If you have a party at Nagoya Station, go to the Dai Nagoya Building. A restaurant where you can hold banquets and parties for large groups of 20 people or more



2022 more months of 1.Year-end party season is coming.When you start looking for a restaurant, it's hard to find a restaurant that can hold a party for more than 20 people.The Dai Nagoya Building has a variety of restaurants that can perfectly accommodate large parties of 20 or more people.Furthermore, if you now use the electronic coupon "Banquet Oto Coupon" of the Dai Nagoya Building, you can save even more!End 2022 with a banquet at the Dai-Nagoya Building, which is easily accessible from Nagoya Station.

Motsunabe or Tonchan-yaki nabe?The ultimate two-choice course

3F | Kyushu Hakata Cuisine Motsunabe Sachi

Speaking of [Kyushu Hakata Cuisine Motsunabe Sachi], as the name suggests, the [Sachi Special Beef Motsunabe] is the specialty.Of course, don't hesitate to choose beef motsunabe as a banquet course!However, you can also choose "Tonchan Yaki Nabe" in the "Selectable Nabe Course".This is a specialty offal nabe that originated in Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture.just the ultimate2Choice pot.Now,2022Which one would you choose for your year-end party?

<Course name> Selectable hot pot course [all-you-can-drink120with part]


<Reservation number of people>2~26people ※2Reservation required by the day before

<Course contents> Special offal with vinegar, crispy beef tendon salad, steamed dumplings, Nichinan chicken, deep-fried salted chicken, grilled sagar, Sachi special beef offal hot potorTonchan-yaki hot pot, champon to finishorRice porridge (all7product) *Last order for all-you-can-drink is over30Minutes ahead.

▶【Kyushu Hakata Cuisine Motsunabe Sachi】Websitethe reservation Click here for more information.(move to external site)

If you come to the [World Beer Museum], draft beer from a barrel.You can enjoy all-you-can-drink

3F | World Beer Museum

[World Beer Museum] Proud Draft Beer3all types, including40All-you-can-drink all-you-can-drink, the course that allows you to "enjoy" the [World Beer Museum] is the big favorite of the banquet. Also pay attention to the course contents unique to this restaurant, which is packed with food menus that go perfectly with beer, such as "American nachos", "special beer chicken", and "German sausage platter".For a party where beer lovers gather, go here without hesitation.

<Course name> Savory course [Task draft beer3All-you-can-drink including types120with part]


<Reservation number of people>2~135Name *Same-day service is also available

<Course content> Marinated pastrami beef, shrimp crackers, classic Caesar salad with freshly shaved cheese, American nachos, large serving of potatoes, special beer chicken, onion rings, assorted imported German sausages, Margherita pizza (all9product)

▶【World Beer Museum】Websitethe reservation Click here for more information.(move to external site)

You can fully enjoy the specialties of [Naniwa Robata Hakkaku] even in the banquet course.

3F | Naniwa Robata Octagon

The banquet classics include sashimi from fresh fish procured from the local Yanagibashi Central Market, and the Robata Course, which is packed with a variety of delicacies made with carefully selected ingredients and production areas.Beer is "handy" with only first order, beer is "classic" with only medium-sized bottles, draft beer mugs and sake7Type/Shochu7"Luxury" that includes types and all-you-can-drink by content and price3Various types are available, so you can conveniently choose according to the members of the banquet.

<Course Name> Robata Course [All-you-can-drink120with part]

<amount>1people4,400Yen ~

<Reservation number of people>3~30Name * Reservation required by the day before

<Course content> Seasonal small bowl, today's fresh fish sashimi3Seedling,3Seed cheese and bacon Caesar salad, grilled Mikawa red chicken thigh, Kinso chicken tulip (fried chicken wings), deep-fried turf shrimp from Saga prefecture, Mikawa red chicken fillet yukhoe, boiled cochin soup gyoza, Grilled Oni Dashi Ochazuke, Fruit Ice Cream (all10product)

* All-you-can-drink is easy with all-you-can-drink (1people4,400yen), classic all-you-can-drink (1people4,700yen), luxury all-you-can-drink (1people5,000yen's3You can choose from the types.However, all groups will have the same all-you-can-drink plan.

