Slowly simmered to boost both flavor and appetite!“HOT” nabe gourmet at Nagoya Station for cold winters



"Dai Nagoya DINING" on the 3rd floor of the Dai Nagoya Building has a wide variety of hot pot dishes, such as a hot pot that warms your body from the core, a hot pot with plenty of umami, and a healthy shabu-shabu.In a private room, we will slowly introduce you to the hot pot gourmet unique to winter with your family.

It is completed only by combining sake!?"Gout hot pot" of [Namihana donkey octagon]

from this year1A new hot pot [Namihana Robata Octagon]."Gout hot pot" is a combination of hot sake that warms the body and cold sake that is perfect for eating hot pots.

Served for dinner only. "Gout hot pot" (1,380Circle).

The soup is made with plenty of vegetables such as Chinese cabbage and water vegetables, and seasonal oysters, oyster milt, ankimo, salmon roe and other ingredients that are said to be prone to gout.2We use udon dashi, which is a specialty of the restaurant, which is a blend of various types of dried bonito flakes and kelp.

All ingredients are made from fresh ingredients, so it's best not to overcook.

For those who do not drink alcohol or who want to eat well, put rice in a hot pot, delicatessen3Kind, salad or sashimi3A set with seeds (1,700Yen) is recommended. "Gout hot pot"2It's a limited menu until the end of the month, so please come to the store early.

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I want to be greedy for both hot pot and cooking! [Ginza Love Ginza Love] "Ginza Love Set"

"Kurobuta Shabu-shabu", which is eaten with green onions after passing through soba soup, is the signature menu [Kurobuta Shabu-shabu Ginza Rabuta].In addition to the normal soba soup, the lunch-only "Rabuta Takumi Gozen" is a "soy milk hot pot" that is light but rich and you can enjoy a mellow taste, and a "spicy hot pot" that has a rich flavor. of3You can choose shabu-shabu soup from the type.

"Rabuta proficient set" with seasonal small bowl, black pork fillet, salad, sashimi, jaco rice, and dessert2,500Circle).

The photo is a spicy hot pot.Wrap plenty of green onions.

In addition to the hot pot, you can enjoy various dishes little by little at the "Rabuta Fun Gozen".You can choose between soy milk hot pot and spicy hot pot only at lunch time, so if you want to eat a different black pork shabu-shabu, please do.

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You can enjoy the food culture of Southern France [RHUBARBE] "Bouillabaisse with plenty of fish and shellfish"

Boasting authentic French galettes, crepes and bistro dishes [RHUBARBE].The "bouillabaisse with plenty of fish and shellfish" introduced this time can be eaten all year round for lunch and dinner, but it is a taste that you will miss especially in the cold winter.It has long been popular as a regional dish of Marseille, southern France.

"Bouillabaisse with plenty of fish and shellfish" (2,860Circle).

Along with wading crabs and seasonal fish, the soup made by boiling onions, celery, garlic, and other flavored vegetables and spices together to make a dashi stock is exquisite!You can enjoy various textures and umami such as big shrimp and mussels, soft squid and scallops, sea bream such as sea bream that crumbles, juicy tomatoes and potatoes.

Baguette that comes with "bouillabaisse with plenty of fish and shellfish".

In addition, it is the authentic style to soak the baguette in a pot where the soup remains after eating the ingredients.The baguette is sprinkled with the sauce "Ruiyu" made from garlic and egg yolk and the ground grana padano cheese, which is the best match with the taste of seafood.It is the inevitable deliciousness of repeat that you can fully enjoy the taste of the material.

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"Tonchan Nabe" from [Kyushu Hakata Cuisine Motsunabe Sachi] boiled in spicy miso sauce

"Tonchan Nabe" from [Kyushu Hakata Cuisine Motsunabe Sachi], where you have to boil the special beef that has been boiled once to remove lye and excess fat, and then boil vegetables such as cabbage and bean sprouts in a secret spicy miso sauce.It is a hot pot where you can experience the deliciousness of beef offal, which is different from the standard "motsunabe".

"Tonchan hot pot" (1人 前1,628Yen) * The photo is2人 前

There is also a store in Hakata, which is the home of [Kyushu Hakata Cuisine Motsunabe Sachi], but in fact, the “spicy up version” sprinkled with plenty of chili peppers is only available at Dai Nagoya Building.Also, the hot pot menu is for dinner2Where orders are accepted from the public, at lunch1Because you can order from the public1Even people can easily enjoy the pot.

Since it is baked and simmered only with miso sauce and the water of the vegetables, the taste of the ingredients is tightly packed.

The 〆 is "Tonchan Kimchi Rice" (Tonchan Kimchi Rice), which is made by entwining beef offal with the sauce that melts the flavor of vegetables.660Enjoy the full flavor of the ingredients in a circle)!

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South KoreaBA classic gourmand class! "Rappogi Nabe" from [Korean Rice / Sake House Daidai]

South KoreaBThe hot pot that has been attracting attention in Japan as a staple of high-class gourmet is the "Rappogi hot pot" that combines ramen and tteokbokki.In a rich sweet and spicy soup with gochujang, plenty of vegetables such as toppogi, chopped ham, sausage, green onions, and cabbage are added, and spicy ramen and meat shavings are layered on the table.

2 ~3"Rappogi hot pot" with just the right volume for people (2,420Circle).

Not only does it have an impactful appearance, but it also has plenty of ingredients to satisfy your taste.If you are a woman3It is a volume that even people will be full.

When the spicy ramen becomes soft after putting on the heat, it's time to eat.

If you can afford it, "Cheese Risotto" (440It is recommended to use yen).The soup has a taste similar to sundubu, so it goes well with thick cheese.Served for dinner only,3This is a limited menu until the end of the month, so if you are interested, please do so as soon as possible.

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