To you who are looking for dumplings at Nagoya Station.I compared the dumplings of Dai Nagoya Building



Do you like dumplings?Dumplings that make you want to eat asexually.It is one of the standard menus on the Japanese table, so it is no longer an exaggeration to say that it is a Japanese national dish.For those of you who just want to eat dumplings when you are at Nagoya Station.There are also dumplings at Dai Nagoya Building!This time, we picked up dumplings from 5 restaurants in the Dai Nagoya Building. From the standard ones that can be called "the dumplings" to the classic Chinese food, izakaya snacks, the dumplings will naturally change if the store changes.Welcome to the Dai Nagoya Building Dumplings Expo.

To accompany meat soba, to accompany Eggrice.Overflowing gravy-based gyoza

B1F |NEW OLD STYLE Meat soba Keisuke

When you want to eat dumplings, is it best to choose a ramen shop first? [NEW OLD STYLE Meat Soba Keisuke] dumplings are "Gyoza with plenty of gravy" that emphasizes super gravy, where you can taste the overflowing gravy.To accompany the signature menu "Meat Soba" and to accompany the popular rice menu "Egg Rice".Enjoy the hot and juicy gravy that is unique to a meat soba restaurant.

Dumplings with plenty of gravy (5Pieces)590Yen

Spicy and spicy sauce, water dumplings unique to Sichuan restaurant

3F | Chen Mapo Tofu

The most attractive thing about dumplings is the smooth throat and the chewy texture of the skin."Gyoza-san no Mizugyoza" from Sichuan restaurant [Chen Mapo Tofu] is a unique gyoza dumpling with a spicy sauce.The well-kneaded bean paste has a crunchy texture.So that you can enjoy it with various dishes1Public2The individuality is also the reason why I just order it.

Gyoza's water gyoza (2Pieces)300Yen

"Gyoza", one of the representative menus of [Creative Chinese Hua Star], is 100% satisfying.

B1F | Creative Chinese Flower Star

The dumplings from the authentic Chinese restaurant [Creative Chinese Huabei], which was born in Yokohama, have a fluffy form and a perfect response to eating.6Individual1public.Eat-in adds to the noodle menu and donburi menu, including the famous "sanma-men"165In a circle, "Gyoza (gyoza)3Pieces) ”can also be set.Of course, takeout is also available.

Grilled dumplings (6Pieces)462Yen

If you think of dumplings as a "sake snack", you can make fried dumplings and bite-sized dumplings.

3F | Kyushu Hakata Cuisine Motsunabe Sachi

The izakaya and Kyushu Hakata cuisine specialty store [Motsunabe Sachi] dumplings are bite-sized, which is also a characteristic of Hakata dumplings.In addition, it is a menu that makes a great use as a snack because it is a fried dumpling that makes you miss alcohol such as beer.For the bean paste inside, use onions instead of Chinese cabbage.The savory skin is filled with the umami of black pork and the sweetness of onions.

Black pork bite fried dumplings 748Yen

Crispy and juicy!This is the true value of a tonkotsu ramen shop.Gravy dumplings with the best taste of meat and vegetables

B1F | Dai Nagoya Ichibanken specializing in aged tonkotsu ramen

A royal road grilled dumpling that goes well with authentic Kyushu pork bone ramen.It is a specialty dumpling of [Aged pork bone ramen specialty Dai Nagoya Ichibanken] packed with juicy pork flavor and crispy vegetables.It is very popular with female customers when you can eat as many cabbage as you like with the finest silky tonkotsu ramen.

Hand-wrapped dumplings (4Pieces)350Yen

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  • To you who are looking for dumplings at Nagoya Station.I compared the dumplings of Dai Nagoya Building