With colleagues, friends, and family at Meieki.Dinner at Dai Nagoya Building [Slightly luxurious]



When you want to finish the year, celebrate the New Year, have a welcome and farewell party, have a birthday, and have a meal with your loved ones, be sure to visit the Dai Nagoya Building.We will introduce shops where you can enjoy a little luxury from a variety of shops with night views, various genres of Japanese, Western and Chinese, izakaya, dining, night cafes and so on.

I want to visit as a day of Halle or as a reward [Meat and Daizen]

3F | Meat and Daizen

A Japanese black beef specialty store where you can taste branded beef selected from all over the country with yakiniku and steak.Compare the eating of brands and parts, and the highest quality Chateaubriand and sirloin are popular.Private room6We can handle up to the name.

Meat and Daizen steak

Average budget: 8,000Yen

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Authentic Edomae sushi1Taste from Kan [Tsukiji Aozora XNUMXrd generation]

B1F | Tsukiji Aozora XNUMXrd generation

Start a business100A full-fledged Edomae sushi restaurant pursued by the third generation of the Tsukiji fish wholesaler of the year.Himalayan rock salt and sashimi squeezed with citrus are attractive dishes that bring out the deliciousness of the ingredients.Because there are counter seats1Feel free to even people.

Tsukiji Aozora XNUMXrd generation sushi

Average budget: 8,000Yen

If it's a combination of sake and fish, [Japanese food, Saketei Kanda Sakuma]

3F | Japanese Cuisine / Saketei Kanda Sakuma

A dish using natural seafood such as "simmered fishing kinki" and about selected from all over the country60We are proud of our kind of sake.The private rooms separated by shoji doors have a calm atmosphere that you can't imagine inside the building of Meieki.

Kanda Sakuma

Average budget: 6,000Yen

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The menu that you can enjoy with apéritif is attractive [TRATTORIA FRATELLI GALLURA]


Trattoria where you can feel the season with the seasonal menu while having the popular menu of the main store such as foie gras & mango and onion focaccia.Dinner5,500Yen ~,3Various courses are available.


Average budget: 5,500Yen ~

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You can fully enjoy the taste of black pig [Kurobuta Shabu-shabu Ginza Rabuta]

3F | Ginza Love Shabu-Shabu Ginza Love

Kirishima Kurobuta shabu-shabu, which is particular about the quality of the meat, and soba noodles with a dashi stock that has the flavor of the shabu-shabu are famous.In addition, there are other snacks unique to pork specialty stores such as black pork kakuni and Mimigar ponzu.

Shabu-shabu of Rabuta

Average budget: 5,000Yen

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Toast with our special natural wine! [RHU BARBE]


Buckwheat flour100Galettes and crepes made with%, and bistro dishes that go well with natural wine are attractive.The open cafe-style seats make you feel like you're on a street corner in France, perfect for a date.

Rhubarb galette

Average budget: 4,000Yen

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