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From a romantic Christmas dinner that you want to spend with your loved ones to a dish that you want to enjoy with everyone, we have a variety of menus that you want to eat during the Christmas season.A special time only for Christmas, delivered by Dai Nagoya Building. It will add a touch of glamor to your precious memories of Christmas 2022.

Banquet course [2With drink] (1people3,850yen), banquet course [with all-you-can-drink] (1people4,730Circle)

B1F |SOLO PIZZA Napoletana

The kiln-baked chicken "Pollo Alforno" will make you feel like Christmas.Chicken that has been marinated overnight after being rubbed in our original herb salt, then slowly grilled on a special roaster brought from Naples.It is a special course that comes with a hearty appetizer, pizza and pasta.

<Course contents> Assorted appetizers, Pizza Margherita Extra, Wood-fired oven-baked "Pasta al Forno", Oven-baked chicken "Pollo al-Forno", Today's "Gelato Mist"

<Period>12Month1Sunday (Thursday) ~12Month25Sun (Sun)

*Limited to eat-in

* Reservation required by the day before

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Heap of tulips (1,500Circle)

3F | Naniwa Robata Octagon

We use Kinsoutori chicken from Aichi Prefecture, which has firm and elastic meat, and you can feel the umami and richness every time you chew it.Among them, chicken wings with a sense of volume are marinated overnight in a secret sauce and fried to be crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.10The visual of a heaping pile of books is also exciting.

<Period> ~12Month25until the day

* Supper only

[Reservation-only production] Special German-style Christmas chicken [whole chicken] (4,536Circle)

B1F | Metzgerei Inoue

About approx.1kgroast chicken.Carefully coated with spices directly imported from Germany, each chicken is carefully grilled by a professional chicken craftsman.Excess fat has been removed from the meat, leaving the meat with a crispy skin and juicy meat.

<Receiving period>12Month21Sunday (Wednesday) ~12Month25Sun (Sun)16Until time

*Receipt date1Reservation required at least a week in advance

Grilled chicken with gyunta sauce (1,430Circle)

3F | Kobe Rokkomichi / Gyunta

The whole bone-in chicken goes perfectly with Gyunta's special spicy sauce.Korean-style miso “Yangninjang” with several kinds of chili peppers, garlic, and soy sauce is the decisive factor in the taste of the sauce.It's a dish that makes you want to drink.

<Period> ~12Month25until the day

Rich and Rich Feeling ~ Penne with Gorgonzola Cheese Cream Sauce ~ (1,580Circle)

3F | World Beer Museum

A rich sauce with plenty of gorgonzola and fresh cream is often entwined with penne boiled to al dente.Pasta for adults where you can enjoy the unique aroma and taste of blue cheese.It goes well with wine as well as beer.

<Period> ~12Month25until the day

Chicken dashi cheese risotto (798Circle)

3F | Realgreat

The risotto, made with a special chicken stock made from slowly simmering chicken bones, is the perfect finish to your Christmas dinner.The depth of the chicken broth and the aroma of the cheese make for an exquisite marriage.

<Period> ~12Month25until the day

* Supper only

Cheese yangnyeom chicken (748Circle)

3F | Korean Rice / Sake Restaurant Daidai

Yangnyeom chicken with a perfect balance of sweet and spicy sauce, topped with plenty of hot cheese.A mixture of white cheese and mozzarella makes the yangnyeom chicken mild.It's a hot dish perfect for the cold winter.

<Period> ~12Month25until the day

* Supper only

W cheese Omiya special hamburger (lunch)2,288yen, dinner2,090Circle)

B1F | Asakusa Kitchen Omiya

[Kitchen Omiya] A luxurious dish of hamburg steak, one of the most popular menus, with a sauce full of beef stew.In addition, natural cheese and cheddar cheese2I put different kinds of cheese on top of the hamburg steak.

<Period> ~12Month25until the day

*At lunch time, the set includes soup, bread or rice.

Soba noodles with pork and kim meat full of stamina (1,050Circle)

B1F |NEW OLD STYLE Meat soba Keisuke

The pork kimchi meat soba, which was very popular last year, will be available for a limited time this year as well.Stir-fried pork kimchi with lots of chives and garlic goes well with backfat soy sauce soup, and it will satisfy your stomach and heart when you want to eat a lot.

<Period> ~12Month25until the day

Fried tofu and stir-fried seafood (1,280Circle)

3F | Chen Mapo Tofu

Fried tofu that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside is topped with a seafood sauce made with large pieces of shrimp, squid, and vegetables.It has a simple and gentle taste that brings out the original taste of the ingredients.Because it contains ginger, it is a dish that warms you from the core of your body.

<Period> ~12Month25until the day

* Supper only

Christmas special course [with a toast drink] (1 yen per person)


In addition to the [Beef Stewed in Red Wine] that will impress you with the soft meat that melts in your mouth, there are plenty of special courses such as the [Galette] using buckwheat flour and the [Crepe Purse] that you can only taste in this course.Enjoy with wine or cider.

<Course contents> Cheers drink (non-alcoholic is also possible), appetizer platter, migratory crab and fish soup, white fish galette wrapped in cider cream sauce, beef stewed in red wine, strawberry crepe, after-meal drink

<Period>12Month16Sunday (Friday) ~12Month25Sun (Sun)

* Reservation required by the day before

* For reservations2name

* Supper only

Standard recommended course (1people4,500Circle)

3F | Ginza Love Shabu-Shabu Ginza Love

With the specialty "Black pork shabu-shabu" as the main character, "Delicious tofu3Assorted colors" and "Today's sashimi2A banquet course that combines exquisite dishes such as "Tanemori".Of course, shabu-shabu is finished with soba. It is a standard content enough to enjoy the charm of [Rabu].

<Course content> Appetizer, Sashimi, Salad, Grilled dish, Hot pot, Finish, Dessert


* Supper only

Christmas dinner course (1people15,000Circle)


We use high-grade ingredients suitable for a special night called Christmas, and offer it in a gorgeous and sophisticated presentation.Enjoy a Christmas dinner at an authentic Italian restaurant that inherits the taste of Yagoto Honten.

<Course content> Appetizer3product, pasta, main dish, dolce, cafe

<Period>12Month21Sunday (Wednesday) ~12Month25Date (Sun) Schedule

*A service charge will be added to the posted price only for dinner time.

*Lunchtime and21For customers who wish to have dinner on Sunday (Wednesday),2Please make a reservation by the day before.

Rome year-end special menu (1people5,000Circle)


Feel the wind of Rome6We offer a special course of products.The main dish, "Wagyu Cheek Meat Peposo," is a stewed beef dish that uses plenty of pepper.You might fall in love with the combination of the rich, punchy sauce and the melt-in-your-mouth texture.

<Course content> Appetizer2Plate, today's special pasta, wagyu cheek peposo, dolce, cafe

<Period> ~12Month31Until Sunday (Saturday)

* Supper only

* Up to 1 people per group

Miyabi Kaiseki (1people7,600Circle)

3F | Hitsumabushi Nagoya Bicho

A course where you can fully enjoy fragrant "Bincho" eel that is slowly grilled over Binchotan charcoal without being steamed.Starting with the signature hitsumabushi, you can enjoy a total of 6 items such as bone crackers and unglazed rice crackers, which are perfect for a special Christmas night.

<Course contents> Bone rice cracker, liver dish (liver grilled or liver wasa), unglazed grill, Uzaku, hitsumabushi, dessert

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