If you want to eat dinner at Nagoya Station, aim for a great happy hour!



On days when work is finished early or on holidays, I want to enjoy alcohol and meals aiming for a happy hour that will be a little profitable.Introducing the happy hour menu that is being carried out at Dai Nagoya Building, such as a set menu that you can drink quickly and a nice service.

Monday to friday19I'm glad to double until time! [Evening drink set] of [Aji no Ushitan Kisuke]

Skilled craftsmen further scrutinize carefully selected beef tongue1You can taste the authentic Sendai specialty beef tongue grilled by hand, one by one [Aji no Ushitan Kisuke].weekday17From time21The "Gyutan set" that is offered for a limited time includes "Gyutan-yaki" with new incense and miso nanban, and "Tan" that is seasoned with a secret sauce with the crunchy part of the tip smashed and sprinkled on hot tofu. It is a great value set that you can fully enjoy the goodness of beef tan by combining snacks such as "tofu".

draft beer(1Cup), grilled beef (2Pie4Cut), beef tongue meatballs, tofu, edamame, daily snacks2"Evening drink set" with goods (2,053circle).The snacks in the photo (upper left) are beef tongue ham and crab cream croquette.

Also, from Monday to Thursday17From time19Only occasionally, if you order the "evening drink set", it will be even more1There is also a nice service that comes with a glass of draft beer!Draft beer can be changed to highball or sour.

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For a limited time [NEW OLD STYLE Meat Soba Keisuke] Special fried chicken set with beer500Circle!

Ramen with a large impact that the char siu covers the whole bowl is popular [NEW OLD STYLE Meat soba Keisuke]."Karaage" which is steadfastly popular as a side menu2Beer (individually)350 ml) Is attached to the special set,5Month18Sunday (Wednesday) ~6Month17Sunday (Friday)15From time18It will be sold for a limited time.

518Sunday (Wednesday) ~6Month17Sunday (Friday)1Month,15From time18Sold for a limited time.Fried Chicken2A set of pieces and beer (500Circle).

Deep-fried chicken thighs soaked in a special soy sauce sauce with garlic and ginger, sprinkled with a batter mixed with potato starch to trap the flavor, and fried crispy.It's perfect for when you're a little hungry or for a "zero next party" before dinner. By all means, to taste the "advantage only for now"NEW OLD STYLE Meat soba Keisuke]!

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No matter how many cups of "Chuhai Highball" using Miyazaki Shochu1cup99circle! [Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku] Happy Hour

The Happy Hour of [Miyazaki Cuisine Mansaku], which features local cuisine that uses plenty of ingredients unique to Miyazaki such as local chicken, beef, pork and vegetables, is17From time19Until time. "Black Nikka Highball" and "Chuhai Highball" using Miyazaki Shochu1No matter how many cups you drink, including tax1cup99It is a great service called Yen.

Left / "Shochu Highball" (normal)550Yen), right / "Black Nikka Highball" (normal)530Yen), but from 17:XNUMX19For a limited time1cup99In a circle.

It's not sweet and easy to drink, and it's easy to drink.1cup99Be careful not to drink too much highball, which is too profitable as a yen!? Enjoy Miyazaki's unique local dishes such as tataki of local chicken and chicken nanban.

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[World Beer Museum]60All-you-can-drink plan for a limited time1,600For yen discount!

The world's craft beer160More than one type is available [World Beer Museum].Overseas craft beer is recommended for those who want to drink thoroughly5There are several types of shochu, cocktails, sour, and soft drinks.60All-you-can-drink "Happy Award Link" (usually3,800circle).This plan is special this time,5Month18Sunday (Wednesday) ~6Month17Sunday (Friday)11From time17For a limited time2,178We will carry out a service that makes a yen.

All-you-can-drink time60Minutes (LO The15Minutes ago1People2"Happy Award Link" (required to order more than goods)3,800Yen ⇒2,178circle). * Cannot be used in combination with other services.

60All-you-can-drink if you want to use more than a minute+Seat extension30Every minute500It can be handled by adding a yen.Enjoy German sausages, hearty steaks, and other dishes that go great with beer!

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Great value at any time except for lunch core time! [Choice of menu tofu] of [Chen Mapo Tofu]

The menu that you can drink at a great price with [Chen Mapo Tofu] is the "Choice of Menu Choi Sake" where you can choose your favorite drink, small plate dish, and dumplings from several types.Excluding lunch core time13From time15Time and17You can order from time to closing,6Month15This is a limited service menu until Sunday (Wednesday).

Drinks to choose from, such as beer and sour1A small plate dish in a cup1"Choice of menu little drink" with goods, dumplings, and "Chen Mapo tofu (mini)" (1,380Circle).

In addition to the famous "Chen Mao Tofu", "Choice of menus" with "Spicy spicy" dishes born in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, such as "Authentic Sichuan bon bon chicken" and "Stir-fried chicken scent".A dish full of spices will help improve your stamina to give your tired body a sigh.

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