The season of maximum appetite has arrived!A restaurant where the Teppan combination "seasonal fish x sake" is delicious



In the cold season, the fish becomes greasy and the flavor and sweetness increase, so you should enjoy it with a rich and refreshing sake.Introducing the finest "fish x sake" combination that you can enjoy at the Dai Nagoya Building, where you can groan in spite of the overlap of aroma and umami.

Enjoy the royal road brands that sake lovers will appreciate with sashimi and sushi [Tsukiji Otokozushi]

In the daytime7Perseverance1,496Yen, at night7Kan 2,200[Tsukiji Otoko Mae Sushi] is popular for its omakase grip set from a circle.In addition to the set, you can enjoy the deliciousness of fish in various ways such as seasonal fish sashimi and single dishes.

Men's sushi

"Men's sushi set" (Men's sushi set) consisting mainly of gorgeous ingredients such as fatty tuna, recommended white meat, squid topped with squid, and pickled large red shrimp in soy sauce7Kan 2,200Circle).

Brewer Kuheiji Junmai Daiginjo

"Brewer Kuheiji Junmai Daiginjo" (Glass)880Circle).

[Tsukiji Otokozen Sake] has a lineup of royal roads such as "Hakkaisan," "Michimori," "Sawanoi," and "Hidakami," including the local Aichi sake "brewer Kuheiji Junmai Daiginjo." ..Classic5In addition to the types, we recommend seasonal changes4We have prepared as many types as possible, and the menu at the time of the interview is a brand that is convincing to sake lovers, such as "Enayama Junmai Daiginjo", "Akatonbo Unfiltered Raw Sake", "Nabeshima Junmai Ginjo", "Yamagata Masamune Natsuno Junmai". ..

Nabeshima Junmai Ginjo

From the left, "Nabeshima Junmai Ginjo" (glass)880Yen), "Hidakami Super Dry Junmai Ginjo" (Glass)605Yen), "Enayama Junmai Daiginjo" (Glass)770Circle).

Eat seasonal fish as you like1Perseverance132From the circle, you can easily enjoy standing-up style [Tsukiji Otokozushi].High-class material such as fatty tuna and sea urchin1Perseverance594It's reasonably priced in yen, so be sure to check it out.

The scent of dashi enhances the taste of sake.

Use the buckwheat nuts that are carefully ground every morning with the stone mill in the store to beat the fragrant XNUMX buckwheat [stone milled buckwheat Ishigetsu].In addition to the soba menu on the signboard, there are actually plenty of single dishes using seasonal ingredients.The aim of autumn and winter is "fried conger fried mushroom ankake", which is made by fried thick, greasy conger that has passed the summer and entwined with mushroom dashi ankake. I can't stand the plump body called "Matsutake mushroom".

Ishigetsu's dish

Autumn / Winter Limited "Agedashi Dōfu Mushroom Ankake" (990Circle).

Ura Kasumi brewing

"Ura Kasumi Honjou" (Ura Kasumi Honjou) with a refreshing aftertaste for "Fried conger mushroom ankake"1Together880Yen) fits well.

Ono River

From the left, "Onogawa" (1Together1,100Yen), "Tenka" (1Together1,320Yen), "Kaga Tobi" (1Together1,210Circle).

Besides, "Nanban vinegar of Genkai horse mackerel" (770Yen) and "Tosa Shimizu product return bonito no tataki" (1,100You can eat a dish using seasonal fish such as (yen) [stone milled soba Ishigetsu].After combining the seasonal flavors with sake, why not try the adult "soba drink" that enjoys "soba".

Excellent compatibility with natural fish and shellfish!A selection of pure rice sake carefully selected from all over the country [Japanese food, Saketei Kanda Sakuma]

You can enjoy Aichi's fresh seafood with sashimi and a la carte dishes [Japanese food, Saketei Kanda Sakuma] from all over the country.80A store for sake lovers, with a selection of more than a variety of pure rice sake.You can order sake from cold to hot at your favorite temperature, so try changing the way you drink it according to the dish.Also, you can choose the amount from half, so it's perfect when you want to enjoy various things little by little.

