Japanese food at Nagoya station.Sushi, soba, tempura, deep-fried skewers... casually and stylishly



After all, I feel calm and relieved.Japanese food at Nagoya station.The Dai Nagoya Building has a variety of casual Japanese restaurants serving sushi, soba, and kushiage.Just because it's Japanese food doesn't make it strange, it's casual.Not only for lunch and dinner, but also when you just want to have a drink, you can enjoy Japanese food as a snack.In an emergency, it is useful to know about Japanese restaurants and Japanese izakayas that cater to a wide range of age groups.Dai Nagoya Building's Japanese cuisine is casual yet stylish.

Deep-fried skewers are made one by one until the stop is applied.How to Enjoy Adults “Omakase”

3F | Tokyo Ebisu Kushitei

[Tokyo Ebisu Kushitei] is a place where you can enjoy crispy creative skewers fried with 100% sunflower vegetable oil and homemade raw breadcrumbs.If you want to check the appeal of the kushiage here, the standard course is the seasonal kushiage "Omakase".Contents change every season30In order from the kind of deep-fried skewers1One by one, they will serve skewers as a course until you stop.For example, the summer menu includes unexpected encounters with creative skewers such as “beef rib tomato sukiyaki” and “octopus cheese zucchini rolls”. Surprise is the real pleasure because it is "Omakase".

Seasonal deep-fried skewers "Omakase" (1Our308Circle).Considering the pace of eating and the flow of materials up to that point, the following1I will decide the book and put it out.stop stop2Aim for the book.If you don't like any food, just let us know in advance and they will remove it.

Creative skewers that betray the image of deep-fried skewers in a good way are also a charm unique to [Tokyo Ebisu Kushitei].1Our1They will carefully explain the contents of the book, the skewers, and the recommended way to eat them, so listen carefully.1Enjoy the book to the fullest.

The new standard of "Stand-eating", which is well suited to the word "Pinching sushi"

B1F|Tsukiji men's sushi

LikewiseB1F[Tsukiji Otome Sushi] is a stand-up sushi restaurant created by [Tsukiji Aozora Sandaime], an orthodox Edomae sushi restaurant located in Tokyo.Enjoy Edomae sushi in a stand-up style, which is exactly how to enjoy Japanese cuisine.As the name suggests, this is a handsome sushi restaurant.First of all, I ordered the night-only omakase “Otokozenzushi”.All the toppings selected by the purchase of the day7~8Nuki, sushi clogs in front of you1It comes out one by one.After eating it, from the blackboard menu1Perseverance2It's also good to add kan.Seasonal ingredients first1~2It's good to pinch it.You can fully enjoy the casual style that can be said to be the origin of sushi.

Omakase at night "Handsome Sushi" (7Perseverance2,200Circle,8Perseverance3,080Circle).It's also fun to watch the craftsmen's work over the counter.This is a restaurant that makes sushi a daily item and makes it even more familiar.

The seats areLletter-shaped counter10Name degree.You can spend a fresh time tasting the origins of sushi, which used to be a fast food stall.Pinch the sushi quickly and look cool in a short time.

Obanzai and sake.A relaxing Japanese evening drink

3F | Yamatora

Nagoya's miso oden and miso kushikatsu are the specialty of this izakaya.This scenery already gives me a sense of security.Everyone unintentionally ordered "Today's Obanzai Platter".1Product1The variety of carefully made obanzai will make you feel nostalgic while drinking sake.Obanzai, where you can enjoy the taste of Japanese food without being particularly flashy, is perfect for a “everyday” evening drink.It goes without saying that it goes well with Aichi's local sake, Chochin.

"Today's Obanzai Platter" is a well-balanced assortment of several types of obanzai lined up on the counter (1,700Circle).If you order from now on, you can enjoy a perfect evening drink.

Not just shabu-shabu. [Black pork shabu-shabu Ginza Rabutu] for daily use

3F | Ginza Love Shabu-Shabu Ginza Love

As the restaurant name suggests, the specialty is “black pork shabu-shabu”, and although it is a signature restaurant, the variety of a la carte dishes based on Japanese cuisine is also excellent.For example, the secretly popular menu item, “Rabu Jakonegi Omelette,” is a simmering omelet with the best accents of jako and green onions. Just looking at the menu, such as "Kurobuta Kakuni", "Satsuma-age", and "Oishii Tofu Tri-Color Assortment", you can feel that this is a restaurant full of the charm of "shabu-shabu + α".A little1When you just want to drink a cup, it is a "dexterous" shop that can flexibly handle such usage.

The spicy and spicy “Arimasansuku” brings out the flavors of the “Rabutu Jakonegi Omelette” (858Circle).Top with plenty of grated daikon radish.

Soba and tempura.Taste 2 top Japanese dishes at once at “Tenseiro” for a “second” time

B1F|Stone ground soba Ishizuki

[Ishigetsu] takes pride in its nihachi soba, which is ground with a stone mill every morning and hit with the aroma of freshly ground soba.When it comes to luxury menu items at a soba restaurant, “Tenseiro” is a must.Among them, the gorgeous feeling of "Oebi Tenseiro" is like the king of the soba menu.First of all, the tempura is just as it is, then dipped in the sauce, and then served with the soba noodles.In addition to shrimp, seasonal vegetable tempura such as pumpkin, eggplant, and zucchini also play a supporting role.Soba and tempura, you can taste the two giants of Japanese cuisine at once.

Shrimp is, after all, an appetizing visual. Shrimp tempura worthy of being called "great shrimp"2Book, "Ebi no Tenseiro" that has a strong presence (2,640Circle).

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