If you have a welcome and farewell party at Nagoya Station, you can quickly go to the "New Standard" Aista certified store where you can be satisfied with your meal!Is recommended



"Aista certification" is a proof of restaurants that have thorough infection control measures.Among the "Aista certified stores" in Dai Nagoya Building, we will introduce stores where you can spend your time safely and securely, such as having a quick drink without having to separate, enjoying both alcohol and meals, and having private rooms and counters.

In a private room where you can spend a relaxing time, you can "drink sushi" with your companions [Tsukiji Aozora XNUMXrd generation]

3You can eat "Edomae sushi that keeps evolving" with mellow vinegar rice that is a unique blend of red vinegar and rice vinegar that has been aged for a long time [Tsukiji Aozora XNUMXrd generation].The popularity of the daytime is that you can choose your favorite one at the end.9Seed "third generation" (3,850Circle).If it's a small evening gathering, you can enjoy the season with dishes using fish with outstanding freshness while enjoying the grip to the fullest.MIYABIIs recommended.

The contents change daily, including appetizers, sashimi, grilled dishes, today's dishes, seafood rice bowl, and sushi.6"Omakase Course Ya-" with kan, bowl, scroll, and dessertMIYABI"(9,900Circle).17It is a night-only menu from time to time.

usually6A private room separated by a curtain with a spacious sofa for the name.Current usage4Up to the name.You can make a reservation4From the name.

Besides the course1Grips that can be ordered from Kan and sashimi that you can eat on a rock salt plate3Assorted dots "(1人 前1,870Yen), "Grilled rice bowl" (3,300Yen) and "Kaisendon" (4,180We have a wide variety of meal menus such as yen).By all means for gatherings with children and for dining without drinking alcohol.

Various things are fun little by little! [Choice of menu tofu] from [Chen Mapo Tofu]

A selection of "spicy" dishes born in Chengdu, Sichuan, China [Chen Mao Tofu].Excluding lunch core time13 : 00~15 : 0017 : 00-The "choice of menus" that can be ordered until the store closes are served in small plates, so there is no need to separate them and they are perfect for a quick drink.

Drinks to choose from1"Choice of menu little drink" with the famous "Chen Mapo tofu (mini)" on the cup, small plate dish, dumplings1,380Circle).The photo is an example of a combination of the drink "Hawthorn Sake" with soda, the small plate dish "Authentic Sichuan Bun Bungee", and the dumpling "Gyoza's Water Dumplings".

Small plate dishes7~8You can choose your favorite dish from the types.Clockwise from the front, "steamed chicken ginger sauce," "shrimp chili," and "twice-cooked meat."

The dumplings are "Gyoza-san's water dumplings", "Gyoza and egg steamed dumplings" and "Vegetable steamed dumplings".3You can choose from the types.

Chili pepper (ra) and Japanese pepper hemp(Mar)Authentic Sichuan mapo tofu with a deep taste even in the spiciness.

In addition to tables and box sofa seats10There is a counter where people can sit comfortably, and it's crispy.1Also for drinking.

Even though it is a small plate dish, there is a solid volume depending on the menu and it is a perfect score to eat!There are many drinks such as Shaoxing wine, which goes well with Chinese food, and "Keikachinshu," a sweet Chinese liquor made by soaking osmanthus flowers in white wine.Find your favorite combination.

1You can eat the special yakitori that is carefully skewered one by one [Real] great

We purchase the best chicken from time to time, centering on Okumikawa chicken.1It is finished in a yakitori that is exquisitely cooked and salted so that it can be eaten deliciously [Real] great].Charcoal-grilled menu is about40There are different types, and I can't decide!For those who say, the recommended parts that change daily2Book by book, total8Book·14Book·20Book·30Why not start with a great assortment offered in combination with a book?

2 x4Type, total8"Raoul set" that combines books (1,419Circle).From the left, the photos are "Sasami Yuzu Kosho", "Tori Negima", "Chicken Wings", and "Hatsu".

