Eating eel in Nagoya. What is the secret behind the deliciousness of [Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bincho]?



As the Midsummer Day of the Ox draws near, many people naturally miss eel and want to eat it. In 2022, the “first ox” will be on July 7rd (Sat) and the “second ox” will be on August 23th (Thursday).[Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bincho] on the 8rd floor of the Dai Nagoya Building is entering its busiest time of the year.If you want to eat eel at Nagoya Station, go to [Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bincho].I've been searching for the secret, commitment, and charm of the taste.At the glass-enclosed storefront, you can see the grilling area in real time, so just looking at it will fill you with eel cravings.

Elasticity and fat.The choice to bring out the potential of eel is "jiyaki"

[Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bincho] The most distinctive feature of eel is the "ground grilling" made with Bincho charcoal.There is no steaming process, and it is baked at once with "high heat far heat".The texture (elasticity) and fat that are the charms of the deliciousness of eel.The answer to maximize this is "jiyaki", and for that reason, we carefully select and purchase the best eels that are suitable for charcoal grilling, without limiting the production area.The eel's flesh, which has plenty of umami, unravels in your mouth in the crisply finished fragrance of the surface. There is an eel that makes you feel like "eel kabayaki".

Quickly handle and skewer.For craftsmen, it is also time to use their hands and eyes to determine the condition of the eel in preparation for the upcoming “baking” process.

Baking time is on average15About minutes. [Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bicho] is baked at once with "high heat far heat", so it seems that the baking time is shorter than other shops.

Overwhelming, shining.The beautiful finish that shines brilliantly has a secret in how to use the sauce.

Looking at the completed "eel bowl", you will notice that the surface of the eel has a beautiful shine as if it were shining.It is the sauce that creates this shine.Local Aichi Tamari soy sauce and mirin, which have a rich brewing culture, realize not only the taste but also this brilliance.In the middle of the baking process, skewers are added to prevent warping.Continue to bake in a white-baked state until the last minute, and the number of times to pass through the sauce at the end2times.To soak the taste of sauce in the eel's body1The second time.Bake to the extent that the surface is lightly dried, and then to create shine2The second time.Each process of passing through the sauce has a different role.It is said that [Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bicho] is also characterized by the fact that it hardly burns after passing through the sauce.

The crematorium, where the "craftsman's eyes" are questioned while observing the condition of the body as it is baked, is surrounded by the overwhelming heat that sweat springs from the core of the body.

By passing through the sauce, the white ware turns into kabayaki, and the fragrant scent of the sauce spreads to the crematorium. The moment when I was tempted by eels, saying, "I want to eat eels!"

Eel and rice.Because it is a minimum combination, the connoisseur of the craftsman who chooses the material lives

The only ingredients that make up the "eel bowl" are eel, rice, and sauce.Because of the minimum composition, the importance of selecting each material increases. At [Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bicho], we use only new rice grown by farming methods that are friendly to people and the environment, because we want to make rice a treat by itself.It is natural that it is freshly baked and freshly cooked.1We are facing the "eel bowl" of the cup straight and sincerely. "Unagi Don"2,950Yen ~, "Hitsumabushi"3,740Yen ~. [Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bicho] You can fully enjoy the charm of Hitsumabushi, "Special Hitsumabushi" made by folding eel and rice in a mille-feuille style.6,380Yen), "Best Hitsumabushi" (8,470Yen), "Ultimate Hitsumabushi" (10,670Yen) is also available.The coming time is in advanceWebReservation is convenient.You can also make a take-out reservation, so please use it.

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Grilled eel and rice.Because of its simplicity, the craftsmen of [Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bicho] are firmly committed. "Eel bowl"(2,950Circle).

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