yen)200Yen discount

1The most popular "Margherita Extra" and the luxurious "Pizza Natale" and kiln-grilled chicken with porcini mushrooms and shrimp topped with Omar shrimp sauce.1If you order the feathers as a set200For yen discount!Also, kiln-roasted chicken1/2wingorStrawberry cake "Torta Di Natale" (594In a set of yen)100Yen discount.

Solo pizza chicken

period:12Month1Sunday (Wednesday) ~12Month25Sun (Sat) * Limited quantity sale * For takeout, pizza natale is1,350Yen, kiln-grilled chicken is 1,890 yen.

"Samgyetang" (1,650 yen) from [Korean rice / liquor restaurant Daidai]

A Korean chicken dish that is made by stuffing ginseng, sticky rice, pine nuts, etc. into chicken and simmering it.It is also a medicinal food and a vegetarian food, and it is a nice dish for beauty that can be expected to have effects such as recovery from fatigue and adjustment of hormone balance.

Daidai Samgyetang

Period: November 11st (Monday) -March 1st (Thursday) 2022 * Limited quantity sale * Dinner only

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[Real grande] "fried chicken balsamic vinegar" (619Circle)

Balsamic vinegar is topped on the famous "tori fried chicken" that is soaked with the original pickled sauce.The outside is crispy, and the fat and umami ooze out from the inside, which goes well with beer as well as wine.You can also choose toppings such as garlic and tartar sauce.

Fried real

* Dinner only

"Christmas limited set" of [Aged pork bone ramen specialty Dai Nagoya Ichibanken]

Chicken wings dumplings that can only be ordered by those who ordered ramen separately1Special crab cream croquette1A set of almond tofu (+)580circle).Hot toro toro crab cream croquette is a succession of repeaters!This is a special set that can only be enjoyed now.

The best ramen

period:11Month10Sunday (Wednesday) ~12Month25(Sat)

[NEW OLD STYLE Meat Soba Keisuke] "Spicy green onion roasted meat soba miso" (1,100Circle)

A voluminous pork roast pork roasted with fragrant roasted pork and spicy green onions.1Cup.Miso soup, which is a combination of special miso sauce using Hatcho Miso and pork bouillon soup, is addictive to its deliciousness and deep richness.

Ramen with meat soba

period:11Month10Sunday (Wednesday) ~12Month25(Sat)

[German-style roast chicken] from [Metzgerei Inoue] (eat-in)756Yen, take out648Circle)

German mixed spices are kneaded into the bone-in thighs of domestic chicken and carefully baked one by one.Originally limited to Christmas, it is a standard dish because it is popular, and it has a taste that sets it apart from the general taste of sweet and spicy soy sauce.

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"Grilled Chicken Gyunta Sauce" from [Kobe Rokkomichi / Gyunta] (1,430Circle)

Arrange the whole chicken with bones to make you feel like Christmas with "Gyunta" special spicy sauce.Please entwin a generous amount of sauce with the chicken that has been baked crispy.The visual that makes you want to take the plunge is also an eye-catching item.

Gyunta chicken

period:11Month10Sunday (Wednesday) ~12Month25(Sat)

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