6 selections of gourmet foods that need to be checked for a limited time and special prices for the 16th anniversary



"SAKURA 2022th ANNIVERSARY" is being held at Dai Nagoya Building, which celebrated its 3th anniversary on Wednesday, March 9, 6.In this article, we will introduce the anniversary gourmand offered for a limited time and the delicious gourmand at a special price for the 6th anniversary.

Dinner limited "6th anniversary set" 666 yen

3F | Rome XNUMX-chome

Recommended glass wine (sparkling wine)orWhite wineorRed wine)1Cups and daily snacks2A special set that matches the types6In honor of the anniversary666Provided in yen.The photo shows sparkling wine, marinated oysters, and creamed mushrooms.1It is also perfect for people's "little drinks".

"6Anniversary set "(666Yen) * Dinner only *3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays *1People1As long as the set

Dinner only "2"Snow, Moon and Flower Course" with all-you-can-drink for hours Usually 7,480 yen ⇒ 6,666 yen

3F | Japanese Cuisine Saketei Kanda Sakuma

Starting from the first attachment, kuchitori gashi, bowl, sushi, strong appetizer, appetizer, appetizer, water confectionery, all that go well with sake8In the "Snow, Moon and Flower Course"2Normal with all-you-can-drink for hours7,480Yen plan6Offer at a special price for the anniversary.It is a perfect plan for entertainment and dinner, where you can choose draft beer, sake, sour, etc.

2"Snow, Moon and Flower Course" with all-you-can-drink for hours6,666Yen) * Dinner only *3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays *2Reservation required up to XNUMX day in advance *4Reservations are possible from more than one person

Dinner limited, 1 meals a day limited "Chicken Nanban" Normal 6 yen ⇒ 900 yen

3F | Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku

"Mansaku" with thick and juicy breast fried in egg garment, entwined with original Nanban vinegar, and sprinkled with plenty of tartar sauce.1We offer the most popular "Chicken Nanban" at a special price.A specialty dish originating in Miyazaki that stimulates your appetite, with a refreshing nanban vinegar flavor and a mellow tartar sauce.

"Chicken Nanban" (666 yen) * Dinner only *3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays *1Day6Food only

"6Anniversary limited brand beef platter "2人 前 19,800Yen

3F | Meat and Daizen

A special set that combines popular parts of Wagyu beef tongue, sirloin, and Chateaubriand, as well as the recommended brand beef of the day.You can eat and compare rare parts selected from all over the country, such as Yamagata beef, Matsusaka beef, and Saga beef.You can fully enjoy the taste of meat unique to brand beef.

"6Anniversary limited brand beef platter "(2人 前 19,800circle)※3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays * Reservations required by the day before * Because it is a rare part, it will end as soon as it runs out

Lunch limited "Beef hormone miso stir-fried set meal" Usually 1,180 yen ⇒ 980 yen

3F | Kyushu Hakata Cuisine Motsunabe Sachi

A dish of fresh beef offal that has been blanched once to remove lye and excess fat, and then fried in a secret miso sauce.Excellent compatibility with crispy bean sprouts and green onions!Normal1,180At the circle6Anniversary special price980It will be offered in yen.Includes daily small bowl, miso soup, rice, and pickles.

"Stir-fried beef hormone miso set meal" (980 yen) * ~4Month10Limited to Sunday (Sun) *1Day6Food only

"Salt maple and Hokkaido fermented butter souffle pancake" Usually 752 yen ⇒ 660 yen


Approximately the same amount of meringue mixed with a strong base kneaded with rice flour.15Pancakes that are carefully baked on an iron plate with fermented butter from Hokkaido over a minute.The accent is salt maple, which matches sweetness and saltiness.Normal750Yen6Sold at a special price to commemorate the anniversary.

"Salt maple and Hokkaido fermented butter souffle pancakes" (666circle)※3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays

Dinner limited "1 drink" 66 yen

3F | Ginza Love Shabu-Shabu Ginza Love

1グループ6Drink only for those who have eaten until the cup1Cup66Provided in yen.You can choose alcohol from raw beer, highball, and lemon sour, and soft drinks from oolong tea, green tea, jasmine tea, orange juice, and grapefruit juice.

"One drink" (1 yen) * ~3Month31Limited to Sunday (Thursday) * Limited to those who have eaten *1グループ6Up to the cup

"Yagarasu Yoshino Monogatari Momo ”1 cup 666 yen

3F | Real great

"Yoshino Monogatari Momo" is a fruit liqueur with a refreshing spring taste that uses plenty of white peaches from Nagano prefecture that have a rich sweetness that melts.6To commemorate the anniversary, all of rock, soda, and mizuwari1cup666Provided in yen.Domestic raw materials100You can enjoy% "Adult Peach Nectar".

