[2022 edition] Happy new year with delicious things and happy things! NEW YEAR Fuku GOURMET



Special menus celebrating the beginning of 2022 and services that can be enjoyed at great prices are appearing one after another! Why don't you spend a happy New Year with "Fuku Gourmand"?
* All listed amounts include tax. * Depending on the store, in addition to the product price, additional charges such as service charges and service charges may be incurred. ※The photograph is an image. * It will end as soon as it runs out.

At the Italian bar [Rome XNUMX-chome], you will receive a "celebration sake" as a gift!

Roma XNUMX-chome cuisine

A toast of sparkling wine is served to those who eat lunch of 1 yen or more and dinner of 1,000 yen or more per person!

Period / January 2022nd (Sun) -January 1th (Sun), 2

Hitsumabushi [Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bicho] specially sells "Gold Leaf Hitsumabushi" like the New Year

Gold leaf hitsumabushi

Gold leaf is sprinkled on the "Hitsumabushi", which is served with abundant eel finished with sauce using tamari soy sauce peculiar to Nagoya. "Gold leaf hitsumabushi" (7,260 yen) is sold in limited quantities.

Period / January 2022nd (Sun) -January 1th (Sun), 2

Ramen [NEW OLD STYLE Meat Soba Keisuke] distributes "2022 New Year's present coupon"

Meat Soba Keisuke Ramen

Limited to 1 people a day, we will distribute a New Year's gift coupon that you can choose 100 fried chicken, 2 wontons, and extra meat.You can use it from the next time you visit the store.

Period / January 2022nd (Sun) -January 1th (Sun), 2

Ramen, dumplings, fried chicken [Aged pork bone ramen specialty Dai Nagoya Ichibanken] sells a special set

Dai Nagoya Ichibanken Ramen Set

For those who order ramen, you can get a set of 1 hand-wrapped gravy dumpling, 1 hand-wrapped gravy dumpling, and homemade tofu almond tofu + rice for 3 yen.530 yen without rice.

Period / January 2022nd (Sun) -January 1th (Sun), 2

An original ice pack will be presented at the fruit Daifuku specialty store [Kakuoyama Fruit Daifuku Bensaiten]

Benzaiten's Fruit Daifuku

An original ice pack will be presented to those who purchase over 2,160 yen during the period.

Period / January 2022nd (Sun) -January 1th (Sun), 2

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