For yakitori, Spanish red wine "Glass Wine" (Glass Wine) with strong fruit627Yen) is a good match.

The salt is an original with the taste of kelp.By changing the way the charcoal is assembled, it is possible to adjust the heat according to the part.

Inside the store, there are about table seats and counter seats where you can watch the yakitori being baked.30seat.We have a large selection of natural wines, mainly Spanish wines.All menus can be taken out, so I want to drink at home!Can also be used at such times1It is an eaves.

Counter seats, private rooms, and box seats can be used according to the scene [Tokyo Ebisu Kushitei]

100%At [Tokyo Ebisu Kushitei], which boasts a healthy and light finish of deep-fried skewers that are fried in sunflower oil, there are counter seats, private rooms, box seats, and seats that suit various occasions.maximum10The private room, which is large enough to sit up to the name, is now separated by the center.3~4For name ×2It corresponds as a room.

Private room and counter seats.The counter is spacious with a sufficient distance from the neighbor.

Omakase Kushiage8Books, seasonal vegetables, appetizers3Kind, cooking1"Okimari Ichi" (Okimari Ichi) with sweets, specialties, chirimen-jako rice and pickles4,400Image of circle).The skewers in the photo are "salmon salmon roe", "angel shrimp", "Japanese black beef sirloin", and "asparagus" in order from the front right.Chicken soboro miso, mustard sauce, rock salt and sudachi, etc.6You can enjoy it with various seasonings.

Sparkling wine "Borosh Van Musu Brut" (770Circle).

Toast1The cup is a dry, refreshing and refreshing taste of "Borosh Van Musu Brut".In addition, sake such as "Aramasa" and "Hidakami" and "Frozen Lemon Sour" that uses plenty of frozen lemon instead of ice (715It is recommended to combine fried skewers with sake that has a refreshing taste while having a delicious taste.

You can enjoy kaiseki cuisine in a calm Japanese space and "quick drink" [Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bicho]

You can taste the eel that the craftsmen bake with exquisite adjustment using the special Bincho charcoal [Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bincho].For entertainment and gatherings, "kaiseki cuisine" begins with knobs such as "liver grill" and "liver wasa" and ends with "hitsumabushi" finished with sauce using tamari soy sauce peculiar to Nagoya.6,380Yen ~) is recommended, but you can also enjoy a "quick drink" that combines your favorite dishes.

"Uzaku" from the front (1,080Yen), "Bone cracker" (715Circle).

"Uzaku" is a combination of refreshing homemade sanbaizu and eel, which goes well with sake and wine. "Bone cracker" is a speed menu that comes out immediately, and "Yoshii" and "Kuheiji brewer" (both glasses)850Yen, one go1,480It goes well with sake such as yen).

"Hitsumabushi" with soup and pickles (3,740Circle).

Private room that can accommodate up to 6 people.Besides this,4Private rooms for names are also available.

The eel has a strong Japanese image, but surprisingly it goes well with sparkling wine and red and white wine."Shiroyaki" that goes well with white wine (3,280Yen) and "liver-grilled" (liver-grilled), a rare and nutritious part970Yen) is limited in quantity, so it is recommended to request it at the time of booking.

How about taking a commemorative photo at the "Sakura Skai Garden" at night, where you can enjoy the scenery just for now?

For meetings before meals and for breaks after meals.Dai Nagoya Building6Celebrating the anniversary "SAKURA 6th ANNIVERSARY”Motif,“ Sakura ”was brilliantly colored5FWhy don't you visit the Sky Garden?Before sunset17 : 00Illuminated from, a fantastic space is spreading.It is also recommended to take a commemorative photo in a space where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom at night, which is unlikely to be Nagoya Station.

The article about "Sakura Skai Garden" at night when the illuminations shineplease use this form.

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  • If you have a welcome and farewell party at Nagoya Station, you can quickly go to the "New Standard" Aista certified store where you can be satisfied with your meal!Is recommended