Eliminate summer fatigue!I miss spicy food, summer.Indulge in “Umakara” gourmet food at the Dai-Nagoya Building



hot….Anyway, it's hot.Summer is the time when you lose your appetite and crave for light food and cold gourmet food.In such a case, the “spicy” gourmet that can refresh your mind and body is a big favorite!Spiciness is one of the important essences that help bring out the flavor, including the stimulating spiciness of chili peppers and the numbing spiciness of Japanese pepper.I miss spicy food in hot summer.We have gathered delicious and spicy gourmet foods that you can enjoy at the Dai Nagoya Building.

Contest of “spicy” and “hemp” stimulation.Masterpiece gourmet of Sichuan province, the home of spiciness

3F | Chen Mapo Tofu

It is no exaggeration to say that the spicy gourmet that represents the Dai Nagoya Building is [Chen Mapo Tofu]'s "Authentic Sichuan Mapo Tofu."A painful visual and a spiciness that does not disappoint.The flavor and impact of Sichuan mapo tofu, which can be said to be the basic form of Sichuan mapo tofu, is woven by the stimulus of chili pepper “ra” and the stimulus of Sichuan pepper “ma”.First of all, as it is, from the middle stage, put it on white rice and make mapo rice.Experience the reason why it's spicy but chopsticks are addictive.

Authentic Sichuan mapo tofu 1,355Yen

A marriage of hotness and freshness."Spicy grated radish soba" that suits summer somewhere

B1F|Stone ground soba Ishizuki

Umakara gourmet is not limited to red pepper and Japanese pepper. From [Stone-grilled Soba Ishizuki], we have picked up “Spicy Oroshi Soba” that boasts a “refreshing spiciness” that you want to eat in the summer.If you dip the soba noodles with a rich aroma and comfort in the soup containing plenty of spicy radish, the spicy and fragrance of the spicy radish will go through your nose, and the aftertaste will be refreshing.Even stomachs with a bit of summer fatigue will want the next bite.While it is a year-round menu, it is a delicious and spicy gourmet that somehow suits summer.

Spicy grated radish soba 990Yen

Korean version of fried chicken upgraded to a hot and spicy "appetizer"

3F | Korean Rice / Sake Restaurant Daidai

Fried chicken has suddenly become a big favorite of Korean gourmet.The Korean version of fried chicken, which has evolved in its own way, is a gourmet food that attracts attention even if you don't like Korea. [Korean rice / sake house Daidai] "SpicyHOTChicken" is fried chicken with plenty of Japanese pepper, chili pepper, fried garlic, fried onion, sakura shrimp and cumin.Many people are addicted to the persistent spiciness that warms them from the core of their bodies.After all, this makes me miss alcohol.

SpicyHOTChicken 803Yen

The deep flavor of sesame and chili is reaffirmed as the greatest attraction of tantanmen

B1F | Creative Chinese Flower Star

Even though it is hidden behind the famous "Sunma Noodles", the "Tantanmen" of [Sozo Chuka Kasei] is super authentic.The brightly colored chili oil is eye-catching, and the soup is topped with plenty of minced meat and Chingei Sai. I feel a sense of trust in the familiar visual of “This is Tantanmen”.After the rich sesame flavor, a stimulating spiciness follows.Simple and standard. It's a bowl that makes you realize once again, "Tantanmen is delicious after all."

Tantanmen 902Yen

The strongest and best cup of this summer.Rich spicy miso pork bones with extreme crust and spiciness

B1F | Dai Nagoya Ichibanken specializing in aged tonkotsu ramen

At the authentic Kyushu Tonkotsu [Dainago Ichibanken], which is extremely popular with women, you can eat the extremely spicy miso Hakata ramen that is perfect for the hot weather.Quick and bruises!Rich pungency!We recommend the “Akatonkotsu”, which has many layers of special red miso and sansho pepper.The spiciness level is small, medium, and large.3Adjustable in steps.By adding rich spiciness to the creamy aged pork bone soup, it is finished in a deep and extremely rich ramen.There are many fans for the addictive taste!Give it a try.

red pork bone 780Yen

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  • Eliminate summer fatigue!I miss spicy food, summer.Indulge in “Umakara” gourmet food at the Dai-Nagoya Building