With colleagues, friends, and family at Meieki.Dinner at Dai Nagoya Building [Gourmand of the World]



When you want to finish the year, celebrate the New Year, have a welcome and farewell party, have a birthday, and have a meal with your loved ones, be sure to visit the Dai Nagoya Building.We will introduce shops where you can enjoy the world's gourmet food from a variety of shops with night views, various genres of Japanese, Western and Chinese, izakaya, dining, night cafes and so on.

Italian bar with the charm of a man's cuisine that sticks to the ingredients [Rome XNUMX-chome]

3F | Rome XNUMX-chome

A shop where you can enjoy "Italian food for men" combined with original imported Italian wine.Dozens of types of prosciutto and salami are cut with a hand-cranked slicer after the order is placed, so the flavor and umami are exceptional.

Prosciutto in Rome XNUMX-chome

Average budget: 4,000Yen

[Rome XNUMX-chome]'s article about "Specialty !! Black Angus beef baked with Jack Daniel's" here

California kitchen where pasta with chewy raw noodles is popular [Salt Water by David Myers]

1F | Salt Water by David Myers

There are table seats where you can have a calm meal, counter seats where you can drink casually, and terrace seats where the night breeze is comfortable.The evening course4,500Yen ~, a la carte is also substantial.

Saltwater pasta

Average budget: 3,000Yen

Introducing [Salt Water by David Myers] by Dai Nagoya LOVER'S here

Travel around the world with beer from around the world!Craft Beer Restaurant [Beer Museum of the World]

3F | World Beer Museum

Directly imported barrel craft beer20The world's craft beer, including the types160The entertainment that has more than one kind is attractive.We are proud of our lively meat dishes such as German sausages and thick spareribs.

World Beer Museum Cuisine

Average budget: 3,500Yen

[Cajun Club] with plenty of spices from [Beer Museum in the World] here

Chinese Sichuan cuisine [Chen Mapo tofu] where you can enjoy "spicy" dishes that are full of addictive taste

3F | Chen Mapo Tofu

We have developed a variety of menus that are not just spicy, valuing the "spicy taste" of chili peppers and the numbing "hemp taste" of Japanese pepper.13"Small drink" (a little drink) that you can order from time to time1,380Yen) set is also popular.

Chen Mapo Tofu Cooking

Average budget: 1,380Yen ~

[Chen Mapo Tofu]'s spicy "stir-fried shrimp scent" introduction article here

Korean restaurant full of fun to choose [Korean rice, liquor house Daidai]

3F | Korean Rice / Sake Restaurant Daidai

A Korean restaurant that aims to be beautiful and healthy based on the traditional idea of ​​the same source of medicine and food.1The most popular dish is "sundubu", where you can choose ingredients, soup, and spiciness. It is ◎ to share and eat "Samgyeopsal".

Daidai Sundubu

Average budget:1,500Yen ~

[Korean rice / liquor house Daidai]'s three popular menu introduction articles here

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