Sakuma sashimi

"Sashimi platter (3seed)"(1,628circle).Photo2Public, dinner only.

Kawaguchi Natto

"Kawaguchi Natto" (half go)550Circle,1Together1,100Circle).


From the left, "Hakurakusei" (1Together990Yen), "Rice Song" (1Together990Yen), "Kamigame" (1Together990Yen), "Zanso Horai" (1Together1,100Yen), "Kosaemon" (1Together935Circle).

The best "sashimi platter" to match with Junmaishu is Himakajima's local features, and the freshness of the ingredients is left to you to purchase on that day.At the time of coverage, tuna, amberjack, Japanese flying squid.For the greasy tuna, "Kawaguchi Natto", which has an impact on the refreshing taste and taste of rice, goes well with it.Inside the store, there is a menu with features and personalities that makes it easy for people who are not familiar with sake to order, so you can enjoy various flavors while referring to it.

Fat paste! The huge "Mega Hokke" of [Namihana Robata Octagon] is combined with sake unique to Osaka.

"Mega Hokke", a specialty of Osaka-born robatayaki restaurant [Namihana Robata Octagon], where fresh seasonal ingredients are roasted in front of you, is6LIt features a thick and thick eating response.Even though the body is firm, the juicy fat and umami are enhanced by combining the local sake "Goshun" from Osaka, which has a good balance of sweetness and spiciness. "Goshun" is rare in Nagoya and a major brand in Osaka.This sake is indispensable for [Namihana Robata Octagon] from Osaka.


"Mega Hokke" (full size) that slowly roasts dried atka mackerel overnight1,850Circle).


Osaka / Ikeda's famous sake "Goshun" (glass)700Circle,1Together1,200Circle).

Peace of mind

From the left, "Tenkan" (glass)680Circle,1Together1,580Yen), Suigei (glass)780Circle,1Together1,680Yen), "Akika" (glass)680Circle,1Together1,580Circle).

Sake is a staple7In addition to the types, the store manager recommends them in turn.4The lineup is as many as the types.I like drinking and comparing3The type is Inoguchi1With a cup at a time850circle.You may find your favorite taste by trying various things, and you may like sake more. In addition to "Mega Hokke", "Sashimi Tenkomori" (Komori)800Yen) and "Let's mess up" (580Yen) is also a dish that promotes sake.

Pay attention to "Hanakagura" proposed by [Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku], where you can drink sake from Miyazaki Prefecture's only brewery.

You can enjoy local cuisine that uses plenty of local chicken, beef, pork, and vegetables from Miyazaki prefecture that grew up in a tropical climate and soil [Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku].Miyazaki's unique dish, which is made by mixing tuna soaked in Kyushu sashimi soy sauce with plenty of sashimi, is perfect for the light and dry "Hanakagura" of Miyazaki Prefecture's only Japanese sake brewery "Sentoku Syuzou"!The soothing sweetness of tuna and the aroma of sesame are combined with the sharp aftertaste of "Hanakagura".

Pickled tuna sesame

"Shibi (tuna) pickled in sesame" (720Circle).

Ginjo Hanakagura

"Ginjo Hanakagura" (Glass)860Circle,1Together1,280Circle).

Sentoku Nigori Sake

From the left, "Sentoku Nigori Sake" (glass 650 yen, 980 go 600 yen), "Sentoku Kinzuku" (glass 880 yen, 980 go 1,480 yen), "Sentoku Yume no Naka" (glass XNUMX yen, XNUMX go XNUMX yen) ..

Because Miyazaki Prefecture is a great country of shochu, the sake of [Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku] is from "Sentoku Syuzou".4Kind only.Even in the same brewery, "Sentoku Nigori Sake" is an easy-to-drink arrangement of old doburoku, "Sentoku Kinzuku" that spreads the taste of rice in your mouth, and "Sentoku Yume no Naka" where you can feel the depth and depth by combining it with food. And because it has a completely different flavor, you can enjoy each individuality.

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