▶【Naniwa Robata Octagon】Websitethe reservation Click here for more information.(move to external site)

Soba noodles to finish the shabu-shabu. Taste without missing the “individuality” of [Rabu]

3F | Ginza Love Shabu-Shabu Ginza Love

The star of the course is the [Kurobuta Shabu-Shabu], in which you can enjoy Kirishima Kurobuta pork with a lot of bamboo-beaten green onions.The "standard recommendation course" is a collection of other popular items on the menu as well as a la carte dishes.The shabu-shabu is finished with the familiar soba noodles at [Rabutu].Soba noodles are dipped into the soup that exudes the flavor of the pork, and served with a special soba dipping sauce.A banquet with a sense of luxury for adults.

<Course name> Classic recommended course

<amount>1people4,500Circle(90with all-you-can-drink+1,500Circle)

<Reservation number of people>4~30people ※2Reservation required by the day before

<Course content> Delicious tofu3Iromori, today's sashimi2Assorted seeds, seasonal salad, seasonal fish butter sauce, black pork shabu-shabu, soba, seasonal sherbet (all7product)

▶[Black pork shabu-shabu Ginza Rabutu]Websitethe reservation Click here for more information.(move to external site)

Have a stylish time with a glass of wine.Change your mood from usual, bistro party this year


This year, how about changing from the usual izakaya banquet to a stylish banquet at a bistro? [RHUBARBE"Chita Beef Rump Steak" is one of the representative menus of ].All-you-can-drink including wine and highball9Prepare a variety of drinks.A banquet where you can drink slowly with your friends.

<Course name> Party plan [120with all-you-can-drink]


<Reservation number of people>4~36people(20Reservation is possible for groups of more than XNUMX person) *Reservation required by the day before

<Course contents> Assorted side dishes from a butcher shop, marinated carrots and oranges, Nice-style tuna salad, bread de campagne, salmon and avocado roll galette, ham and potato gratin galette, Chita beef rump steak (all7product)

▶【RHUBARBE】ofWebsitethe reservation Click here for more information.(move to external site)

Get a 1,000 yen OFF coupon just by registering as a LINE friend! "Banquet coupon"

At the Dai-Nagoya Building, we offer our customers a large number of banquets and parties,2We are distributing "banquet coupons" on the Dai Nagoya coupon site so that you can enjoy the banquet season in various situations, such as drinking with people, drinking in a small group, and ladder sake.Dai Nagoya BuildingLINEJust add the official account as a friend and you can use it from today.1,000YenOFFGet a coupon!In addition, if you use the "banquet coupon", you can immediately "banquet"Super"Step-up distribution of "Oto Coupon".You can enjoy a banquet at the Dai Nagoya Building at a better price.

※alreadyLINEFor customers who have registered as friends, Dai Nagoya BuildingLINEPlease get "banquet coupon" from the menu button of the official account.

* "Banquet To Coupon" will be provided as a Dai-Nagoya Coupon (electronic coupon).

* "Banquet coupon" is limited to eat-in use at restaurants and food stores.1per accounting5,000per yen (including tax)1people1Can be used multiple times.the bill10,000In the case of Yen (including tax),2each person1times (total2batch) can be used.

* To use the Dai Nagoya Coupon, you need to register as a member (free of charge) on the site dedicated to the Dai Nagoya Coupon.

*Coupons may end without notice.

*Please read the notes carefully before using the coupon.

▶Dai Nagoya BuildingLINETo register as a friend of the official account Click here for more information.

*Prices posted on the website are
All prices include tax. 
* The posted information is as of the date of information disclosure.
Please note.

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  • If you have a party at Nagoya Station, go to the Dai Nagoya Building. A restaurant where you can hold banquets and parties for large groups of 20 people or more