"Yagarasu Yoshino Monogatari Momo ”(1 yen per cup) *3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays

6th Anniversary Special Menu "Red Cheeks and Berry Shortcake Tart"1piece 960Yen

B1F | La Maison Ansoleil Table Patisserie

A spring-flavored shortcake tart that uses sweet and sour berries and the delicious strawberry "Red Cheeks" that makes the cheeks fall off.A special cake with a luxurious taste, with strawberry sponge and whipped cream layered on cream cheese tart and strawberry jam in between.

"Red cheeks and berries shortcake tart" (1piece 960circle)※3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays

6th anniversary special menu "Hamburger Galette "1,980Yen


Buckwheat flour100This is a special menu only for now, with the chef's specialty "hamburger steak", which is made by hand-finishing minced meat, on the% galette.Enjoy red wine, beef tendon, demiglace sauce made with plenty of flavored vegetables, and simmering cheese.Excellent compatibility with grilled spring vegetables and pickled tomatoes.

"Hamburger Galette "(1,980circle)※3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays

6th anniversary special menu lunch limited "beef tongue demi boiled set" 1,320 yen

B1F | Aji no Ushitan Kisuke

By adding Sendai miso with a rich aroma, beef tongue is slowly stewed in a demiglace sauce that brings out the richness and umami.Includes rice, mini salad, small bowl (fried egg with beef tongue chips), and sweets (sasa custard).The crispy, browned cheese is also an accent.

"Beef tongue demi boiled set" (1,320 yen) * ~3Month18Limited to Sunday (Friday) *1Day10Food only

6th Anniversary Special Menu "Spicy Miso Meat Soba"+Taco rice "1,280Yen

B1F |NEW OLD STYLE Meat soba Keisuke

The spiciness and umami of the soup, which is full of delicious pork broth, is combined with the special spicy miso sauce.1Cup."Bataco rice" with savory roasted corn and butter on white rice goes well with spicy miso soup.You can enjoy the taste of double the taste by eating ramen and rice alternately.

"Spicy miso meat soba+Bataco rice "(1,280circle)※3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays

6th anniversary special menu "Spring cabbage and asari cream pasta" 1,480 yen

3F | World Beer Museum

Spring-only pasta that combines soft spring cabbage, which is in season in spring, and delicious asari with cream sauce.It has a richness like clam chowder, but has a refreshing taste.Whether you eat it as a meal or with beer, the chopsticks will surely advance.

"Spring cabbage and lajonkairia cream pasta" (1,480 yen) *3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays

6th Anniversary Special Menu "Gold Leaf Hitsumabushi (with Champagne)"7,260Yen

3F | Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bicho

"Hitsumabushi" with plenty of eels finished with sauce using tamari soy sauce peculiar to Nagoya6It is studded with gold leaf suitable for decorating the milestone of the anniversary.The surface is crispy, the skin is crispy, and the body is fluffy and fragrant. Please combine "Hitsumabushi" with champagne.

"Gold leaf hitsumabushi (with champagne)" (7,260circle)※3Month9Sunday (Wednesday) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays

Cube2point+カ ッ プ1With dots2,000yen's6Anniversary fun bag

B1F | Family croutons

Your favorite cube product (1Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu15g×2 627Yen)2If you choose a point, the cup (65g 800Circle)1With dots2,000A fun bag that turns into a circle.Please take home "excitement" for gifts and home use.Cube products include "Honey Toast" and "Kokuuma Cheese" in the photo.12You can choose from the types.

"6th Anniversary Fun Bag" (2,000 yen) * ~3Month23Limited to Sunday (Wednesday) * Chocolate products are excluded

[Family croutons] "Recommended3Coset "(1,880 yen)

B1F | Family croutons

Assorted recommended flavors that add color to the cherry blossom season. "Freshly picked tomatoes" bring out the sweetness, sourness and umami of tomatoes that have been exposed to the blessings of the sun, "Murasakiimo" has a mellow sweetness, and "Kokutokinako" has a Japanese-style tailoring of fragrant soybean flour and mineral-rich brown sugar. It is a feature.

"Recommended 3 cosets" (1,880 yen) *4Month10Sun (Sun) ~4Month24Limited to Sundays

6th anniversary limited product, 20 limited "Seijo Ishii special bag"3,240Yen

B1F | Seijo Ishii

"Seijo Ishii" original cotton eco bag, popular grocery5Assorted points.A great value set that includes Italian apricot jam, Canadian flaxseed oil, Mexican orange pure honey, organic rooibos tea, and mocha drip coffee.

"Seijo Ishii Special Bag" (3,240Yen) * Ends as soon as it runs out *20Limited to points

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